How to Utilize your Kitchen Storage Space

No matter the size of your kitchen, creatively using your kitchen storage space to be aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. The kitchen is an active area where things are constantly being moved around, from food to appliances. Not only do you want enough room to move around as you cook and clean, you also want to be able to quickly access every kitchen essential for a pleasant experience.

You want to ensure that your kitchen is properly designed so that you are using the space to its full potential. Below are just a few simple ideas to make the most of your current kitchen storage space.

How to Utilize your Kitchen Storage Space

Add Shelves

Add pantry shelves to the walls of your kitchen wherever they may be a free space. A simple row of shelves utilizes the space much better than a wall cupboard would and makes your whole kitchen feel open. Allow the shelf depths to be shallow. Make use of every wall space you can include the corners of your kitchen. You can even easily make your shelves with simple carpentry materials.

Alcove Spaces

Use alcove areas in your kitchen as storage space as well. This can be a counter space for food storage or shelf space for appliances. Alcove spaces are great because they feel as if they are an extra part of the room and do not take up the existing space of your kitchen.

Open Storage

Having open storage for everything from your walk-in food storage to your kitchen appliances is an excellent way to utilize your space. Everything is easily accessible and visible, and it opens up your storage space to make your kitchen feel larger.

Built-in Appliances

Built-in appliances such as your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, cabinets and trashcan can be an excellent way to have extra storage with a clean look. Your whole kitchen will have one cohesive look and color scheme and the light will reflect off of the room to make your kitchen seem larger than it really is.

Use Existing Furniture

Use what existing furniture you might have and creatively turn this into storage space. You can buy plastic or weaved baskets to fill things in and put under the table, or use stepped shelving in an existing cupboard to make more room. Consider putting in adjusting shelving to already existing cabinets so that you can quickly change the amount of items you include in a storage room.

Storage as Decoration

Let the very things you are storing speak out to the personality of your kitchen. Your plates, cups, and silverware can be put on display in your kitchen. Buy vintage jars and store your spices, sweets, and other foods to bring a warm, homey feel into your kitchen. There are plenty of ways you can take what you use daily and turn them into decorations and accessories for your kitchen.

Be creative and do not let any traditional boundaries tie you down when designing your kitchen.