16 Fun and Cool Gallery Wall Ideas & Layout

Whether you work from home or you are just someone who likes to keep their house stylish, gallery walls could easily be your thing. There are so many ways in which you can incorporate gallery wall layout ideas in your house. Not only will they make your home look stylish, they will also cheer you up when you look at them. Here are a few ideas that will really up your style game.

1. Black and White Gallery Wall Layout

Black and White Gallery Wall Layout
Source: KellyNan.com

This layout idea is very classy and minimalistic. It is one of those gallery wall ideas that artistic people will fall in love with. If you have a theme in your house in terms of décor, furniture and wall paint, then you can surely try this idea. For this, you will need to print out some abstract black and white pictures from the internet. You can also add pictures of your family, but in gray scale. Arrange them on the wall that is the backdrop of your living room furniture or any other wall in the house. It will make the room look stylish without seeming overdone.

2. Artistic Gallery Wall Idea

Artistic Gallery Wall Idea
Source: WallArtIdeas.info

Gallery wall ideas like this one are very unique and will make your home look quite different from any other. The twist in this wall is that you do not always have to hang up the picture frames on the walls. You can also just keep them on the floor. For this DIY, you have to get pictures of your choice printed in different sizes, depending on the frames that you have.

Keep the picture frames on the floor and if you have smaller frames, keep them on the bigger frames instead of hanging them up. This looks very artistic in its own. Also, if you have the kind of walls you cannot drill holes in; this gallery wall layout idea is great for you. Some people also live in rented apartments and houses where they are not allowed to drill holes into the walls. This idea is the fix for them too.

3. Time Inspired Wall Idea

Time Inspired Wall Idea
Source: DecoratingDen.com

This is the kind of idea that art historians would like. Among all the other gallery wall ideas on the list, this one is quite different and it will definitely stand out.  Not everyone has taste for this kind of art but if you do, you will be surprised at how easy this DIY is to do.

Start off by getting some different types of wall clocks. Arrange them with other picture frames and on the walls to complete the look. You can pair up this idea with antique looking furniture and other similar accessories to create the desired ambience. That is the gallery wall theme you are going for. Add a pop of color if you want or just use the tones of white, beige and gray.

4. Pop of Color

Pop of Color
Source: History in High Heels

This idea is not for everyone but if you are someone who does not mind a pop of color in their house, this gallery wall design is the best one for you. For this DIY, you will again need a few frames. The theme you are going for is colorful and bright. Print out pictures of things that are vibrant and bright. A few common examples are cotton candy, flamingos and rainbows.

Make sure the colors you print coordinate with each other so that the whole wall does not look disorganized. You can totally get creative with this one and even look on Tumblr or Instagram for some inspiration. Try to make the front drop of this wall just as colorful as it is.

5. Family Gallery Wall

Family Gallery Wall
Source: Five heart home

This is a very cute and lovely gallery wall layout idea that you can do in any part of the house. To make it more fun, get the whole family on board and make this beautiful project. For this project, you will need pictures of all the family members and some frames. As in the picture, you can use black frames with black and white photos or go with different colors if you like. Put up any pictures you like. You can add pictures on everyone separately in their own frames or you can insert group pictures. If you have any pictures from a vacation or event, add them too.

6. Travel Gallery Wall

Travel Gallery Wall
Source: dwellbeautiful

There are a lot of gallery wall ideas for travellers as this is a very popular genre. If you like to travel or you like to take pictures at the beach or the mall, you can try this layout idea out to add some aesthetic sense to your interior. As shown in the picture, you will need multiple frames. Arrange them so that the bigger ones balance out the smaller ones. Now, insert travel pictures of different destinations or even of popular landmarks to complete your picture gallery.

7. Miniature Gallery Wall

Miniature Gallery Wall
Source: GimmeSomeOven.com

This is a very minimalistic gallery wall idea that you can try in your living room. When you first look at the picture, you feel like it is a very common gallery wall but there is something about the whole look that makes it seem very artsy.

This one features an assortment of family, friends and even pet pictures in uniform, white frames but you can go with any other color that you like. The white frames do, however bring out the colors more in the pictures and can add a pleasant pop of color to an otherwise bland room. You can make this gallery as large or as small as you like, but the key is to use all frames with the same size and color.

8. Couples Gallery Wall

Couples Gallery Wall
Source: LollyJane.com

Couples sight for who are looking for gallery wall designs will surely love this one. It is chic, classy and extremely minimalistic. This idea would look amazing on your living room wall. Not only will it keep reminding you of your love but it will also be a pleasant your guests.

