Interior Design Inspiration: Photographer Mike Penn’s Urban Living Space

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and interests and a place you love to be at both to work and relax. If you are looking to transform your home into a creative living space, here is a great study to look at for inspiration.

Mike Penn is a photographer for gloss magazines and travels the world to shoot for them. He used this to gather his inspiration for his new home and was highly influenced by loft apartments in New York. He wanted more than a boring three-bedroom house, and wanted to create a living space that was both functional, but also vibrant and attractive.

Interior Design Inspiration - Photographer Mike Penn’s Urban Living Space

Here are a few tips from his home that you can follow to create your living space for yourself:

Window Space

Penn worked with an architect to solidify his ideas. One of the first things they did since they were limited in their room to expand the home was to enlarge the windows to almost match the floor to ceiling height. Doing this automatically made the loft feel larger and more spacious.

If you are not interested in investing to re-install your windows and doors, there are other methods where you can maximize your current situation. Allowing light into your home can be as simple as shifting your current furniture, changing your curtains.


The majority of the walls in Penn’s home are smart shades of grey. Using grey for your walls allows it to be a backdrop for other decorations and accessories to pop out. Penn focused on several textures in the floor and wall covering from limed oak boards in the living room and putty coloured carpeting for the stairs. In the bedroom, he put up tactile fabric wall covering to make for a soft appearance.

Each of these textures speaks out to the general atmosphere of the room and is meant to convey a different feeling in each room. You can easily apply this in your home as well by changing the texture of both the floor and the walls.


The accessories Penn has chosen are each carefully thought out to match his style and taste. From translucent coffee tables to turquoise vintage chairs, the color and style speak out to his likings. Penn’s photographs cover the walls as well.

When decorating your home, bring in small touches that are personal and make you happy. Penn specifically chose the grey walls as a backdrop over a white background. The light grey brings out colors better than just a white wall and is the perfect color to show off photography and art.

Practical Tips

Two practical tips that Penn gave from his experience to others who are planning their homes is to make a specific schedule of when things should get done. A plan keeps everyone on track and will also help with the ordering process of materials, furniture and accessories.

The second tip was to pay attention details but not to over emphasize and stress out about them too much. In the end, the overall scheme is more important, and no one will notice if a few little small things are not exactly as planned.