15 Laundry Room Shelving Ideas to Organize Your Laundry

The laundry room is perhaps one of the most taken for granted areas where not much attention is paid. However, there may be many among you might be searching for laundry room shelving ideas. End the search as we have jotted them all down for you right here.  Tidy up your laundry room by implementing these:

1. Down to the Basics

15 Laundry Room Shelving Ideas to Organize Your Laundry
Source: Simply Designing

Organizing a petite room such as a laundry room can be quite a challenge but all you need are good organization skills to get the job done. Check out this laundry room shelving idea where everything is neatly kept and stored. Ditch your dreams of putting on cool wallpapers and frames and stick to getting all those things that will help in organizing the room.

Perhaps installing a wooden cabinet is a good idea to start with where you can store detergents and other laundry essentials. Be sure to select a cabinet with multiple drawers to store as many things as possible. Place a bench opposite the washing machine to build a seating area, when not in use place laundry baskets on top. You may add life to the laundry room by choosing bright colored wallpaper but you can also do just fine without as well.

2. Nice and Clean

laundry room shelving idea promotes neatness and cleanliness
Source: Angie’s Roost

This laundry room shelving idea promotes neatness and cleanliness. Despite not being spacious you can still fit in multiple things. The trick lies in organizing and choosing the correct items. Opt for shelves that can be installed in the wall and use it to place the heavy items that include detergent bottles, baskets, washing powder and the like.

Use spacious baskets and those that don’t break easily. Place a wooden polished raft on top of the washing machine on which you can place essential items. Attach hooks to the walls to hang brushes and other tools. Make your life easy by utilizing this idea and having all your items stored in one place.

3. Fill Out the Emptiness

a laundry room is to make use of every available space
Source: Four Generations One Roof

The key to success in a petite room such as a laundry room is to make use of every available space.  You need to store the necessities and that you can do by getting household items that are available in the market to make life easy.

Install a metallic rack such as the one shown here where daily use items can be kept. Eradicate the need for going back to the store room again and again, every time you do your laundry. The hanging storage rack will work great for drying small clothing items such as socks or lingerie.  You can even use old book racks and shelves as a storage cabinet in a laundry room.

4. Totally Booked

Totally Booked
Source: Roundhouseco.com

If you’re a collector of vintage items, it’s time to showcase your collection with this laundry room shelving idea. Candy jars, vases, old file boxes utilize them all to create as much space as possible. Add shelving to the corners and display your necessities on top to tidy up the small room. If you have other bulkier items to store such as a desktop or printer try utilizing laundry room space as shown here.

Place old books and files on the shelf and pen holders. Small bags which aren’t frequently used can go in the topmost area followed by books and then the heavy items. This idea is a combination of bookshelf and laundry room. Wouldn’t it be nice to read a book while your laundry is being done?

5. Best of Both Worlds

laundry room shelving design with wooden floor
Source: Homescorner.com

This laundry room shelving idea is convenient for those who have a rather spacious laundry room and can afford to arrange it neatly. The unused spaces can be filled with shelves and cabinets that will hold the majority of the items. Dim lighting can be placed between the cabinets so at night time if you are searching for something you can find it easily.

If hygiene matters to you opt for wooden flooring as they are easier to clean and complement the overall house interior. This idea serves as a laundry room as well as an informal room where you can keep your pets if you have any. The availability of so many cabinets and rack means that you can store a large number of items easily.

6. Organization at its Best

Source: Duo Ventures

Check out this brilliant laundry room shelving idea that can be implemented to make your laundry room a place to hang clothes in. If you are someone who shops a lot and is always running out of closet space, then this idea is for you.

The two-layer shelving will take care of your laundry needs whereas the rod hanging can be used for hanging spare clothes or even to dry smaller clothing items.  Get jute made baskets or plastic ones that will hold most of your things. Don’t throw away your jars which you can place in the laundry room for the purpose of decoration. Wrangle up your daily use items in the baskets or jars to promote cleanliness and tidiness.

7. White and Organized

Source: Steval Decorations

The color white holds the power of making areas look spacious. This laundry room shelving idea with white built-in cabinets is perfect for giving rise to the illusion of space. A brick wall painted white towards the back of the washing machine attached with a steel rod can act as a tool for holding clothes.

Have the cabinets further broken down into compartments. The availability of a sink is perfect to assist in cleaning, rinsing and other laundry needs. White may project simplicity but then again it blends well with almost everything. Even in a small space, a lot can fit given you know how to manage and organize things.

