Smart Laundry Room Design Ideas

It happens to everyone … you have a gathering at your home for family and friends and eventually one of your guests wanders off to take a peek behind closed doors – and that’s when your dirty secret is discovered aka the “Laundry Room”. Try as you might, you can’t get there quick enough to stop the inevitable from happening – the door gets opened.

Most of us are are not fans of our laundry rooms, they not only represent an area that’s reserved for work and stinking socks, but they are far from being the best designed space in our home. We are usually quite comfortable with just closing the door and keeping everyone from discovering the “mess”.

Who says your Laundry Room can’t have a designer’s touch? This room has taken on a Baroque Style of design simply by adding a few decorative touches; a chandelier that was rescued from a second hand store and a gorgeous black and white wallpaper in which black became the accent for other accessories.

Smart Laundry Room Design Ideas

Contemporary Designed Mud and Laundry Room

A Contemporary Designed Laundry Room also serves as a mud room with ample storage for coats, boots and umbrellas. Add a beautiful floral arrangement with colors that compliment and soothe, and all of a sudden the room doesn’t have to be one that is feared and disowned.

Laundry Green Cabinetry

Laundry room revived with Green Cabinetry

Sometimes, all it takes is a little professional Painting to bring a fresh perspective into the drudgery of doing laundry. Add a few transitional counters for extra work space – along with under counter lighting and a beautiful up to date flooring option – and no one would even notice the washing machine.

Even the most basic of laundry rooms can benefit from the added ambiance of Lighting. A simple lamp, with an added accessory here and there is all it takes to create a room that blends with the rest of your home.

By adding an extra counter, this Laundry Room doubles as extra space for crafting, gift wrapping or paying the bills and yet still remains attractive enough that you won’t cringe when Aunt Mary turns the knob…

Leave the Door Open

Utilitarian spaces such as these seem to fly low on the radar screen when home decor is taken into consideration, but they don’t need to be. With all the new products on the market today, and with a little professional advice from an Interior Designer, you too can have a laundry room that is worthy of leaving the door open.