Ideas and Thoughts About Limestone Fireplace in Home Décor

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Limestone fireplace has actually been characterized with a strong style of European and American house improvement; it is the beloved style of home decoration in cold Europe and the North American continent. Some families that have preferences on the limestone fireplace decorative style often install a limestone fireplace as a crowning touch into the home; especially in the villa with a spacious hall and in duplex suites. Large fireplace; the owner is reading while dogs accompanied; all reveal a purely American style, as if we have arrived to the western villages.

And the fireplace with exquisite fence, marble carving and cylindrical trim of a Italian style cutting record an elegant and cozy romance. White slender decorative pattern of the England style fireplace is like a walking gentleman with etiquette and subtle nature. Therefore; to create a very personalized fireplace decoration according to the different home furnishings and accessories; it is the most characteristic trend in recent years. Today, a fireplace has its own place in most of the large rooms; a big house owner is more willing to choose the classical style to highlight his taste and style; but it is not simply the doctrine; whereas; the reflection of their own fashion ideas is as important as the main tone of the house.

If you choose a none-classical style, then you can set up a limestone fireplace at home. And put a few pieces of wood or fuel to see it burn slowly. From the process of beginning to the end, a period from weak fire to strong fire; there will be a kind of unspeakable satisfaction in people’s hearts. When the light of the burning wood shines on their faces; a person turned over to read a diary that wasn’t open for a long time; two people chatting about the story happened yesterday, a family discuss the weekend journey; everything is peaceful and quiet; but also warm and desirable. When you plan to choose a heating device; you always want to see the burning fireplace; we must be pragmatic to consider what kind of fuel for combustion.

Ideas and Thoughts About Limestone Fireplace in Home Décor

Design and Collaboration of the Limestone Fireplace

  1. You can consider using darker walls, and select zebra striped leg chairs, plus the sub-white single sofa in front of the limestone fireplace. When you came back from work and were sitting on the sofa, holding a newspaper with legs on the leg chair, such a design of limestone fireplace makes people quiet down after a long period of fatigue.
  1. Next to the limestone fireplace, we can use wallpaper with coral color, it makes the whole house become not only warm, but also bring us an exotic feeling.

Design Classification of Fireplaces

For the family fireplace we can divide it into two categories according to the construction: one is the steel structure fireplace; the other is the masonry structure fireplace. But now most of the family fireplace is the masonry structure such as limestone fireplace. This is because we build our house with masonries; so the masonry structure fireplace is more integrated with masonry house. Also we can devide fireplaces into real fireplace and fake fireplace. A real fireplace is a fireplace in which the material can be burned; and a false fireplace can not, but merely serves as a decoration, it is without practicality. The real fireplace must have a chimney and a vent.

Design and Installation of Home Fireplaces

Family fireplaces are generally installed in the living room, the room and the kitchen. Most people install the fireplace in the living room and install it in the middle of the living room. There are also people who install the fireplace in the room. If the fireplace is going to install in the room, then there are two categories: one is to install in the middle of the room, the other is to install in the corner of the room. However, if you want to let the fireplace play a very good visual effect, the limestone fireplace is generally installed in the middle of the room.

Classical Fireplace Designs

Ideas and Thoughts About Limestone Fireplace in Home Décor

  1. Warm Furnishings Design

Robert gathered together the sofa and chairs to surround the fire; this unique design has lit up the small Connecticut Greenwich room. The designers brought the furniture together just in order to make spacious room for kids and adults to entertainment. “Another purpose of this design is to facilitate the family to sit together and drink a cup of tea,” Robert said.

Ideas and Thoughts About Limestone Fireplace in Home Décor

  1. Advantage of Peace and Quiet

Benjamin turned this San Francesco residence into a resting place. That is why the color of the wall is deeper; and the sofa is next to the fire. After the end of the day, holding a drink, they can put their legs on the leg chairs; zebra stripes will not make people feel unexpected.

Ideas and Thoughts About Limestone Fireplace in Home Décor

  1. Open and Simple Style

The stove and the warm lights above your head can let you entertainment at any time in this porch. This California single apartment is designed by Parish and Joe Lucas. Provencal love seats are made of synthetic wicker, and the rest sofa is made of Saint Barth’s teak.

Conclusion of Limestone Fireplace in Home Decor

In a space that is not very large at home; put the sofa and chairs together; the creative design of the limestone fireplace makes people think of the weekend with the families sitting together when there is nothing to do at a cozy afternoon. Drinking some tea and chatting with people, even more; you can also make more room for children to play. It is the enjoyable moment for family together.

When nothing was happening, the fruit trees was burning in the limestone fireplace; eating delicious barbecue; drinking delicious red wine; smelling the fresh fruit; this is how comfortable life is! Nowadays the family fireplace is in the middle of the house. However, if you want to design out a good artistic effect; creative fireplace design and structure are essential. A good installation of the limestone fireplace with a good surrounding furnishings and furniture is quite important. What else; the installation of fireplace also makes the home a sense of the original ecology.


Limestone fireplace design is very European-style and is also very retro, but many people still worry about the cleaning problem of real fire fireplace. In fact, the current fireplace are closed combustion; the furnace is negative pressure; so that the house smells not smoky. And there is a dust box inside the stove; so that the clean sanitation is not a problem at all. Relaxing in front of an elegant limestone fireplace is a great pleasure in life. In a variety of classic films and fashion magazines from time to time; there are different styles of fireplaces, or classical or modern; or traditional or avant-garde. But without exception; they are sending out a deep romantic feeling. Needless to say no more about the beauty of the limestone fireplace. Its advantages of decorative and heating effects have been widely disseminated and enjoyed popular support around the world.