15 Beautiful and Cool Flower Garden Ideas & Designs

Your outdoor décor should be as intriguing as the indoors. It is quite interesting to play around with different objects and plants. Moreover, if you have developed a hobby for gardening you will definitely enjoy trying out DIY flower garden ideas and designs too.

There are several ways to spark up a boring garden. Here are some ideas and designs that you can try out:

1. Spring Bloom

Spring Bloom garden idea
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One of the loveliest flower garden ideas is to create a flower shape in your garden to plant flowers. You can design any flower shape that you like such as sunflowers, daisies, petunias or others. Filling that shape would be the most interesting part because you can always use flowers with various colors to fill in the petals.

Amethyst colored flower or any other flowers in purple shade will create a calming effect in the garden. However, you can choose from a wide range of flowers for this idea. In addition, for the ovule, you can use contrasting shades with blue or yellow flowers. Plus, you can design that space to plant household ingredients like mint leaves, coriander and other similar plants in green if you want to stick to a traditional flower shape.

2. The Blossoming Circle

The Blossoming Circle garden design
Source: Housley

One of the safest flower garden design ideas is creating a blossoming round of colorful plants and flowers in the middle of the garden. This idea can be created using diversity of plants that are easily available in the market. Poppy and petunia flowers are available in several vibrant colors like red, purple, white and yellow. Plus, these flowers also have contrasting patterns which intensify the look of your garden.

In order to make this look more ravishing, try to add an evergreen plant in the middle which will exude a lavishing look. Also, caladium plants in alternating rows can also be planted in this look. Other plants that can be planted are black magic and mojito. Your goal should be to create circling rows of colorful plants in an organized order.

3. Waste Free Garden

15 Beautiful and Cool Flower Garden Ideas & Designs for
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Do you have any pieces of furniture sitting uselessly in your backyard that you haven’t thrown away yet? One of the unique flower garden ideas is to use old stuff to plant and organize flowers in your garden. If you have an old dresser, worn out tires or some useless dishes, you can design them all in the garden in creative manner.

The key of incorporating this design idea is to paint your items your favorite color. However, using black, blue or brown items can also bring out the color of flowers and plants that you will be placing within them. Half opened drawers of dresser filled with sprawling leaves and petals will give a vintage and mysterious look to your garden. It also leaves you with the opportunity to use multiple types of flowers and shrubs in your garden.

4. Aquatic Bloom

Aquatic Bloom garden design idea
Source: naturestouchponds.com

The best way to design your garden look unique and interesting is to keep it diverse. People who love gardening make sure that they incorporate various types of plants in their garden which keeps it interesting. An easy way to try out this trick is to keep aquatic plants like Amazon Lily or Fairy Moss in handmade pots. These plants are irresistibly beautiful and instantly make your garden look heavenly.

You should also try to keep different pots in various locations all around the garden to enhance their presence in the garden. Plus, growing different aquatic plants in one plant will add color and charm to the pots too. Parrot’s Feather, Sweet Flag and Water Clover are some more aquatic plants that you can plant in hand-made pots. Painting the pots will also do the trick of cheering up your garden.

5. Pathway to Eden

Pathway to Eden flower garden idea
Source: etsy.com

Creating fun pathways in your garden to walk through them can be fun activity and a great way to design it look fascinating. All you need for creating a path is tiles or bricks of specific shape that can be arranged in shapes. You can shape them like a flower or any other shape that suits your preference.

Oftentimes, you can also purchase tiles made from bricks or concrete which are already shaped so you will only have to set them in the garden. This is among the most exhilarating flower garden design ideas because it is calming to walk through a garden. Having a pathway that is lined with your favourite trees, plants and bushes will give you a soothing effect. And, this idea can be used for different sizes of gardens as well.

6. Bed of Flowers

Bed of Flowers garden
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Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses” can be your reality if you are looking for DIY flower garden ideas. This is one of the most interesting ideas that require a bed frame. If you have big enough garden space that needs to be filled out, just try placing a bed frame in the garden. You will not need a bedspread as the flowers and bushes sprout through the frames making it look like a literal flower bed.

You can design to plant lavender, bellflower, hydrangea, pampas grass bonsai and monkshood for this idea. Strategically planting these plants will give the impression of printed bedspread that will enhance the bed’s frame. Using plants like roses, honeysuckle and others which grown vines around the bed frame is another interesting way of using bed for the garden.

7. Woodland

wooden objects around the garden
Source: HomeMyDesign

One of the coolest DIY flower garden ideas has to be the use of wooden objects around the garden. You can design tables and chairs for your garden made from wood. They will also serve as a durable seating option for evening hangouts, picnics in the garden and generally hanging out. You can use trunks of various trees to cut out the tables and seats on your own. In addition, you can purchase authentic tree trunks cut into chairs and tables for gardens too.

