Integrating Storage Solutions with Your Bathroom Interior Design

It may often seem that the architectural design of your bathroom was a necessary after thought, but even in the smallest of bathing spaces, storage is a real possibility. With deft use of shelving, baskets, and shower or bath stall ledges, you can store and keep within reach all of your sundries.

Start with a hard look at what you use on a daily basis. If you have a few bottles of old lotion or a colorful collection of aftershave from the 1970s, it’s most definitely time to clean out your bath. Remove faded and out of style towels and face clothes as well as other bulky items that are simply left about past their prime. With these items out of the picture, you have a more reasonable idea of what you need to have stored in your bathroom.

Integrating Storage Solutions with Your Bathroom Interior Design

Single shelf placements

When you are seeking storage solutions in the bathroom, don’t neglect your wall space as an answer. A single shelf above the sink is traditional, but peppering your walls in a balanced manner with one or two per facing will hold more items than you can imagine, but not so much as to add a cluttered or crowded feel to your bath. Use the exposed shelves as spaces to display folded towels, wash clothes, and related items. The shelf above the sink should be reserved for daily use items such as toothbrushes, paste, and shaving gear.

Window sills

Don’t overlook existing space in your bathroom in the form of a convenient windowsill. Generally speaking, the older the design of the home is, the wider the window sills. This makes an older house a gold mine for storage solutions for smaller items. A sill makes a wonderful place for small frames holding family photographs and items of sentiment, but can be convenient as a resting place for odds and ends. If a sill is part of your storage solution, be wary and keep it minimal. For an added dash of panache, place a small vase with dried flowers to one side for a splash of fragrance.

While considering a window sill, look to the frame itself for a touch of flare. Use the minimal facing of the frame panels as a palette to break up the wall colors by painting them with a complimentary tone. This draws a visitor’s eye around the room and creates a sense of a larger space.

In shower storage

One of the most significant spaces in your bath room is the stall area containing your bath or shower. Specific design elements aside, each is replete with a lining edge where shampoos and lotions tend to end up, precariously balanced against a fall to the floor. Your solution in this regard is a pressured pole shelf, one that pushes against the bottom lip as well as the ceiling for a sure and stable support.