5 Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas

Feng Shui Interior Design is achieved by applying the Feng Shui philosophy when structuring and decorating your living spaces.

5 Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas

Feng Shui Inspired Living

Developed over 3000 years ago in China,
Feng Shui is considered to be an ancient form of science and art that is said to balance energies, (emotionally and physically), while bringing harmony to your surroundings.

The definition of the term Feng Shui literally means “wind” and “water”, which according to the Chinese culture equals health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

When incorportating the use of Feng Shui interior design, the goal is to balance the energy – both positive and negative – within yourself, as well as your living space. In turn, you’ll reap the benefits of tranquility, peace, harmony and an overall sense of well-being.

Feng Shui Means More Than Style

A Feng Shui interior design goes much deeper than just choosing the right style of furnishings and color schemes; it’s meant to bring balance, clarity, and good fortune to those who enter and reside in the space. For instance, those who seek out Feng Shui would run in the opposite direction from those who would prefer, (as an example), an English Country Interior Design, which is based on the physical aspects of the decor and furnishings, rather than on the metaphyscial aspects of balance and energy that are so profound in Feng Shui.

In other words; Feng Shui takes the focus off of what the furnishings look like, and place it on where and how the furnishings are arranged. It is the belief that the position of your furnishings, art work and other accessories, are relevant to the harmony of that space and will increase (or decrease) the positive energy in that area.

How to Achieve the Basics of Feng Shui

  1. As stated earlier, the positing of your furnishings is extremely important as this will allow the free flow of energy to be present at all times. Remove all objects that seem to add clutter, especially around your entrance ways. Having multiple uncluttered pathways within your living space will increase the flow of energy and allow balance and harmony to take hold.
  2. Feng Shui relies on the belief that positive energy is increased when living things are present. This can be achieved by incorporating plants, potted flowers and bonsai trees. Don’t forget about your pets and fish, as well.
  3. Lighting and music are also major factors in Fung Shui as they add to the overall ambiance which leads to a source of calmness, relaxation and clarity. Try experimenting with colored bulbs to find your preferred level of comfort and serenity.
  4. If there was one word to describe Feng Shui it would be “natural”. This holds true when selecting your furnishings. Choose items that are created from wood, stone or metal. Incorporating water elements into the overall design will also increase the natural concept in your home. Fish aquariums would accomplish that nicely.
  5. Employ the Ba-gua method when designing. Ba-gua is an energy map which determines the various regions of the house. Using this method will help you determine the best layout for all elements in your home. It concentrates on using methods such as Astrology to determine the best approach to achieving true Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Inspired Bedroom

Balance Your Life the Fung Shui Way

You’ve probably gathered by now that the main idea behind Feng Shui is to help you achieve a more balanced, prosperous and healthy way of living. By applying Feng Shui techniques and guidelines you will clear your home of unwanted (or negative) energy while allowing the good energy to increase it’s presence and bring you a higher quality of life.

Using Feng Shui for your interior decorating style can be a rewarding experience in both your emotional and physical well being. If you are considering this design style you may want to contact a Feng Shui Interior Designer who will help ensure you end up with just the right elements to achieve a true Feng Shui experience.

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