How to Know If Sofa Sleepers Are Comfortable

Sofa Sleepers can be a great purchase for your home, especially if you have limited space. If you plan to use the bed portion only occasionally, then the bed’s comfort is not a huge issue. However, if you plan to use your sofa sleeper as your bed, comfort is a big issue. The good news is that it is possible to get a comfortable sofa sleeper.

1. Check to see if there are bar and springs. Most sofa sleepers use old-style springs and have a very uncomfortable middle bar that can jab into a person’s back. In addition, the bed part is usually too short to accommodate an average-sized man. If the bed has those qualities, it will not be comfortable.

2. Read the reviews and test the bed. The American Leather Comfort Sleeper received good reviews, was rated as one of the top five sleeper sofas at, and was a recommended sleeper sofa in the Berkeley Parents Network forum. This sofa sleeper is larger than most, and while more expensive, is a comfortable sleeper sofa because it has no springs or bars. People like sleeper sofas, especially, if they have limited space in their home.

If you have limited space in your home, a sofa sleeper may be a great choice. Just be sure, if you plan to use it for sleeping, you buy a good sofa. If the bed part contains the old-style springs and a metal bar, it will not be comfortable. However, if you can afford a top-of-line sleeper sofa, you should be able to find a comfortable one.

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