16 Interesting and lovely DIY Picture Frame Ideas & Designs

Adding depth and dimension to any space can be a project that goes beyond wall color. Picture framed art is a great way to increase the sense of space, adding a hard-scape of three dimensions with complimenting tones and textures. But traditional art is not the only use for picture frames, and by opening your mind to the different approaches these pieces of wall furniture can bring, you can increase the opportunities to expand upon theme. From minimalist stainless steel to authentic and reproduction baroque garishness, DIY picture frames offer another aspect of personality and design that otherwise might be overlooked.

Tips for DIY Picture Frame Idea and Design


Traditional framing solutions incorporate works of art on canvas with a surrounding element that matches or creatively clashes with the surrounding space. Picture frame design can be chosen for the themes, color, texture, and even dimensional qualities that it brings to a design project. For rooms with an interior design of an antique or classic style, where aging furniture reproductions are in vogue, older paintings work well to match in theme.

Oils and heavily brushed watercolors containing the primary room tone element within the painting require a matching look in the picture frame. Lighter colors, including distressed paint to suggest age, are strong choices for a framing solution. Size frame widths appropriately with both the art and wall space in mind, and if you are unsure, consult with your designer or local frame shop.

Photography 16 Interesting and lovely DIY Picture Frame Ideas & Designs for

Though color family snapshots are most common, meaning an allowance of a mismatch in color matching, images can be digitally adjusted to reflect sepia tones, color filters, and even black and white which is the simplest style of photograph to integrate into a conscientious design. Choose images for what they portray when determining what picture frames to use – for example, a collection of family vacation shots can be grouped together in a multi-frame for display in more relaxed spaces like bedroom hallways and stairwells.

Photographs of a more artistic design deserve enlargement and prominent display, and investment in quality framing materials such as anti-glare glass and linen acid-free matting should be considered. Black and white photographs work most fluidly with minimalist black frames, while pieces displaying a great deal of distinct color can benefit from lightly stained woods and brightly colored selections.


More than a great way to check your hair, mirrors creatively placed around a room add a perceived depth where space is at a premium. However, unless your design plan includes extreme minimalism, a picture frame idea is the best solution. Not only will it draw attention to the mirror, and therefore the reflection in the mirror, it is also a way to bring texture to what is essentially a silvered piece of glass with changing images depending on where the viewer located.

The frame acts as the insertion of color, using elements found elsewhere to remind the guest that the mirror has design purpose beyond its functional use. The frame also acts as a safety element as well, concealing sharp glass corners from snagging passersby.


Picture frames can be incorporated is several other non-traditional aspects of your home, and their possibilities are as limitless as interior design projects. Kitchen spaces benefit with framed chalkboards and whiteboards, where messages and menus can be prominently displayed for the family to read over meals. A child’s bedroom can see a creative use of framing around hanging calendars. Living rooms with wall mounted, flat screen televisions? Most definitely- a frame softens the forced modernism a television brings to a space, creating instead a window with changing scenery.

No matter your application, picture frames can find a comfortable and natural placement in your room’s interior design. When nothing else seems to fit just right, trying having a unique element framed.

16 DIY Picture Frame Ideas & Designs

Picture frames are so easy to get. You can buy cheap ones from the dollar store or get some from your local thrift stores. There is so much that you can do with them. Either way, you can use them to display your pictures or make DIY home décor out of them. Here are some really interesting and lovely picture frame ideas to spice up your home décor.

1. Flower Picture Frame Ideas

Flower Picture Frame Ideas
Source: Sad to Happy Project

This is super cool and easy idea to decorate a vacant wall in your house. Simply, take any picture frames that are lying around the house or get some from the dollar store. In a glass bottle, put some fake flowers. Wrap a string around the neck of the bottle and tie it to both ends of the frame. Hang the frame on your wall to step up your aesthetics.

2. Key Holder Picture Frame

Key Holder Picture Frame
Source: Bee Organisee

This is one of those DIY picture frame ideas that is not only pretty but also comes in handy every day. Go to your local thrift store and find a vintage looking picture frame. You can also go for a wooden one if you want. Attach three or four hooks to the frame and use it as your key holder. Hang the frame on your door or a wall close to it.