8. Sight For Sore Eyes

Source: Redpapayaales.com

How cute is this laundry room shelving idea? With light color wallpaper and small cabinets supported by 3 layers of wooden shelving, this idea is perfect for your small laundry room. Make the dull appearance disappear with light colored wallpaper and place décor items on the shelves such as flower pots or jars.

Add in a bell-shaped ceiling lamp hanging to brighten up the room. Go easy on your pocket and invest in this laundry room shelving idea.  Laundry rooms don’t always have to be dull and boring; your ideas can make them a fun place to visit. Simple yet sophisticated this laundry room idea can benefit those who wish to add some color to their home.

9. Be Practical

Source: How to Nest for Less

If you have a practical approach towards life then this laundry room shelving idea is for you. The three-layered wooden shelving above the washing machines is perfect for placing daily use items. Decorate the shelving further by placing weaved baskets. The plaited baskets such as the ones shown here are spacious and long-lasting.

Store your items in the baskets or even your wet clothes. If you are a fan of flowers, get a flower pot or artificial scented flowers to make your laundry room smell great. You can also get wooden planks as seen in between the shelves to improve the interior of the room.

10. The Typical Laundry look

Source: Cubeantics.com

Complete the laundry room look by placing wall storage racks on the walls. These are strong enough to hold daily use items and thereby providing utilization of space. From towels and detergents to baskets, place it all on these steel racks and tidy up your laundry room.

If you have a typical laundry room accompanied by a sink then this laundry room shelving idea is suitable for use. Add tiles on the walls as well as on the floor to soak the water that clothes release. Place in a plastic laundry basket towards the side of the washing machine and choose a light colored background for the room.

11. All in One

Source: Kobigal.com

Imagine having a laundry room where you can store items, hang clothes and wash clothes all in one place. All things aside, imagine a laundry room with the perfect interior providing all these things. You can get one if you use this brilliant laundry room shelving idea.

With an installed cabinet separated in four different parts and a metal rod to hold your clothes this idea is perfect for utilizing all your necessities. Build a wooden plank ceiling and give it a darker shade to add a unique look. The paneled door can complete the laundry room look. A ceiling dimmer lamp can be installed.  Save your money by opting for this all one laundry room idea that will help you keep all your things in one place.

12. Air it Out

Source: decohoms.com

Not many laundry rooms come with a window, but if yours does, then this idea is for you.

This laundry room with a dark wood floor has a rather class touch to it. The idea consists of a utility sink together with white cabinets and 3 layered shelves. The shelves are wide enough to let you place things and display them in a more organized way.

These wall shelves are very convenient as they don’t take up a lot of space nor do they block spaces. In case you have a limited remodeling budget you can even install these shelves yourself. The option of foldable shelves can also be used but these ones will do just fine as well.

13. Peek A Boo

Source: Domestic Imperfection

Want to hide your washing machine and make your laundry room look spacious? Try this laundry room idea that encourages the use of curtains. Curtains can add color, sophistication and cheer to a laundry room.

Hide the machines underneath the curtains and get a tidier and neater look. Decrease the visibility of your washer/drawer. The curtains will separate the washer/drawer from the remaining area in the absence of the door. On top get a 4 drawer cabinet and a one layer shelf to keep belongings on. Use cabinets that have separation in between so that they can store items. Install a one layer shelf right underneath that will hold the heavier and larger items such as the iron, huge baskets, and boxes.

14. Soft and Elegant

Source: Home with Baxter

Despite being a small room there is an aura of elegance and tidiness. Install miniature cabinets and connect them on a small shelf, on top of which a photo frame can be placed. Install wooden panels on the wall and give a darker shade to erase the dullness. Use baskets on the empty space above the washer/dryer to keep your necessities. The simpler the better and that is exactly what this idea projects.

The combination of white and charcoal grey complete the look perfectly for this minimalistic laundry room.

15. Go Retro

Source: Sophia’s

Who says your laundry room can’t be cool? It can be if you know how to decorate it.

Start with the wallpaper and opt for lighter shades or one that incorporate both shades. Place a rug of your choice at the front. For a funky look go for a black and white stripe rug or any other that you might like. Hang decor items on the wall to finish the emptiness or a photo frame.

Install small cabinets that are big enough to hold basic necessities. Complete the look by adding curtains that will hide the untidiness and expose a neater look. Lastly get wooden acrylics and place them on top of the cabinet to make your laundry room standout.

These are some of the laundry room shelving ideas that can be implemented to make your petite room a fun place to go to. Shelves can make a huge difference which is why installing them is a good idea to clear up the mess.