Guest House Design Ideas: Make Them Feel at Home

Whether you are having a guest home constructed, or you already have a small building on your property that you’ve considered turning into a private dwelling for company, then you have surely been pondering a Guest House Design in some form or the other.

Guest House Design Ideas: Make Them Feel at Home

When it comes to designing your own home, you have a much clearer image of how to go about it, after all, you are quite aware of what you do and don’t like in your own living space. However, designing a Guest House poses several challenging questions that you may not have had to consider before:

  • How many guests would you like to accommodate comfortably?
  • What palate of colors should you use as to be inviting and not offensive?
  • What type of furnishings will provide style and yet keep your guests cozy and comfortable?
  • The number one question, however, is probably how can you make the most out of the limited space?

Tips for Designing Your Guest House

  • Pencil It Out: Always one of the first things you should do when considering the layout of a room – and a Guest House is no exception. Measure your square footage, and with paper in hand draw to scale the essential items you’ll absolutely have to have in the room. This will allow you to visual how much space you’ll really be working with and allow you to get the most out of every inch.
  • Furnishings: Start with the basics; a bed (double or queen if space permits), a chair or two for seating, a dresser and lamps are all a good start. As space permits you can allow additional seating such as a sofa, a small table with chairs, or a desk. Try to utilize multi-functional pieces, such as a sofa bed to accommodate extra guests.
  • Accessories: Decorate with accessories sparingly. Use a few basics like a clock, mirrors, and artwork or prints. A nice touch would be to add a water pitcher and drinking glasses. Add stationery items for jotting down notes. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers on the nightstand and a casual throw over the chair. Don’t forget extra pillows for a additional comfort and style.
  • Color Palate: Simple, neutral tones will work best in a Guest House Interior. Walls can be painted with a soft subtle color according to the rest of the decor, or select a simple wallpaper to add a bit more texture to the room. If you go with a bold color, weave it in with accessories to pull the room together. The trick is not to overwhelm.
  • Windows: Choose a Window Treatment that will let the outdoors in, if possible. Keep it simple, fresh, and quaint. Sheers or draperies will add comfort and texture. If privacy is warranted, choose blinds or shutters in a soothing neutral color combination to blend with the room.
  • Basic Elements: Although designing a Guest House needs to remain a bit more neutral than your own living space, there are still basic elements that every person wishes to have that should not be forgotten. For instance; bathroom toiletries, fresh linens, extra blankets, and other home essentials which may include kitchen appliances, T.V., stereo, etc.

Take The Guess Work Out

Designing an interior for a Guest House can be a bit daunting as it may require you to step out of your own comfort zone when it comes to style. Choosing to hire a Guest House Interior Designer would take the guess work out of the decision making and more importantly; a professional would ensure your guests would feel like they’ve come home.

For more information on interior design style, please visit our page of Interior Design Ideas and Photos. When it comes time to choose a designer, you’ll find highly qualified design firms in your area in our interior designer directory.