3. Memory Picture Frame

Memory Picture Frame
Source: The Picket Fence Project

This DIY idea is pretty cool and will keep you nostalgic all the time. Take any picture frame you want. You can go with white if you are really into the clean aesthetic. On the inside, stick a page and paste the key to your first house on it. Write the address of your first house on it. You can also put the plane ticket of your first time ever on a plane with the date and destination written underneath. Basically, this is one of those picture frame ideas that you can get creative with.

4. Towel Picture Frame

Towel Picture Frame
Source: Margo’sJunkinJournal.com

This is a picture frame idea for your bathroom. If you have enough space in your bathroom, you can use a wall for this DIY décor. For this, you will need a big frame, preferably wooden so that it can bear some weight. On the frame, hang your towels. If you use specific towel colors, you can paint your frames to color coordinate with the towels too.

5. Wreath Picture Frame

Wreath Picture Frame
Source: Poppy Home

If you like picture frames and you are a fan on wreaths, then this DIY is the one for you. For this DIY, you will need three wooden frames. It is better if they are shabby looking but you can always paint them according to the shade you want. Make a wreath of your own or get one from the local flower shop. Make sure that one of three frames is bigger as compared to the others so this will be the center frame. Arrange the other two frames on its sides and hang the wreath in the middle frame. This can be one of the holiday picture frame ideas or just a simplistic and minimal DIY to make your vacant walls look lovely.

6. 3D Tree Picture Frame Ideas

3D Tree Picture Frame Ideas
Source : Patiopizzaz.com

This idea is an extremely creative idea. It gives off a stellar illusion that there is an actual tree branching out over your wall, though trapped to the inside of your frame. The birds are just another addition to it to make it seem more realistic. These trios or sometimes duos of frames come ready made, but if you feel a little crafty, you can create this illusion by building your own tree inside of an empty frame, and then hanging your frame so that it gives off a 3D effect. It’ll really give your room an imaginative touch.

7. Family Tree Picture Frame Ideas

Family Tree Picture Frame Ideas
Source: WonderfulDIY.com

This is one of those picture frame ideas that you can do with your kids too. It makes for an interesting family activity that you can enjoy on a weekend. For this, you will need to make a family tree on paper and get pictures of everyone in your family. Buy colorful frames and put pictures of each family member in a separate frame. To make the tree, you can either paint it following any tutorial on YouTube or you can get the tree decal online. Paste or paint the tree on a vacant wall and put the picture frames on the branches. Think of fruits on trees and consider the picture frames as fruits while you are hanging them. This is a great way for kids to learn about the family and for the family to spend some quality time together.

8. Fashion Picture Frame

Fashion Picture Frame
Source: DIYCraftsDecoration.com

This is a décor idea for art lovers or for anyone who likes to do something extra. For this, you will need three to four frames. Draw girl clipart’s on each frame but make sure to only draw the torso. Take any fancy fabric and synch it to make the dress of the girl. You can use the images given above for reference. This is quite easy to do and you can get creative by adding embroidery to the dress or putting on some sequins to make it prettier. This would look beautiful in a kid’s room or on a designer’s work table. You can arrange the frames in horizontal order too if you want and add more frames if you desire.

9. Flower Picture Frame

Flower Picture Frame
Source: TheCreativePlace.com

This is a very sweet and pretty DIY picture frame idea. If you are someone who likes to have flowers around the house, this idea is the best for you. For this start off with a basic frame. Get your hands on some pastel faux flowers, easily available from the dollar store or others along with some hot glue. You can work with any hues of your preferences working with colors that are seasonal, festive or otherwise. Use glue to stick the flowers on the initial. To decorate the frame a little more, add some flowers on two corners or all four corners of the frame. If you are feeling adventurous, add some sequins or glitter on the backdrop.

