5 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

As the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. No matter how much square footage your kitchen may boast, it still remains the one true heartfelt focal point in your living space. It’s no wonder that we are so obsessed with our Kitchen Design – it’s so much more than just the room that holds the refrigerator.

Since time began, kitchen design has been a main focus of a home, but it hasn’t been until recent years that builders have recognized the want and desire of many home owners to increase the footage of the kitchen area. In addition, the kitchen has evolved into a fashion statement which reflects the homeowners personal tastes, as well as the desire to utilize it for more than just cooking.

Know Your Style

Many of the decisions that need to be made for your kitchen will be based on the design style of the rest of your home. For instance, if you are leaning towards a Coastal Interior Design – then you’ll surely want to incorporate the appropriate elements for that type of design into your kitchen as well. It wouldn’t make much sense to go with an English Country theme if the rest of the house was done in Coastal, now would it? So, be sure and research your particular style of design – that way, you’ll have a really good starting point.

Kitchen Ideas & Tips

  1. Backsplashes: No longer does the backsplash have to be just painted drywall. A popular modern option is to use stainless steel, however; tile is still the preferred choice. Tile is extremely versitle as it comes in an excessive amount of colors, patterns and styles – including glass. Consider using cork board or a magnetic whiteboard – they are not only pleasing to the eye, but extremely functional. Tip: Look around your local home improvement store in the flooring department! There is no law that says flooring materials have to only be used only the floor! Have fun with it!
  2. Appliances: With so many different appliances on the market today, where do you start? Do your homework on quality first – then choose the style. Stainless steel is generally the preferred choice, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. Black or white may work just fine depending on your home decor style. Tip: Many brands of appliances that you do not recognize are actually manufactured by a major brand that you would recognize – so, again, homework is the key.
  3. Flooring: Did you know that you can have your floor heated? How cool is that? Definitely worth consideration if you live in a colder climate! Regardless of your heating choice though, you still have plenty of options for flooring to consider; hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, even cork. Throw rugs work perfectly to warm up the harder surfaces. Tip: Contrary to popular belief, Linoleum didn’t go out in the 70’s. Now-a-days it’s made with a higher quality of materials, and with the abundance of patterns, styles and designs, you can get a premium look for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Lighting: You’ll probably consider recessed canned lighting as your first choice, as it’s the most common and efficient form of kitchen lighting – however, track lighting should also be given some thought. No matter which one you choose, you’ll reap greater benefits by using a combination of different lighting elements. For instance, adding under the counter lighting in addition to recessed lighting will add an extra layer (of light) that is functional and pretty at the same time. Tip: Don’t leave the table lamps in the living room! Place them on your kitchen counters for an unexpected ambiance of light – as well as style!
  5. Window Coverings: Popular options are horizontal blinds in all makes and materials. Fabric curtains work well as long as they are minimal and don’t weigh down the function of the window. You’ll also find that many home owners are simply choosing to leave the kitchen window bare. This is really just a matter of your own personal taste. Tip: Deciding on a window covering should be the last item on your list – after the room is finished you will have a much clearer vision of how to dress (or not to dress) your window.

5 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

When in Doubt – Bring in the Professionals

Whether you are in a position to remodel or build a new home, there are oodles of ideas that can be incorporated into your kitchen design. The real tricky part is trying to decide which ones to implement – and which ones you can live without. An experienced professional Kitchen Designer can help you with those important decisions.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

Even though there are a ton of ideas and suggestions freely available on-line and elsewhere, only a qualified designer can save you time and money by having all the answers right at their fingertips, so don’t be afraid to see out professional help if you find your head swimming from information overload.

If you are looking to remodel another area of your home, or perhaps would just like a little inspiration on a design style, please be sure and visit our Interior Design Ideas and Photos page where you’ll find endless possibilities. While there, you may wish to visit our interior designer directory filled with qualified design firms able to help with any project on your schedule.