20 Little Girl Room Ideas & Decorating Designs

Decorating is hard. There are so many possibilities to what you can do, what you can place, all the ideas you have, and the limited space you are given. Creating a little girl bedroom is no easy task, it is your everyday hideout from the rest of the world, and if have trouble decorating your own room, imagine having to do someone else’s! So to hopefully inspire you with creating a room for your little girl, here are some really creative little girl room ideas and designs that you might enjoy.

1. Flower Girl

Flower Girl disign idea
Source: AmazingInteriorDesign.com

Your daughter doesn’t have to wait for a wedding just to be called a flower girl, this floral themed bedroom design is cool, crafty and cute. The cherry tree along the wall really brings the whole room together with its 3D paper flowers. The bedsheets are cool pastel colors making it easier to find accessories to fit around the room. Light furniture such as beige or white wood match the enlightening feeling. A crafty chandelier fits nicely into the room with the light airy feeling that the spacious area gives off.

2. Butterfly Bedroom

Butterfly little girl Bedroom
Source: Rozali.com

Having butterflies in your stomach? They’ll feel much better in a room. This little girl room idea to theme it on butterflies is perfect if you know you have a very girly daughter coming your way. The color scheme here is pink, which matches perfectly with the butterfly wall decor, but it doesn’t just have to be. It is easy to find butterfly decorations in blue and purple as well, perhaps even a green if you’re leaning towards the forest appearance. Butterfly accessories are very easy to find and come together very nicely in the end.

3. Tinker Bell Town

Tinker Bell Town little girl design

The best way to go for your little girl room idea is to pick a famous theme and roll with it. You’re bound to find that the room will come along swimmingly. A theme design like Tinkerbelle, is never going to fail you. The lovable fairy is everywhere, and is eventually going to find a way to your young one’s heart. Other ideas can link to Peter Pan or Disney princesses. They all have such a huge variety of products, one room can easily be made out of it all.

4. Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess themed room
Source: Ferlzc.com

This is a perfect design of your princess themed room for little girl. Everything matches: the bedding, the pictures, even the ceiling fan and all the furniture goes splendidly. In this room, it is definite that your daughter will feel one amongst royalty. This room is very easy to assemble, since the furniture would come all together in a set, and then it is just pick and choose with the wide variety of Disney princesses your daughter may like the most.

5. Born in Autumn

Born in Autumn
Source: WomenMisbehavin.com

Seasons are beautiful. No doubt about it, they make the whole year go by bringing their own special treats annually. If your daughter loves that time of year when the leaves fall, and out come the cozy sweaters, why not make every day the best day for her. Colors like red, yellow and orange will give the little girl room the autumn feel for sure, decorations with leaves, or even animals will work fine on the bed or around the room. Even DIY hanging leaves or fall based crafts will complete the fuzzy feeling of the room. Just leave no reminder of chores, like a rake anywhere to dampen any spirits.

6. Equestrian Barn House

Equestrian Barn House
Source: RealEstatePowerful.com

If your daughter has a heart for horses, then this little girl’s room idea is perfect for her. An equestrian based room design is perfect for their hopes of riding along with their horses. Trophies and magazines always work to fill up the area, and posters of your daughter’s dreams can fix in anywhere. The main attraction though, would be the stenciling along the wall. It wraps up the whole room nicely with a mural of a horse.

7. Petite Paris

Petite Paris little girl bedroom
Source: ButlerReview.org

Sensing a passion for fashion in your daughter? Then this little girl room idea is perfect for your growing fashionista. It brings all the designs and fine fabrics to the typical contrast of pink and black right into your daughter’s everyday life. The alluring prints for the bedspread are easy enough to find, yet choosing one pattern can set a domino effect into the room. Once one thing has an elegant print, everything else seems to have the need to have their own unique printing as well. Which will create the chic Paris Madame appearance in the end.

8. Not Afraid of the Dark

Not Afraid of the Dark themed room design
Source: Amazon

It’s okay to shiver when you see a dark empty space peering out of the closet, the dark is scary. A wonderful design to make little girl feel safe in her room is to make it beautiful both in the day and at night. Glow in the dark stickers or night lights can decorate a room magnificently and ease fears in the dark when the lights go out. They are pretty and can help relax a child since they are now able to see their surroundings are exactly as they were in the morning.

9. Start Young to go Big

Start Young to go Big
Source: Deviantart.com

Being cooped up in a room all day is no fun, everyone wants a little freedom sometimes, a breath of fresh air. So for the time being when your girl is too young to explore the world by herself, use this little girl room idea and bring the world to her. A globe, novels and picture books, pictures and maybe some keepsakes from some of your travels will create a room inspiring enough to kick start her adventurous heart yet keep her intrigued in her near surroundings as long as she is still your small explorer.

10. Beach Babe

Beach Babe
Source: RealEstateDirectories.info

A love for the beach and the sand in between your toes can start in the room you live in. A great little girl room idea is to bring the ocean shore to their home. The design theme  you have will be blue. Waves and palm trees along the walls with feel good bubbly bedsheets. Pictures of the beach, surfing and sand are good ways to increase the ocean-blue vibe.

