How To Find An Interior Designer

Whether you have recently moved to a new home, a new office, or simply have been staring at the same sofa in the same spot for the past twenty years … you may be at the point where you are considering hiring an Interior Designer.

So where do you start? Should you do it yourself? Do you call someone? And if so, who? Deciding you need an Interior Designer is only half the battle – how to choose one is the other half – but by making a few informed decisions, you will have all the answers you’ll need to come to a comprehensive conclusion that will leave you confident in your choice with no hint of regret.

Points To Consider When Searching for a Designer

#1 Do You Need a Decorator or a Designer?: There is a difference – and only you can determine which one will be right for the job. Perhaps you are only considering a little revamping of your interior, maybe freshening up the Painting and moving a few things around, then an Interior Decorator will serve you best. However, if you are looking to totally transform your living space, or create a new one, then look for an Interior Designer to handle those situations. A side note: Interior Designers are skilled at decorating too. If you are uncertain as to exactly what it is you might be looking for, sometimes a visual can help … a good place of reference is with Interior Design Ideas and Photos.

Living Room by Interior Designer Irwin Weiner

#2 Ask Your Friends, Neighbors or Co-Workers For Input: Who did Sally hire to decorate her office? Who did your neighbor Fred call when he needed the Garage Organized? Didn’t your Aunt just have her Basement Remodeled? Asking those you trust is a great way to start the process of finding a professional.

#3 Online References and Portfolios: With easy access to the Internet now-a-days, most professionals can be researched online. Do a little “Googling” on a particular designer, or search for “Interior Decorators” in your area. Most, if not all professional Interior Designers probably have a website, either personally, or with their associated firms. Be diligent in retrieving as much info as you can to make an informed decision based on facts and references. Using an Interior Designer Directory is a great place to start, as well.

#4 Choose a Professional That Fits Your Budget: No one is immune to wanting a “steak on a hamburger budget”. We all want the best – that’s a given. When Deciding to Hire in an Interior Designer, you’ll want to discuss the budget and payment terms upfront to make sure you not only can afford their services, but that you will be getting what you want for your money. Tip: Just because one particular designer charges more than another does not mean that their services will any less par.

#6 Consider Using a Relatively New Designer: Of course, it goes without saying that selecting a designer that has years and years of experience is always a smart move, but don’t overlook the up and coming designer who is needing to get their foot in the door and build a reputation. After all, those professionals that have had years of experience once had to start somewhere too, right? By choosing a relatively new or unknown designer, you may find their eagerness to gain your trust and your business will more than make up for their lack of a resume. However, the same rules apply … make sure they are reputable and that you feel comfortable with your choice.

By following a few of the basic questions and considerations above, you will be well on your way to finding the Interior Designer or Decorator that will fit your budget, gain your trust, and complete your project at hand, no matter what that might entail. The more informed you are … the better decision you will make. Happy Decorating!