Step into Your Home with 17 Great Entryway Furniture Ideas

Generating entryway furniture ideas isn’t an easy task. There are so many ideas that you can use to decorate your entryway or hallway. For your ease, we have highlighted some ideas that you can implement to light up your home.

1. Simple Yet Sophisticated

Step into Your Home with 17 Great Entryway Furniture Ideas
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You might be familiar with what everyone has to say about first impressions. If you are a fan of simplicity then this entryway furniture idea is for you. The white painted wall is best complemented by hanging in frames of different sizes and dimensions. Opt for a wooden bench and set it by getting a comfortable seating. Usually, people go for a sofa but since it’s the entryway a wooden bench would look nice and appealing.

Don’t complicate things and go easy on the budget by keeping it simple. Complete the look by adding in a carpet or you might just go without it, the choice is yours. You can also put wooden baskets on the side as they will look nice with the wooden bench. Go for an embossing on the cushions and bright colors to make the entryway stand out.

2. Class Matters


This entryway furniture idea can be adopted by those who want a classy touch. You can begin by starting with the wall paper. Either get a paper wall paper or a fabric one. The fabric one may cost you more but provides a classy touch to the overall environment. Go for this furniture décor that supports light shades that go easy on the eye. The invigorating and beautiful wall décor with a framed rectangular mirror will bring that classic touch.

Get wooden furniture set with a flower vase to complete the look. Instead of choosing something bright and shimmery, stick to pastel colors that will give that classy look. You may also select décor pieces that can be placed underneath the table to fill in the empty spaces.

3. Hello Sunshine

Source: CentralazDining

If you’ve got a foyer that isn’t so small go for this entryway furniture idea. You may choose a bold wallpaper to provide that awakening look or just go with something simple. If you’ve got a white painted wall you can also go ahead without having wallpaper. In small spaces fitting in a lot of furniture can be a hassle, not to mention the trouble you will have in the opening and closing the door. A two drawer table together with frames and a glass vase can be enough to make the entryway look appealing.

You can also add in a magazine rack underneath the table or any other décor items. A mirror is all that is needed to complete the look. Instead of going for the mainstream rectangular ones choose an octagonal or pentagonal.

4. Being Practical


A little different from other entryway furniture ideas, this one is for those who have a practical approach towards life. This idea will not only tidy up your house but also provide seating space. Get furniture that provides a blend of both, storage and decency. This furniture has compartment drawers big enough to store a lot of things. The spaces provided can be used to place décor items such as a vase or perhaps your favorite books.

Place a hanging which you can use to hang your hat, coat or any other thing. On the sides place your favorite photo frames that have your memories captured. Decorate further with LED candle lights placed in a lantern. Support this idea with bell shaped ceiling hanging lamps.

5. Go Green


If you’re a fan of nature and love going green then this entryway furniture décor idea is for you. The eye catching yet soothing wall paper will provide a mental relaxation. A lot of investment in furniture isn’t required as the idea doesn’t support a lot of items. All you need is a two-in-one seating bench that provides storage space.  A hanging for the wall will also be needed where you can hang your routine used items.

To make a comfortable seating you can further get a cushion or already installed ones that come with the seater.  Get a small table on which you can place a vase of your choice or even a fish bowl.

6. Small yet Spacious


If you have a small foyer then this entryway furniture idea is for you. Not much effort is required in the décor but if you still want to search for that elegance then you can carefully decorate this small space. A hall rack on the sides where you can place routine items such as your coat, umbrella or a hat should be opted for.

Place in a large rectangular mirror on the front where you can have a look at yourself before leaving for work in the morning. A stool can also be placed on the side depending on the preference. Finish the look by adding in hanging lamps instead of selecting the ones that are placed on the table.

7. Modern and Contemporary


How stylish, modern yet casual is this entryway furniture idea? This idea is different from the rest as it showcases modernism. The contemporary wooden table gives rise to a cosmopolitan luxury environment. Add in a shelf on the top where you can place items. Fill in the space underneath the table with either décor items such as a vase, a basket or kept empty.

You can complete the look with a mirror with a sleek design. Keep the wall paper plain and simple, select one which has pastel shades and goes easy on the eyes.

8. Round and Round


This is simplistic entryway furniture idea that makes a statement. Despite the absence of lavish furniture, this furniture idea still provides a complete entryway look. The idea is best suited for small passages where wall attached furniture can serve the purpose. The round mirror with crisscross steel edges is all you need to decorate the passage with. An attached shelf can be added in the front on which candle stands can be kept, a photo frame or a vase of your choice.