A very nice touch here is the beach umbrella over the bed, really giving a summery feel to the room.  Stuffed fish and other assorted creatures correspond with the theme very well, making it really seem as though they never have to get out of bed to enjoy the beach.

11.  Warm in Winter

Source: Isama.info

Ever walk into a room and just get chills? It may happen, but not with this one. This winter wonderland is a great little girl room idea for your little one if she really loves those snowy days. White and icy blue are the colors for this theme, with hanging snowflakes as the perfect touch. The design on the bedding isn’t that important, but what is, is that they are big and fluffy, perfect for snuggling into with all of the stuffed penguins and polar bears littering her arctic paradise.

12. Set Sail for Summer

Source: YesRail.com

If you’re not sure what you want the theme to be for your room, try using colors. They are easy to mix together and there is always a bright, cheery, summer feel to it. The best part design about this little girl room idea is that the bed and surrounding furniture don’t have to match. If you use reds and yellows on the bed, then use different colors such as blue and green in the background, it will still come together very admirably.

All of the other little decorations don’t have to fall under one color scheme because they can match with anything. Summer is endless with all of the things that you can do in it, and so should be the variety of your daughter’s interests.

13. Fairy-Tale Land

Source: DmaHomes.org

Castle shelves, tall trees and fuzzy animal friends, how can little girl not feel like a fairy princess in this room? Fairies live in the forests, with whimsical creatures and beautiful nature surrounding them, so that is exactly what this room design gives your daughter. With big fluffy pillows and silk laces as curtains, the room feels cozy and comfortable.

Thick pink carpeting to soften the floor and fancy white furniture to add grace. All that is left is the grand color scheme, pink! Dainty lamps and fairy lights are perfect to give the fairy glow even at night.

14. Trip to the Tropics

20 Little Girl Room Ideas & Decorating Designs for
Source: ThemeRooms

A tropical feeling to the room is a wonderful little girl room idea that you can use. Palm trees and straw curtains are ideal for a themed room as such. Floral prints and green work perfectly for the bed and beach chairs and benches are great for the furniture. Tiki lamps are the best lighting for a tropical feel and yellow, blue and green are the colors you want to stick to in this design idea.

15. Wise Old Owl

Source: YourDecorShop.com

You cannot go wrong with owls. They are adorable and lovable no matter what age you are. This owl mural idea is great for any room and really sets the whole design theme for little girl. Your furniture now has to remain light and simple so that the owls can stand out. The decorations can be owl related, or be tree related to give your feathery friends a home. They are friendly and delightful, and the variety of colors leaves the rest of the room up to you.

16. Rainbow Power

Source: ToddlerBedPlanet

Nothing else screams happy and magic quite like a rainbow. The rainbow is probably the easiest theme that you can choose because colors are everywhere. Multicolored pillows, pictures and bedsheets will work together flawlessly, and rainbow wall decorations are probably the easiest pieces to find for little girl bedroom. Handmade crafts will only add to the bright joyful feeling of the room, and to really spruce up the place, rainbow light will not fail you.

17. No One Can Beat Barbie

Source: SocialCafeMag.com

If there is any female idol every little girl knows, it’s the unstoppable Barbie. The colors pink, white and black and if seen carefully, her style resembles the Paris bedroom. The big difference is Barbie is signature. She is a fashion model doll, who is her own franchise. She loves style and chic clothing, so naturally her surroundings are as chic as she. Unique and classical furniture in pastel colors is where to go with this, along with lace and frills. Fashion photos and Barbie’s own iconic profile are the best choice of wall decor.

18. Fantastic Forest

Source: BoredPanda.com

If the rainbow wall wasn’t enough to interest you, then the tree must have. This little girl room design idea is the best idea for a forest themed bedroom. Hanging branches from the ceiling and tint mushroom stools really make it seem as if you have stepped into a new world. It feels so much that you have come outdoors, even garden gnomes would seem appropriate in this room! It’s a way to ensure your child doesn’t feel cooped up inside and can really love coming to their room every day.

19.  Safe Haven

Source: FromGentoGen.us

The main attraction in this room design is the circular curtain cover little girl can have. It makes it feel like a quick escape from the rest of the world when you have your own enclosure you can control. A simple color base to work with the entire room and furniture, and you have yourself a perfect room, so long as your daughter gets the private space that she needs. Some floral stickers can be applied to the walls to lift the spirit of the room, but anything can be placed such as fashion pictures, butterflies, whatever your daughter prefers.

20. Polka-dot Spot

Source: AliExpress

A final dainty design idea for your girl’s bedroom is a polka-dot theme. Polka-dot bedspreads, curtains and even wall stickers will create the theme nicely. The color scheme can depend entirely on what your daughter prefers and the rest of the furniture and additions to the room will follow afterward. As long as the polka-dots are what catch your eye, you have yourself a cute themed girl’s room.