How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

When choosing to hire an Interior Designer, you are not only paying for their services, but perhaps more importantly; their knowledge.

Whether you are needing your entire house transformed into a glamorous Georgian Interior Design, or you simply would like your bathroom remodeled, an Interior Designer will bring the skill set to accomplish all that your project requires, no matter how large or small.

Collaborating with an Interior Designer will render an expense that (for some) may be hard to justify, but when you consider the abundance of creativity, comprehension, ideas and other Benefits that Hiring an Interior Designer can offer you – it’s an expense that you are certain to never regret.

Estimating Interior Design Costs

The good news is that you can establish your own budget. You can determine how much or how little you’d like to put forth, and the designer will work with you to the best of their ability to conform to your budget. Your designer will also be able to provide an estimated cost based upon the project and the type of services you are requiring.

Interior designers call for payment in a few different ways. Depending on your particular designer, they may use one of these methods below, or a combination of them, to arrive at the estimated price.

  • Cost Plus Interior Design: Cost Plus is somewhat of a traditional method used when calculating fees. Usually the designer will purchase all the materials for the project, ie; furniture, paint, rugs, accessories, and then sells them to you (their client) with an added mark up or percentage. This percentage would be the agreed upon price in which the designer is paid for their work.
  • Hourly Rate: Most commonly used for smaller projects, an hourly rate would be what the Interior Designer charges you based on the actual time spent on the project. This can be economical if you plan on doing some of the work yourself, however, for larger jobs it might not be feasible and the designer may feel another method is more practical. You and the designer will be able to determine if this will work best for you and your situation.
  • Fixed or Flat Fees: Larger interior decorating jobs may be based on this method of cost. Your designer will price the job as a whole, and present you with a “fixed” price which generally covers the cost for the complete project, ie; furnishing, time, services, etc. Most designers prefer this method as it makes for an easy and comprehensive billing method. You will usually be required to come up with a retainer to which is applied to the initial start of the project, and then terms will be agreed upon for the remaining bill.
  • Square Foot Basis: This is generally the manner in which fees are established for commercial work. The designer is paid a fixed amount based on the square footage of the space that is to be remodeled or designed.

Controlled Stage Designing

Most Interior Designers will recommend that your project happen in controlled stages – which means that when a certain stage of the project has been reached, the designer and the client will re-address the budget. This will ensure that there are no surprises and that any additional fees, or services, can be addressed and agreed upon before continuing on with the project at hand.

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