The round mirror can be used as a focal point to catch attention. Round mirrors are the best for softening spaces with straight lines. A round mirror with a rectangular piece of furniture is perhaps the best combination you can display.

9. White for Peace


White furniture never fails to disappoint. It can act as the perfect base for all types of designs and varieties. In this entryway furniture idea, all entryway is well decorated using white furniture. The two small cabinets on the side supported by a seating in the middle make it perfect for a spacious foyer.

Complete the look by adding a painting (a colorful one) to make the area standout. Place in cushions and vases to make the seating comfortable. You may also add in dimmers or wall lamps to provide lighting at night time.

10. Mirror Mirror Everywhere

Source: Mike Ferner

A rectangular mirrored Chester and a round mirror on the wall together provide a rich look. Heavily trafficked areas like entryways can be best complemented with a round mirror. A mirror hanging on the wall can add depth as well as intrigue to any space. Place darkly shaded lamps on the side to complete the furniture set. The antique wooden mirrored chest of drawers can light up your home and with this entryway furniture décor idea, you can drop an amazing first impression on your guests.

11. Say Hello with Pictures

Source: TheLilyPadCottage

If you don’t want to overdo it and want to go easy on your pocket then this entryway furniture idea can be for you. Decorate the entryway with your favourite images and place them in photo frames of different dimensions.

Set the table with an artificial flower pot or a vase that looks good with it. Set it all up on a drawer chest table that has a rather antique touch to it. Lastly, place a round mirror with concrete edges up on the wall to make your hallway standout. If you have a small hallway go for a smaller mirror.

12. The Perfect Fit


Want a blend of class and elegance? Go for this entryway furniture idea. Install a rug at the front to provide a comfy and natural texture. You don’t have to make the décor fussy; a simple polished table supported by a hexagonal mirror is enough to fill the space. Decorate the table with a candle stand or different vases to fill in space. Go for book holding décor pieces or flower pots that visitors will find very welcoming.

13. Casually Captivating

Source: HomeDecorMomma

This entryway idea is for those who have a thing for decoration. If you can see there are hardly any empty spaces on the table. Table lamps, lanterns, photo frames and flower pots are among the list of décor items that you can use to set up the table. Keep the wall paper plain and simple as it’s the entryway that we are decorating.

Wall papers with designs on them are best suited for bedrooms and formal areas. Leave the wall paper for the entryway plain to make your furniture standout. Place a garland on a wooden crafted wall hanging or any other artificial flower. Fill in the spaces completely to give that filling effect.

14. Light Up Your World


If you’ve got a house in the coastal areas or near a beach, this entryway décor idea is perfect for you. The messy yet stylish look can provide the casual environment that will suit the overall entryway look. The rustic look will blend well and the cabinets attached to the wall will also provide storage space. Use a round mirror backed by a wooden frame and support it with a wooden designed table.  Place a flower pot with bright colors to bring that lively impact.

15. Mimicking the Sun


Make your petite corner seem elevated with this round gilded mirror for this entryway décor idea . Position the mirror strategically to highlight angles that are unusual or to pay attention to architectural features. This round mirror mimics the sun with the metallic edges acting as the sunshine.

Add a colorful drawer chest underneath to provide the perfect combination of round and rectangular. Place in candle jars and photo frames to fill the empty spaces. Be sure to pick frames of different sizes so that an artsy look can be portrayed.

16. Greetings


How nice would it be to have an entryway which has a greeting or personalized message written to welcome visitors? Decorate the entryway with cubical décor items, flower pots, and cushions for a comfortable seating. Get a small size wooden bench or a large one (depending on the size of the entryway) and have it placed underneath the greetings.

Lay a rug in front (could be a patterned or plain one) besides the furniture. Finish the look by hanging metallic hooks that can hold your things. You can get the greetings either printed or put on the wall or opt for the wood engravings that will look much cooler.

17. Keeping it casual


If you want to keep your house tidy and neat this entryway furniture idea can work really well. Choose a cabinet that comes with lockers to hold shoes in. Leave the top of the cabinet empty or fill it with décor items of your choice. To save on space get a cabinet hanging that can be installed in the wall. Attach hooks to the cabinet so you can hang things and make life easier. If you don’t want dirty shoes in your house, utilize this idea to prevent your house from becoming a victim of dirt.

These are some entryway ideas that can be used to give a makeover to your house.