Go Bohemian in the Bedroom

More than any other interior design concept, Bohemian can be a lifelong obsession for a well-balanced theme. The idea centers on specific memories and tastes, seemingly eclectic, and collected piece by piece rather than simply put together over a few weeks. Colorations enact a whimsical collaboration of bold and subtle, with textures ranging from soft fabrics to outrageous wood scrolls with rich depth. Bohemian is a very intimate portrayal of yourself, and putting it all together in one room can be quite a challenge. But with forethought and a creative flare open to possibility, it can also be one of the most rewarding design structures in your home.


Start with a central focus

Bohemian style is not about chaos, but finding balance within unique design elements. So as not to be lost in a sea of ever changing influences, determine what the central focus of your bedroom will be. For many, the obvious choice is the bed, but you may also wish to plan around a dresser picked up during a Vermont bed and breakfast weekend retreat, or a cherished wall-mounted mirror shipped home after a vacation in New Delhi.

This piece will have a complimentary color scheme that can be translated into many different collaborations. Remember, your chosen style is a never ending process, and you may well have a striking red Persian ottoman finding a home at the foot of your Balinese rattan lounge chair as early as next week. Your anchor piece will be the only concern when deciding on what to add, and the more flexible it is within a design theme, the simpler it will be to incorporate your new additions.

Give way to color

While many design themes center around a fixed pallet of three or so colorations, Bohemian’s elements rely on the unexpected. Your tones and hues should be contrasting, but not clashing. Use fabrics and unique wall art to help blend colors, relying on multi-hued compositions to make your job easier. Pay attention to triangulation, and plan on having overlapping schematics to catch and hold the eye. Traditionally, Bohemian design radiates from jewel tones such as amethyst, jade, turquoise and ruby, though you are not limited to this concept.

You might have, for example, a triumvirate of a wicker night stand with a primarily blue rag-weave lampshade as your starting point, training the eye toward a Southwestern flare, blue-toned mirror frame over your dresser, to the second night stand with a found robin’s nest with three eggs resting upon it. To the left of each you can create an overlapping triangular pattern with yellows or deep burgundy. Conscientious spacing and choices are important for the theme to work, allowing for a blended appeal when seen as a whole and a comprehension of design elements when inspected area by area.

Defining areas within a Bohemian bedroom

Your bedroom is elevated to a personal sanctuary by adopting a Bohemian design plan. Bedding and dressing space is critical in any design, of course, but your chosen theme requires other elements that go beyond the basics. Explore perimeter seating in the form of chaise lounge, a divan, or even a striking and sensuously comfortable cocoon hanging chair over stuffed with Moroccan down pillows.

A makeup vanity under soft light can be refinished to the color scheme of its space, with additions of area-unique art hung about it on the wall. Pages from antique magazines framed thinly and placed about the shared wall create a sense of nostalgia and help tie the vanity in with the rest of the room. Throw pillows in a comforting pile in a corner invite relaxation, and small tables with exotic lamps and shades suggest private nooks perfect for reading.
Each approach to a Bohemian interior design concept for the bedroom is as unique as the elements that come together to make it work. Simply keep in mind the central focus and the patterns of triangulation and where they overlap. Take a deep breath, and enjoy your most intimate display of personality.