For this DIY, go with different styled frames but all in white. Fill them up with your most cherished memories choosing from occasions like your wedding, honeymoon, vacations or other random pictures or snaps from any occasion. Spread them out across the wall and give the finishing touch with your initials in a bold manner.

9. Animated Gallery Wall

Animated Gallery Wall
Source: Elanalyn.com

Animated gallery wall ideas are very interesting and you have a huge scope of being artistic with them. You do not have to stick to a single color or art form. For this idea, you will need different frames of varying sizes and rim colors. Search for animated art from on Google or get pictures from Instagram art pages. When you are compiling the whole wall, arrange the pictures randomly and do not keep frames of size sizes in the same row. This idea would make any wall of the house look bright and lively.

10. Leaf Art Gallery Wall Layout

16 Fun and Cool Gallery Wall Ideas & Layout for
Source: Decorilla.com

Here is a gallery wall idea for people who are always looking for creating art with leaves. If you have a lot of fake planters around the house or you have leaf-print accessories in the living room, this idea would go with your aesthetic.

For this, you just need five or six frames with brown/gold rims. It would be better if they are all in different sizes because then you will be able to arrange them randomly. Then, print out leaf pictures from the Internet. Edit them to make them all in the same tone and color. Just put these up in any wall of the house for the tropical feels.

Another way is to go with home dried plants which does require more effort on your part but will be worth it in the end.

11. Stairway Gallery Wall

Stairway Gallery Wall
Source: Home Stories A to Z

If you have a stairway in your house, then you can also decorate it to make the whole house look more out together. For this gallery wall layout idea, you can choose your own theme. You can either use pictures of your family or destination pictures. The theme is up to you. You will need a few frames that you have to place as shown in the picture. Place the first picture at the bottom and the second picture at the half length of the first one. Follow this pattern till you reach the top of the stairway.

The two options that work best here are either really large frames as shown here or an assortment of smaller frames.

12. Corner Gallery Wall

Corner Gallery Wall
Source: SarahHearts

Oftentimes, corner walls are left empty because there isn’t much you can hang in the corner. But you can also spice up this corner with a gallery wall layout that we have for you. For this idea, you will need frames of different sizes. Print pictures from the Internet or put up pictures of yourself with friends and family.

The goal is to place one large frame really close to the corner. On the other wall, place three small frames in a row or one large frame slightly lower than the one on the other wall. Just fill up the rest of the wall with random pictures, arranged in random order.

13. Quotes Gallery Wall

 Quotes Gallery Wall
Source: EleganceandEnhancememt.com

This is another cool gallery wall design. The point of this whole DIY is to make one part of the house you’re an inspirational place. Take different frames with black rims. To add an artsy effect, make the backdrop of the pictures out of white and black paper both. You can also take paper will polka dots or stripes so that the whole effect is not monotonous.

Now, print your favourite quotes from the Internet. Instead of getting the pictures in which the quotes are simply types, get calligraphy quotes or ones written in different fonts from Tumblr. You can either make the whole wall single-themed by putting quotes on the same subject or mix it up.

14. Destination Gallery Wall

Destination Gallery Wall
Source: buzzpop.me

This is one of the coolest art gallery wall ideas that we have on this list. If you are an adventurous person or you just like to travel a lot, this idea will make your walls very travel-ish. For this DIY, you need picture frames in which you can prop your art. You might have to search a little for the actual pictures you are going to put in the frames. There are many art pages online that make art like this.

If you want to go for cities, make the whole wall city-themed. You can also do different countries or popular tourist attractions around the world. The point is to get the art with the name of the place and its popular tourist points in animated form. If you cannot find art like this, you can always take a poster of the city or country from the Internet and then edit it to make it look like an oil painting.

15. Vintage Gallery Wall

Vintage Gallery Wall
Source: BHG

This layout idea is a little different as you will need clipboards rather than picture frames. Cut rectangular pieces from a newspaper or old book to make the backdrop. Paint some colorful flowers on each piece and let them dry. Then, glue them on to the clipboards and arrange in a neat order. If you do not have clipboards, just take cardboard or cut out moving boxes into rectangular pieces and add clips on to them.

16. Vogue Gallery Wall

Vogue Gallery Wall
Source: Ariyona Interior

This Vogue inspired gallery wall idea is super awesome. Find old Vogue covers from the Internet and edit them to make them look like oil paintings. If you can paint, do this manually. You can also take Vogue covers of the same month but from different countries to make this gallery wall layout design. It will look extremely artistic and your house will reflect a pristine fashion sense.

Have fun doing these DIYs.