Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven Cast Iron (Product Review)

If you’re in the market for a top quality outdoor camping Dutch oven, then you’ve come to the right place. In fact, our review of the Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven aims to help you better decide.

Furthermore, our review will share the key features of this product. As well as the pros, cons and customers reviews. Then, we’ll answer the question, who’s this product really for? Finally, we’ll share our personal opinion and final verdict for this Dutch oven.

With that said, we’ll look at some key features. These will include; product size, best uses, and extras that are included with your purchase. So, let’s get into it.

Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven Features:

  • This product has a 6-Quart capacity
  • Dutch oven measures 12-inches in diameter
  • This item measures 3 3/4 inches deep
  • Pre-seasoned and ready to use out of the box
  • Seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use
  • This Dutch oven will easily sear, simmer, braise, bake or fry over most any outdoor heat source
  • Includes a 56-page illustrated how-to-guide
  • Flanged lid holds hot coals on top of your camping meals
  • Lid inverts for use as a griddle
  • Integral legs allow for convenient campfire and fireplace cooking
  • Lid is embossed with the Boy Scouts of America logo
  • This Dutch oven is made in the United States of America

Our Quick Verdict:

We know that your time is valuable, so we will offer our quick verdict. This is for those who are in a bit of a rush and would like a quick opinion. So, after considering all of the features, benefits, and issues, here is our quick verdict.

The Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven definitely deserves a second look. Not only does it have the timeless logo of the Boy Scouts of America proudly embossed on its lid. It also serves as a testament to the quality and legacy of the Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Company.

Plus, not only is it quality built, but it’s also built right here in the USA. Furthermore, this product is specifically designed to be used outdoors. So, you can cook your meals in a campfire or fireplace with ease.

Finally, the lid doubles as a griddle as well as holding hot coals on top of your meals. What’s more, is you’ll receive a 56-page illustrated how-to-guide. This guide will walk you step-by-step on how to use your new Dutch oven.

With that said, we feel that this Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven will greatly enhance any outdoor activity or get-together. On that note, if you are interested in more information, you can visit Amazon.com today to learn more.

Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven Features Overview:

It can be difficult to find the perfect outdoor safe Dutch oven. For instance, a Dutch oven that is rugged enough to handle the harsh outdoor elements. Not to mention, one that is large enough for a big group of hungry campers.

This is why the Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven is a perfect choice. This product sports a very generous 6-Quart capacity. Therefore, it will make short work of any large meals you’ll have to prepare for even bigger groups.

What’s more, is that this Dutch oven measures 12-inches in diameter and 3 3/4 inches deep. So you can be sure you’ll be able to handle even the most demanding cooking tasks. Which means you will have plenty of cooking surface space to stir and add even more ingredients to your meals.

Next, it should be noted that this Dutch Oven is pre-seasoned and ready to use out of the box. However, as with all cast iron cookware, you should always season your new Dutch oven before its first use. This is because not all factory seasonings are applied evenly, so just play it safe.

One of the best qualities of cast iron cookware is its versatility. And this Dutch is no exception. You’ll be able to effortlessly sear, simmer, braise, bake or fry over a campfire or fireplace. Not to mention, it also excels at indoor cooking as well, being compatible in ovens and with most cooktop types.

You really can’t talk about this versatile product without mentioning it dual purpose lid. The flanged lid holds hot coals on top of your Dutch oven to further enhance its heat retention capabilities. Which allows for quicker cook times and food not going cold as fast when taken off the heat source.

Yet More Features:

Furthermore, the lid also inverts and pulls double duty as a griddle. Therefore, you’ll be able to cook 2 meals at once with ease. You’ll be able to fry bacon, eggs, or even pancakes for breakfast while cooking stew or chili for lunch.

One of the most important aspects of any cookware is its quality. This Lodge Dutch oven receives high marks for this as well. For instance, its integrated legs are built to withstand high temperatures of campfires, ovens, and fireplaces.

One of the best features of this Dutch oven is the embossed Boy Scouts of America logo on the lid. This product will definitely make a great gift for any current, future or past Boy Scout. Which in turn, will further inspire generations of new scouts to appreciate outdoor cooking and living.

Next, we will move on to the bonuses. If you purchase this Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch oven you’ll also receive a 56-page illustrated how-to-guide. This guide will explain how to use your new Dutch oven, including cleaning and maintenance tips.

Finally, we will revisit the topic of quality. Like all Lodge cast iron cookware, this Dutch oven is proudly manufactured in the USA. So you can be sure that all of the top safety and quality standards are strictly adhered to.

In conclusion, this Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch oven is a top-quality, top-rated product that you should not ignore. With that said, if you are interested, you can visit this item’s product page at Amazon.com today. Now, let’s look at some pros and cons of this Dutch oven, shall we?

Product Pros:

  • The generous 6-quart capacity will allow for large meals to be prepared for even bigger groups
  • Great gift for past, present, and future Boy Scouts
  • Heat resistant for placement over campfires and in fireplaces
  • Lid conveniently doubles as a griddle
  • Includes a bonus 56-page illustrated how-to-guide for easy reference
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States of America

Product Cons:

  • At the time of writing, one customer reported that the casting on the edge of the lid was rough and needed sanding
  • This product can NOT be washed in a dishwasher and MUST be hand washed
  • Because of its built-in legs, this product must be placed on top of a cookie sheet when used inside an oven

Who Is This Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven For?

So you may be wondering if this product is right for you? Well, it all depends on some key factors. For instance, if you are purchasing this product for a current or former Boy Scout, then it’s definitely for you.

Furthermore, if you enjoy cooking outdoors on camping or hiking trips, then this product will be a great asset. Plus, this item is large enough for big groups of campers or scouts, which will make your life a lot easier.

However, if you already have a quality camp Dutch oven in working order, you might want to reconsider. Unless of course, you want an extra one to prepare even more meals. However, be aware that this Dutch oven has legs on the bottom for placement on a campfire.

So, you might have some issue if you want to place your Dutch oven in the oven. Or on top of indoor stove burners that aren’t flat. With that said, we believe that the Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven would make a great addition to most outdoor excursions.

Our Conclusion:

As you can see, the Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven is a product that will make any outdoor trip a memorable one. Furthermore, it would make a great gift for Boy Scouts of all ages and experience levels.

First, you’ll get top-notch quality and value. On top of that, this product is incredibly versatile and convenient to use. Like a dual purpose lid and large 6-quart capacity that saves time and reduces stress.

Second, this item is pre-seasoned from the factory and ready to use right out of the box. However, it is recommended that you always re-season your new Dutch oven before its first use. This is because you never really want to trust that the seasoning was sprayed on evenly from the factory.

In conclusion, you’ll receive a bonus how-to-guide which will help you maintain your brand new Dutch oven. Finally, you will get the satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing this product is built in the USA.

Where To Buy?

With that said, we hope you enjoyed our review of the Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven. If you own a cast iron Dutch oven and would like some tips on cleaning it, then you can visit our article on How To Clean A Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Furthermore, if you are interested in this item, you can take a look at its product page on Amazon.com today. This will give you more information as well as the current price and product comparisons in its category.

Finally, we would like to thank you for joining us for our review. We hope you gained valuable knowledge and insight. Hopefully, you were able to decide if the Lodge Boy Scouts Dutch Oven was right for you. With that said, we hope to see you again soon and please take care.