22 Unique and Stylish DIY Flower Pot Ideas & Designs

There’s no denying it, flowers are the easiest and nicest way to brighten up any space, whether they are fake or not. But why stop at just making flowers your centre of attention? Decorate your flower pots so that their beauty matches your plants. It’s a small step that can take the appearance of your home a long way. Here are some flower pot ideas you can use to design your pots look unique and stylish.

1. Decorative Gems

Decorative Gems flower pots
Source: DesignSponge

There is no need for you to go crazy shopping for an elegant flower pot, you just need some glue and small stones. Tiny gems such as these can be found at any art store, and then all you need is a little creativity to make the perfect pattern! It gives a cute, nifty style to your pots and can work indoors and outside. The size and pattern depend on what you want. The colors can work with your room or your flowers, it’s totally up to you!

It’s a small project, takes barely any time but won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

2. Book Pot Design

22 Unique and Stylish DIY Flower Pot Ideas & Designs for
Source: instructables

This flower pot idea will be irresistible to anyone who loves books. If you have any old dictionary or book that is on the verge of being thrown away, then why not reuse it as a flower pot? Not one of the most obvious uses for a book though.

These book pots are great for holding tiny plants and fit in snugly on shelves and drawers. They are not too extravagant but really spark creativity in their environments. You can put in a plant based on the depth of the book, and its width. These pots also fit the outdoor scenery, so they can be displayed out on patio or by the porch.

3. Elementary Pots

Elementary Pots idea
Source: Makeit-Loveit.com

Simplicity is the key to charm. Nothing over the top, but painting your flower pots gives your plants a whole new personality. This easy flower pot idea requires nothing but paint and a taste to make the perfect picturesque flower pot.

The size of the pot doesn’t matter, although it is obvious smaller pots will be easier to handle. Color variations depend wholly on the surroundings and the designs are limited to only your skill.

4. Chalkboard Pots

Chalkboard Pots
Source: ISpyDiy.com

You don’t necessarily have to stick to one design for your flower pots. By using chalkboard paint, you can rest assured that you’ll never be tired at looking at the same thing. Your plants can reflect a different personality every time you see them, from mandalas to messages, faces to shapes.

Keep your decorations basic or chic, your plants will always remain captivating.

5. Shell Pot

Shell Pot design
Source: marthastewart.com

Never leave the beach without a shell covered flower pot idea. No matter what plant you insert, the feeling will always bring you back to the sandy beaches and clam ocean breeze. It takes time to make, but the end result is definitely worth the wait. It costs no extra money on your behalf since you can collect your own shells. The shells don’t even have to be the same, and the flower pot design is up to you.

6. Personalize your Pot

Personalize your flower Pot
Source: CutesyCrafts.com

It doesn’t matter what special effect you use for your letters, making them bold or coloring them in, personalizing your pots gives off a pleasant welcoming feeling. You can design the names of other family members to create a flower pot family, or even give your plants silly names to be remembered by. Creating your names and pattern can be done with any marker or even paint, depending on the effect you wish to create.

7. Stencil Style

Stencil Style design

The easiest way to decorate a pot, is by simply stenciling it. You already have your design, now all you have to do is paint it over and make a charming little pot. You can place your design anywhere on your pot like along the brim, or near the bottom. Change up the colors you use to create variety and even try putting together your own touches in the stencil. Blend colours, add faces, shapes, names, the possibilities are endless with this basic yet elegant flower pot idea.

8. Popsicle Pot

Popsicle Pot
Source: SomewhatSimple.com

Simple and crafty, create your own handmade popsicle stick flower pot idea. Using a container underneath to hold your flowers and sticks to act as a fence, it’s an artful way for you to spark interest to your plants. You can decorate it further by making funky patterns or using colored popsicle sticks to make your pot individual and intriguing.

9. Mosaic Flower Pots

Mosaic Flower Pots
Source: Cuded.com

You can never fail with the abstract effect of mosaic. The end result will always be filled with color, life and excitement, pleasing to the eye. You can use fabric, glass, buttons and beads, or even just paper to create your frisky flower pot. The colors you choose can depend on the surroundings or the plant itself. Mosaics are fun crafts that you can beam happily at with your finished products.

10. The Fabricated Pot

The Fabricated Pot
Source: SweetRedPoppy.com

The petals of a flower are soft to the touch, so why not your flower pot? Design old fabrics to create a stylish coat around your pots to create the perfect pot and plant duo. It doesn’t matter where the fabric comes from, it can be a tablecloth or an old dress. Using fabric glue will keep it stuck in its place. Larger cloths can even cover up your pots outside so your garden can be warm for the winter.

11. Lace Pots

Lace Pots
Source: ABeautifulMess.com

Another wonderful flower pot idea is to cover up your pots is to use laces or doilies. They are already fascinating to look at, so place the fascination over your pots. How you place your laces and how much you use is optional. Shake things up a bit by dying your laces or by giving your pot a bold base color that will stand out with the lacing.