Another way to use tree trunks is using that to make a path in your garden. You can cut them out in different sizes and place them on the trek to make it look fascinating and interesting. Otherwise, you can place cut tree trunk in corners that serve as shelves for pots or support for flower vines of different types.

8. Inside the Umbrella

Inside the Umbrella garden design
Source: Compellon

All the best flower garden ideas have something unique about them. For this DIY garden design idea, you will need an umbrella or a parasol that will serve as a pot or flower bedding for flowers. You can use an umbrella for seasonal flowers. Besides that, it will serve like a flower bed in your garden.

This is a creative idea and you can open the umbrella to the size you like. Moreover, with so many colourful umbrellas, you can use your favourite shades. Additionally, for a good contrast you can add flowers that either match the umbrella or look strikingly beautiful with the colors of it.

Umbrellas can also be placed in the middle of the garden or they can be placed in a corner that you need to spice up a little with colors. In short, if you are trying to bring color and diversity to your garden, umbrellas will do the trick.

9. Floating Boat

Floating Boat garden idea
Source: Upcycled-Wonders

A trending idea among flower garden design ideas is the use of row boats for the garden. If you have an old boat sitting in your yard, it is time to bring it to use. This is also an interesting way of recycling old items instead of letting them rot. Using a boat for flower bedding is a terrific idea that will make your garden look enchanting.

10. Household Items

Household Items garden
Source: Empress of Dirt

Many of us have the habit of hoarding household items that are of no use. For instance, cups, tea kettles, old pair of boots, watering cans and the like remain in the house without serving their purpose. But you can bring them to life to design your garden. Recycling old items is always best among flower garden ideas because it saves money and time of looking through new objects.

Instead of buying new pots, use watering cans, boots or other such objects as flower beds. You will be surprised at how beautiful these items can look when they are home for your favourite plants. They also look adorable and quirky in the garden. You can grow anemone, delphinium, dahlia, Gerbera and liatris among others.

11. The Succulent Family

The Succulent Family garden design
Source: Californiagrown.org

Succulents are some of the most unique and beautiful plants. These thick, fleshy and shaded plants can be planted in vases, flower beds and pots around the garden. Moreover, creating a special space for the succulent family and having a variety of them will create ambience that is quite thrilling and beautiful. These plants are mostly shaded in green and scarlet shades and show off the colors in bright sunlight.

If you want to try out something different and new for your garden, you should give succulents a try. Succulents include aloe vera, garden asparagus, echeveria, Zebra plant and triangularis. For flower garden design, you will find it thrilling to create a diverse round of multiple plants in the garden especially if you enjoy the activity.

12. Fashionista

Fashionista flower garden design
Source: MannequinMadness

If you are a fashion-lover what could be a better way of showing off your fashion sense than having your own mannequin? You can dress up the mannequin with your favourite flowers and vines as well. This is among the best flower garden designs for all those who like trying out new things or people who are passionate about flowers.

As an added perk, mannequins are available in different design, frames and colors which mean you can choose a favourite and style it with flowers of your liking too. You can stick to pale shades of flowers or use bright flowers and either will look great. Moreover, this is a quick way to pucker up a boring corner in your garden. If you are looking for interesting flower garden ideas, give fashionable mannequins a try.

13. In My Shoes

Using an old pair of boots in flower garden
Source: beachbungalow8

Do you have a pair of old rain boots around the house that you never throw away? Using an old pair of boots might be one of the most innovative ideas and designs for your garden. The best thing about this idea is that no matter how worn out the boots are, the flowers will make them look quite interesting. In fact, the more worn out the boots are, the more intriguing they will look.

This artistic gardening DIY can be coupled with multiple types of plants like lavender, cherry blossom and others that will sprout out of the boot. You can place these boots in any corner of the garden and they will look charming and fascinating.

14. Rustic Glow

Rustic Glow garden
Source: TheLilyPadCottage.com

Old is gold. We are all aware of the appeal of rustic objects as they grasp out attention. However, using them for your garden can make the rustic pots look like they are hiding gold. There are many ways to incorporate this design idea in your garden. You can either purchase pots or use worn out and old pots for your flowers.

You can also get spray paint that will help you achieve the same look on different objects that you have. Decoration pieces, buckets and various other items can be painted to look like they are made from precious metal. Once you have the pots in your favourite shades, add flowers with different shades like blue, red and orange that further compliments the rustic shades.

15. Make Your Wish

a well-shaped pot flower garden idea
Source: theWhOot

Lastly, a joyful idea among flower garden ideas is investing in a well-shaped pot. These pots are available in various sizes so they will compliment small or large gardens. Moreover, you can put different plants and bushes in the well.

You can decorate the well pot with paint of different shades too. You can also wound wool around the well or other objects of your preference. There are many ways to design your garden using the wishing pots.