Susie Learns Why She Needs to Home Stage

This article was submitted by Mary Habres, RESA, of Encore Home Staging and Redesign.

Susie Learns Why She Needs to Stage Her Home to Sell It

It’s January and Susie knows she has to bite the bullet and get her home on the market soon because she really needs to sell it this year. She picks up her phone determined to call that local Home Stager she heard so much about from her friend Lilly. Fear takes hold of her. I don’t want someone in my house moving my things around. This is going to cost me an arm and a leg. I can do this myself. I can let my house sit for awhile. I’m not going to make any changes. That’s up to the buyers. All of these thoughts crowd her mind and she returns the phone to its base and goes about her business. Meanwhile, five other houses in her neighborhood come on the real estate market within the next two weeks – more competition and she hasn’t listed her home, yet. She calls Lilly who used a home stager named Penelope to sell her home and asks her, “Lilly, why did you hire that home stager? Couldn’t you have done the staging yourself and saved some money?”

Lilly responds, “Susie, Penelope was worth every dime I paid her. I couldn’t have done it myself because I just knew I couldn’t be objective enough. Do you remember that my home sold in 10 days, that I didn’t have to reduce the price, and that there were three other homes on my street in the same price range for sale? Better yet, the staging cost a lot less than if I had to have a price reduction. And – it was tax deductible because we had a capital gain and we itemize our deductions.

Penelope came in, told me what to remove, rearranged my furnishings, added some of her accessories, and told me what needed to be repainted, repaired, or replaced. Unfortunately, my collection of pink flamingoes was the first thing I had to eliminate. Was I happy? No. However, I knew that if I followed her instructions, we would reap the benefits. We also had to repaint our bathroom because I had done it in a color very similar to that new hot pink out now – Honeysuckle. I had a few flamingoes in there, too. Yup, I had to remove them, also.

Penelope told me that statistics show that a buyer decides if a home is worthy of considering within 15 seconds of first seeing it! This stager knew what type of buyer would be interested in my home. While she staged the home to appeal to a broad array of buyers, she tailored it to especially appeal to this type of buyer. Guess what? She was right. A young couple with a two-year old bought our home. My realtor told me what sold them was that it was so clean, updated, attractive and well-organized. It looked like a model home. The staging really formed an emotional connection between my home and the buyers. Penelope also helped me emotionally disconnect from my home by helping me declutter and depersonalize it. I really started to let go of all of those memories. The pictures of my mother-in-law were the only ones I didn’t mind removing. I’d take my flamingoes over her any day!!

Susie, why don’t you give Penelope a call? She is so nice and willing to work within your budget. She listens! It will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run. She’ll even do a consultation and advise you what to do if you would really like to do it yourself.”

Susie looked at Lilly, her long-time college buddy, and said, “Lilly, for once you are making sense. I really have to sell my home quickly because my kids need me to move near them to help with my grandkids. I can’t wait to start being more involved in their lives. The longer my home is on the market, the longer I’ll have to continue paying my mortgage, insurance, utilities and other expenses. I am going to call Penelope as soon as I hang up with you. I want her to stage my home before I contact a realtor so my listing pictures will look awesome. Thanks, Lilly. I’ll let you know what happens. Just think. Now I have an excuse to get rid of my mother-in-law’s picture. Hallelujah!”