Lighting Design Ideas

No matter what type of interior decorating project you may be pondering; be it a total remodel or just freshening up your living space, there is one common denominator that is all too often over-looked: lighting. Selecting the right Lighting Design will make or break your desired interior design style.

Lighting Design Ideas

Many people put the decision about which kind of lighting to use on the back burner – down at the bottom of the list. Your lighting design should never be an after thought. The ambiance of the whole room, or the purpose behind the project, can be enhanced and better achieved with the correct lighting. However, it can also completely backfire if the wrong selection of lighting is chosen.

Have You Made Your Lighting Decision?

Lighting for Ambiance

With so many different lighting options available, it’s easy to understand why you would choose to put it off, or make the decision in haste – (which can lead to mistakes and regrets). Luckily, interior lighting can be relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to correct (or change out) if and when your style of decorating evolves from it’s original intent, or when the function of the room changes.

Much like Window Treatments pull a room together, your lighting choices will have the same effect on the overall appearance and design of the room. Although their primary function is to add light where needed, their secondary purpose is to add a little “bling” to your decor and bring your designing concept together.

Considerations For the Right Lighting Design

  • Function: We all know what the main function of a light is. But what is the function of the room your light fixtures will be going in? Are you needing to have high wattage for working in the garage, or is the goal of the room to have more ambiance rather than direct lighting? Many people have lamps and overhead lighting in rooms that they never turn on, but rather the fixture is simply a decor piece and not needed for actual light. Knowing the function of the room will help in your decision.
  • Fixtures: The vast array of lighting choices on the market will boggle your mind. Track lighting is quite popular for offices and kitchens, as it directs light to a specific area. Chandeliers can be a bit dressier and can be found over dining tables or where extra “bling” is needed. Use lamps where a bit more ambiance and controlled lighting is required. Recessed lighting is found in many newer homes and gives a cleaner, more modern look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match fixtures in one room.
  • Skylights: Don’t forget about natural lighting! Using skylights in any area of your home can supplement your artificial light, which means decreased costs in your light bill and becoming more energy efficient. Skylights, of course, should be considered in the planning stages of your home and not as an afterthought. Although with the right professional, skylights can still be achieved within certain areas of your home.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Your outside lighting should also be a reflection of the overall appearance of your exterior, as well as using it’s main function of providing light. Don’t let this small detail be taken for granted, as it will represent your home’s first impression. Lamp posts have made a resurgence in exterior lighting, as well, and should be considered if you are wanting to add a touch of decor outside.

Lighting Elements in Kitchen

It Matters

Like anything else, when it comes to interior decorating your designing elements can make or break your desired interior style – and your lighting choices are no different. Pay close attention to the basic function of the room, shop for the texture or style of light you’ll need to compliment the decor, and you’ll end up with a room that will look like it’s been professionally designed.

If you have been struggling with all the different options in lighting design, you can always turn to a professional Lighting Designer to help you with your questions and guide you to a finished project.

No matter what the next project on your plate might be, please check out our Interior Design Ideas and Photos where you’ll find inspiration on every page. When the time comes to actually move forward, we have a professional interior designer directory where there are qualified firms waiting to help you with any of your decorating concerns.