How to Easily Modernize Your Bedroom

Platform beds have long been used in Asia and some European countries, but they are still in their infancy in the United States. These beds will either sit directly on the floor, or will have legs approximately 6” tall, the base of the bed is a high quality piece of wood – hence the name ‘platform’.

They do not require a box spring mattress; the support comes from the wood slab. The solid foundation does not ‘mash’ down over time, so you do not end up with a bed that resembles a bowl. Investing in a good mattress is essential for your platform bed.

Platform beds have a sleek design that is perfect for modernizing the look of your bedroom. Because these beds sit lower to the ground they ‘open up’ the room, making it appear to be much more spacious, even when using the same size or larger bed.

Conventional bed sizes are available in platform beds, from twin to California king. There are many styles and options available; you can get finishes from light to dark wood, from white to leather! You can opt for a headboard or headboard / footboard combo, or no head/foot board. If space is an issue for you, they have styles with drawers under the platform. There are also nightstands available that match the height of the platform bed. With all of the options available, you will have no problem having a unique bed and bedroom for yourself!

Room decorating when you have a platform bed tends to minimalistic. One or two plants, and a few nice pieces strategically placed in the room. This type of decorating tends to really showcase the pieces, and make the room ‘pop’.

If you are really ‘into’ the style of the platform beds, then maybe your favorite companion would enjoy one also. Consider getting a platform bed for your dog. You can color-coordinate it with your bed!