16 Entertainment Center Ideas & Designs That You Will Love

Entertainment centers have become one of the most anticipated corners in the room. It is the place where you gather around with your family and have the most intimate moments. Moreover, the living room is the center of your house where you receive guests and people.

You can show off your love for interior decoration by creating entertainment center which encompasses your skills. As such, you need to pay attention to creating the most exciting center. Here are some entertainment center ideas and designs which are unique and easy to create:

1.Wood and Glass

16 Entertainment Center Ideas & Designs That You Will Love
Source: shadesofblueinteriors

A wood and glass combination can be built-in white chalk shelves to make a combination of trendy textures. This is an entertainment center design which combines texture of material to create a fashionable center.

There are also black details which just enhance the look of this simple entertainment center. In short, if you are running short on entertain center ideas; try to visualize a concept with layering various textures. It can be wood, concrete, metal, or cement. Although, when you are combining them, try to keep the colors neutral so it does not look overwhelming.

2. In Our Nest

Rustic home entertainment center ideas
Source: littlevintagenest

Rustic home entertainment center ideas are inventive and fun to put together. There are simple ways to put together your nest if you are living with your partner. You can execute this design idea by simply buying a crown wall-hang that can be placed right above the entertainment center. Moreover, frames with pictures of you two will also make it look like your den.

Any entertainment center will look trendy when paired with a rustic crown. Moreover, adding detailed decoration around such as faux flowers, plushy cushions and wooden chairs will give the complete nest look for the entertainment center. You can also paint your names underneath the crown with help of stencils to claim it as your territory.

3. Simply Fabulous

simple wooden entertainment centers
Source: Sauder

If you are not a fan of an overdone entertainment center idea, you can stick to simple wooden entertainment centers as well. This contemporary entertainment center focuses on low-height tables with details in the shelves. This is a decent entertainment center design which can be made interesting with help of decorative pots and frames around the television.

Moreover, simple pieces are timeless as you can play around with them. At the same time they also give you storage space to neatly stack your audio and video devices in the shelves. Plain center pieces also mean that you can add color using furniture pieces and rugs in the room.

4. Chained to Entertainment

Source: baltimoreathome

If you are looking for the most unique entertainment center design ideas, think of adding chained shelves against a concrete wall. Grey on grey is a combination that has never failed. The shelves can be supported with metal crossed over in the back meanwhile giving the look that chains are supporting them.

In addition to that, you can mount the flat screen on the wall or simply place it on the shelf. There are no cabinets and drawers used for this entertainment center yet the shelves provide plenty of storage space where you can place baskets for organization. For your decoration, choose rustic colors like brown, black and grey that will shift focus to the chains.

5. Chocolate Brown

Source: theshare-space

This fine chocolate brown wood might be one of the best entertainment center ideas. It has the ability to look minimal, especially in modern architecture while giving you storage space options as well. This is also an extravagant idea that consists of cabinets with lights.

The subtle incorporation of metal in this entertainment center design refines this entertainment center as well. Moreover, chocolate brown color is used with such details that it looks stylish without making the room look congested even with drawers and cabinets surrounding the mounted flat screen. With a white backdrop, this entertainment center will look luxurious and spectacular.

6. Reinventing Entertainment

Source: craftsbycourtney

If you have a vintage entertainment center that looks outdated and old, you can re-invent it. This is among cheap entertainment center ideas. Brown or beige entertainment centers can be painted with chalk paint and wax. Start by painting the backdrop of shelves with any color of your preference. Blue, baby pink or yellow always look joyous and vibrant. You can also pick other colors that match your room’s décor as well.

Once you have painted the backdrop, paint the rest of the entertainment center until you are satisfied with the work. White chalk will instantly lift up the spirits of old entertainment center by making it look modern and trendy. Decorate the entertainment center with beautiful decoration pieces to make it look even more stunning.

7.  Recycling Dresser

Source: southernbreezecollections

Among many wonderful entertainment center ideas is this DIY recycling project that will help you bring old furniture to some use. If you have an old dresser sitting in your backyard, you can also design it as an entertainment center. This DIY idea is suitable for smaller places or for people that want to create something authentic on a budget.

If you want to be more creative, re-paint or re-polish the dresser with your favorite color. Blue is the shade that always looks perky and vibrant when placed in a room which is otherwise boring or have neutral shades.

8. Delicate is Beautiful

Source: sandandsisal

If you have a small space but you want an entertainment center, don’t worry because there are plenty of ways to create DIY center pieces for your entertainment. There is no need to go overboard as you can use small tables and storage cabinets to make entertainment center as well.

