Fashionably Stylish – the Stiletto Desk from Splinter Works

Shoe lovers out there who would love that same stylish touch to their homes or office space would surely delight in this dazzling and fashionable creation from Splinter Works – the Stiletto Desk. Any woman would really love to make this as an addition to their home office space.

It can function either as a dressing table, a console or a desk. The underside of this lovely piece of furniture is reminiscent of the famous “red sole” and made out of polished red acrylic. This versatile desk is a stylish addition to any library interior design idea as well. Imagine sitting in your library and having this desk to work on!

Glamour and style certainly meet in this contemporary and trendy piece which will surely catch anybody’s eye. You can check out Splinter Works’ website for more information on this eye candy!