French Interior Design Ideas

Eloquent, glamorous, romantic and charming – are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when describing the feel of such an indulgent style of interior decorating as a French Interior Design. With it’s elegant appeal of timeless drama, you don’t have to reside in Paris to enjoy the simple sophistication of this popular decor.

The French Simplified Glamour

This enduring style of design has branched off in many different directions as the years have gone by – but a true French Interior boasts of a particular Parisian style that focuses on vintage pieces of furnishings, collectibles, and beautiful antiques. Dreamy silk fabrics and textured wall coverings are thrown in for good measure.

The French spared no expense when creating an interior design that would resonate through the years. It’s indulgence for the finer things in life; gold inlaid trims, chandeliers, sculptures, marble, and other ornate luxuries – which in part, were borrowed from a Baroque Interior Style of Design – all came together in a more simplistic approach to glamour.

Elements of a French Interior Design

  • Walls: In one word: intensity. The color doesn’t really matter as much as the depth of the color. It should be dripping with richness and opulence. If selecting wallpaper, go with a heavy texture that feels luxurious to the touch.
  • Furnishings: Your furniture pieces should blend together nicely. Everything will have it’s place. Although the French Design is sophisticated and dreamy, it is also comfortable and inviting – not a “hands-off” approach. Choose original designed French furniture with it’s elegant, curved arms and legs and richly dressed with upholstery fabric.
  • Window Coverings: Beautiful draperies made of silk, damask or other fine fabric will suit any French designed room well. Use tassel tie backs with a touch of radiance that captures your eye, but doesn’t overwhelm.
  • Accessories: Your lighting choices will be a main ingredient in your accessorizing; chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps. Trim them out in gold, feathers, crystals or other ornamental touches, to put the finishing “ta da!” on this chic French Interior. Mirrors, whether actual antiques or replicas, will fit nicely in any room. Richly colored throws will adorn your chairs.
  • Flooring: As in most interior design styles that were implemented years ago, hard wood flooring is the obvious choice. However, you don’t necessarily have to stick with a dark color, choose a lighter shade if it fits your tastes better. Choose oriental rugs to complete the floor and and bring the room together.

French Interior Design Ideas

Consider a Professional

An interior design such as this has many different variations – as well as interpretations. To truly bring this style of design into your living space, consulting a professional French Interior Designer will always result in a more authentic French style of beauty, luxury and comfort.

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