In order to make sure that your entertainment center looks trendy, you should get low-height tables with delicate details to bring out the charm and beauty. Moreover, the handles on cabinets also give you the opportunity to add intricate details. Backing up cabinet details with glass is also a great design idea for making the entertainment center look cool besides adding decorative objects around it.

9. Black and White

Source: thedecorguru

Black and white is an ageless combination that can also be used for entertainment center designs. You are going to need a white entertainment center with minimal black shelves that will be mounted to the wall. White will be the dominating color in this setting. Besides that, the black TV screen and the addition of a black shelf will create the black and white combination. Black has the power to stand out against every other color therefore you need to focus on adding it in a way that will not overshadow white.

This entertainment center is suitable for all colors of backdrops as well because it is neat yet beautiful. Moreover, the delicacy of black against white will give you glamorous entertainment center with simple materials.

10.   Crowded Center

Source: Remove and Replace

This is one of the classiest examples of utilizing as little space as possible and just as effectively. Leaving just enough window for the screen to fit in, the rest of the wall has been utilized for other purposes. Plus, with this entertainment center design, no extra wires or plugs are in sight to give an untidy appearance right where all eyes are pointed at.

The only possible drawback of this is that it makes the cleaning of the television tricky. It also makes it hard to attach any cables or wires to it due to limited space.

11. Spacious Center

Source: robustark.com

This simple entertainment center idea gives a very subtle appearance to the room. It not only makes the room like tidy but also much more spacey. The light in the glass cupboard beneath gives a very elegant look. This keeps the entertainment center at the focal point in the room, even when the television screen is turned off.

The light color of this entertainment center is making the room appear even brighter and bigger than it really is. The mirrors on the sides reflecting the rest of the room add to the beauty of this design.

This entertainment center is a custom built one. It can be made exactly according to your needs and requirements. The size of the screen you want fitted in, the size of the room it will be placed in, the color in accordance with the rest of your furniture and setting and any other cupboard you need that can be fitted with this. The material can be of you own choice, which will greatly help in getting an entertainment center within your set budget.

12.  Basement Center

Source: Basementremodeling.com

This can be one of the most stylish designs to set up your basement, especially if it is a place you reserve for guests or hosting gatherings. It can give a very formal and elegant look while containing the television that can be used for music, presentations, and viewing pictures.

The numerous shelves on the sides can serve as book racks or to proudly display trophies and certificates. They can also be used to place picture frames to give it a more family-like vibe. The cupboards below can be used to stash magazines or games that can be taken out when needed but do not show otherwise and give the room a messy appearance.

13.  Open Entertainment Center


 This is a more ‘open’ space for the television so that any cables or devices can be attached to it easily, which is not the case when they are fitted into walls. It is ideal for televisions that have screens which can be rotated according to the viewers’ preference as it is not in a confined space. This can be shifted like the rest of the furniture and placed in any other room. The drawers and shelves below can be used for decoration or for storage.

14. Bedroom Center


This entertainment center idea is created for bedrooms. Instead of the typical design with the television fitting in the wall, this is large enough to cater a desktop screen. It makes the cleaning easier too. The big drawers underneath are excellent for storing all sorts of items in a person’s personal space rather than the lounge or the drawing room. The shelves at the sides can carry books, trophies, CD’s or any other personal collections. This design can utilize an entire wall in the bedroom and make it much tidier and different than conventional furniture to house the television.

15. Corner Center

Source: Irastar.com

This entertainment center idea features a unique design. Not only does it have a very different design, it is also a great utilization of space. For rooms, living rooms or drawing rooms that do not have a wall big enough to accommodate an entertainment center as big as your requirements, this idea is great.

Instead of sticking to the same old idea, this entertainment center design uses a corner. Both walls at the sides can be used for making the shelves underneath or for placing any speakers that come with the sound system. The decoration with this can be very unique and chic. Especially for those who like to have a symmetry in the room, this kind of entertainment center is perfect.

16.  Storage Center

Source: Meldeah.com

This entertainment center idea is rather simple but serves the purpose well. For bookworms and people who need a lot of storage space, this idea can be very appealing. The television is not fixed and can be moved and adjusted easily and as per need. There is perfect symmetry in the unit below and a lot of space that can actually be utilized to put stuff instead of mere decorations.

The vibrant colors of the book covers look brilliant against the plain white base of the entertainment center. This entertainment center design idea does not look overly expensive and can match the rest of the rooms or house. It can fit right in, whether in a bedroom or a lounge.