12. Mason Jar Planters

Mason Jar Planters
Source: NotJustAHousewife.net

Any straggling mason jars lying around your house? Turn them into useful jars again by transforming them into flower pots! The possibilities are limitless with this lovely flower pot idea. As shown in the image, these can be turned into hanging pots, but that isn’t all you can do. Decorate them with string or patterns, elevate their style with anything you feel is right. Everything you see someone do with a pot, can be done with a glass jar, only you didn’t have to pay extra for your pot.

13. Natural Brew

Natural Brew pot design
Source: EpheirellDesigns.com

All your little teacups are short and stout, as well as perfect for holding plants. Sets that aren’t used anymore can now become your own flower pot set, unique to only you. They already come with their chic designs, all that is left is to place your tiny seedlings. Adding pebbles or stones gives off a very nice touch as well. Using an assortment of teacups together makes it seem nicer, look more like a clutter, as most flower bunches tend to be.

14. Knitted Pots

Knitted flower Pots idea
Source: MeliMelooo.com

Remember grandma’s wonderfully itchy knitted sweaters she would always send, the warm fuzzy feeling you got from wearing those? Why not give your pots and plants that same feeling? Plants need love too.

This knitted pot cover is ideal for giving off that cozy feeling in a room, and using neutral colored yarn ensures that this decoration piece can fit anywhere in the house. Once more, the possibilities do not end here, you can go as far as grandma did and put in some spirited patterns in the patchwork.

15. Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos
Source: KCEdventures.com

Colorful and messy is exactly what you will get with this popping flower pot idea. Paint splatters and dripping are impossible to get exactly the same, no matter how hard envious neighbors will try. This craft is extremely easy and can be done over and over again. The messier the better, and it is a great craft to involve the kids with.

16. Paint and Drizzle

Paint and Drizzle flower pot idea
Source: MyCleverNest.com

Another way to go with this style is to have simple drips of paint fall down the sides of the flower pot and then let it dry. It adds a stalagmite effect to your pot, or stalactite, all depending on which side of the pot you choose to drip the paint off of.

17.  Paint Splatter

Paint Splatter
Source: Instructables.com

Finally, when it comes to paint messes, there are paint splatters. They are very fun to create. With a large paintbrush you can flick paint onto your pot so that you get colorful splashes of paint coming from all different angles. All of these paint tricks are fun and quite appealing.

18. Stack It Up

Stack It Up
Source: HmoeStoriesatoz.com

Stacking your pots on top of each other? How?

It’s not magic, but it is an enjoyable mindbender to look at. Honestly, the pots are carefully placed over each other with a steel rod securely placed inside of all of them. This pot tower is an excellent way to spruce up your garden’s appearance. By using vibrant colors for the pots, it attracts onlookers almost immediately and elevates the brilliance of your flowers.

The final and dainty little touch is optional but seriously, the bird house is just too adorable to ignore. Two treats in one tower, a perfect flower pot idea.

19. Log Planters

Log Planters
Source: Aproverbs31wife.com

Everyone hates the old log that uselessly takes up space in the yard, but does it really have to be useless? A neat trick you can design is turn that sad little log into a happy flower bush, making your garden look all the more natural, plus you didn’t have to waste the log. Cutting the log open is really all the effort you need to put in and then it’s smooth sailing with the biggest pot you can get for such a low price.

20. Gold Lettered Pots

Gold Lettered Pots
Source: NestOfPosies.com

Shiny golden yet so simple. This idea is perfect for when you don’t want to overdo it. Leaving notes and quotes on your pots makes for an artsy taste in your room and the gold is but a little glamor because you deserve it. The flower pot design is easy enough that it can find itself fitting in any environment.

21. BOO!

Source: PlaidOnline.com

Exquisite, marvelous and, Mexican?

Yes, the skeletal faces do scream Day of the Dead Festivities, but it is nonetheless, bewilderingly beautiful. These skeletal flower pots are intricate and very imaginative. They are bright and bold, making them stand out in all of their surroundings. Putting this flower pot design on a small pot makes it delectable, not intimidating. With faces lined to the brim with such fine details, it is highly unlikely you are going to find someone with the same spooky face as yours.

22. Painted Tin Cans

Painted Tin Cans
Source: TheCraftedSparrow.com

It is recycling, it is pretty, and it is a tin can flower pot. Decorating your tin can is as open as decorating an ordinary flower pot. You can do anything you desire with it, cover it, paint it, stencil it or even completely transform it. You can make it emerge as a piece of expensive decor at first glance to anyone. It all depends on how you can truly see your can.

A truly nice way to honor your tin can is by emphasizing its metallic material. With this design, metallic marker is used and it makes the pot luminous. It is very easy to find markers and it really does create a nice sense of elegance to your plants.