10. Initial Picture Frame

Initial Picture Frame
Source: etsy.com

This is one of those picture frame ideas that couples would love. It is the ideal DIY décor for your bedroom wall. You would need two wooden frames for this DIY. To get the initial of your names and the ‘and’ sign, you can search on the Internet. There are many places online that sell initials made of plastic, wood and even metal. Simply, hang the frames and your initials and shown in the image above. Prop the ‘and’ sign in the middle. This would be an awesome backdrop for you and your partner to take selfies with in bed. If your walls are colored other than white, paint the frames according to that.

11. Cutlery Picture Frame

Cutlery Picture Frame
Source: Home Made Modern Blog

If you love to cook, this is the DIY for you. Décor ideas like this will leave your guests in awe of your sense of décor. This décor idea would look even better if your walls are painted a bright color. Take six white picture frames and arrange then in a random order. You can either put them up in two rows or arrange them in an irregular pattern. Use your cutlery to good use with this décor. In the bigger frames, hang a bigger utensil or two utensils whereas one thing would go in the smaller frame. For the backdrop of the frame, use any paper a shade lighter than that of your wall or the same color as the wall.

12. Fruits Picture Frame

Fruits Picture Frame
Source: Host4Profit.org

This is another one of those picture frame ideas that food lovers will find interesting. For this DIY, you will need three or four white picture frames. Try to get ones that are thicker so that you can keep the fruit in them. Buy fake plastic fruits from any décor shop. These are easily available in different colors. Go for bright colors if you want the frame to pop. Simple, prop the fruits in the frame and hang the frames on your wall in any order. This would look great in the pantry but you can also do this for any other room in the house. If the plastic fruits are not brightly colored, you can pain them yourself too. Whether you want to color all the fruits the same or in contrasting colors, it is your own choice.

13. Hooks Picture Frame

Source: PopSugar.com

There are so many different ways to work with this idea. All you need for this DIY is a wooden slab, some hooks and wooden frames. Put the wooden slab anywhere in the house and nail the hooks into it. Hang your frames on the hooks and add pictures in them. You can do this differently. If you want to make this series of frames mono-themed, add pictures from one occasion or time only. Or, you can print quotes from the Internet that inspire you and put them in the frames. Hang it in your bathroom or bedroom, where you can see the quotes every single day and remain inspired.

14. Collage Picture Frame

Collage Picture Frame
Source: TenJuneBlog.com

This picture frame idea is great for students or people who travel a lot. If you are a student, living in a dorm and you miss your family back home, this is a great way to keep your loved ones close. Take a large wooden frame and arrange metal wires in it in a crisscross pattern. You can also get the racks like the one in the image online. On this metal rack, you can put up pictures of you, your friends or the places you have ever travelled to. If the frame is large enough, you can also add some quotes or pictures from Tumblr to make the whole DIY more aesthetically pleasing. For the finishing touches, take some fairy lights and border the frame with them. This would look amazing at night with the fairy lights on.

15. Jewelry Picture Frame

Jewelry Picture Frame
Source: CamilleStyles.com

This is one of those ideas that are ideally for designers or people who work in fashion. Still, other people can also do this as it is a very classy and decorative way to keep your jewelry in one place. For this, you will need a large wooden frame that you have to paint white. Take three strands of thin white rope and place them at equal distances in the frame. Hang your jewelry from these three lines, with the longer pieces going on the top line and shorter ones, like bracelets, on the lower line. If you have a large walk-in closet space, you can hang the frame there or you can keep it in your bedroom. It can also serve as a classy backdrop for artistic pictures and you will not have to find you jewelry in random places.

16. Picture Frame Tray

Picture Frame Tray
Source: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Who said you always have to hang picture frames on the wall? You can also use them for other purposes, such as for making containers out of them. This is a very easy idea in which you can make a tray out of an old picture frame. Take some white paint and paint the picture frame white. Picture frame ideas like this can make a mess so make sure to spread newspapers on your work desk. Once the paint is dry, use the frame as a tray for use in the kitchen or place a vase on it. You can also use it to keep your keys and coins.

All these DIY ideas are easy to try and none of them takes more than an hour to do. So, get DIYing.