Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas

Generally used for vacation homes and mountain lake retreats, the Log Cabin Interior Design style can now be found amongst suburbs, city curbs and street lights. The comfort and ambiance of this rustic and romantic style of interior design is no longer bound to the wilderness, but can be enjoyed at the end of every single day.

Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas

Log Cabin Design with Flag Throw and Antler Chandelier

Log Cabin Design Comes Inside

When most think of a Log Cabin style of design, the first thought is of an exterior being constructed of timber logs, stacked together like legos to create a one room cubed home that is filled with items gathered from the wilderness.

You will be relieved to know that although a log cabin design may be prominent on the exterior – the interior furnishings and accessories can be as rugged – or not – as you wish: whether that design style is to involve hunting trophies, or beautiful collectibles that you have treasured from years gone by, such as; antiques, pottery, quilts, throws, bedding, rugs and the like. To truly have an understanding of this style, a Log Cabin Interior Designer will be able to ensure you have the right elements to achieve the Log Cabin design.

Log Cabin Design Kitchen

Log Cabin Interior Design Elements

  • Furniture is generally constructed of logs from birch, cedar, pine or aspen trees which are stained, lacquered or natural in finish.  Fabrics can range from more of a country check pattern to a solid bold color depending on how modern your tastes. Worn leather always makes a comfortable statement as well, and brings more of a “western” element to the living space.
  • Lighting is as modern or as retro as you would like it to be. You can indulge your passion for antiques by using replicated tin or metal hanging lamps – or go for the natural wood based shaded table lamp. In the modern cabin log style homes, you will find more contemporary recessed lighting mixed in with the country style of the retro lamps – which creates a complimentary combination of old and new.  To truly bring the wilderness into your living space try a specialty antler chandelier.
  • Colors are usually kept in tune with nature; greens, blues, rusty tones, yellows, golds, browns and florals. Paneling, or even leaving the log poles exposed, will keep painting to a minimum and let the warmth of the wood engulf the room.
  • Above all else, you’ll enjoy comfort and practicality when accessorizing. A colorful throw that mimics the wilderness doubles as a piece of art as well as warmth for your lap. The braided rug on the kitchen floor serves to balance the neutral walls while providing comfort for your feet, and reminding you of days gone by.
  • The rustic wall hooks in the mud room, not only keep your coats off the floor, but brings the rugged element of iron into your decor. The stone or pot bellied fireplace is also a prominent feature that recreates a camp fire into your living space all while providing you with the cozy, comfy atmosphere that will literally make the walls glow. Perhaps a bear rug in front of the fireplace is where you’ll find your romantic side making an appearance.

Log Cabin Designed Bedroom

Log Cabin Style of Comfort

If you don’t care for the thought of falling into an overstuffed, four poster bed made out of rustic, cedar or birch logs, or the warm glow from a fire that’s dancing in the nearby pot belly stove – then perhaps the clean, modern lines of an Art Nouveau design style will be more to your liking, as they are the exact opposite of the Log Cabin interior style.

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