Main Representatives of Furniture Style in Western Style Furniture

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Western style furniture is an important part of the modern home improvement. And only the Western-style furniture can highlight the overall elegance and solemnity of the Western-style decoration. Through the history of the erosion and years of precipitation; Western furniture developed three main Western furniture styles with representatives of Italy; Spain and France. And the main features are characterized by a strong royal aristocratic atmosphere. And Western-style furniture has a fine hand-made craft; curve design full of rhythm and simple and smooth symmetrical contours. Obviously; In the past and in modern days; Western Furniture is a symbol of the noble and the representative of identity. And these three Western furniture styles have their own characteristics and charm.


French furniture in Western style furniture:


Firstly; France is a romantic concentration spot. and Paris is also known as the romantic city. Then; the leisure and comfort of French style is world-famous. French furniturehe has also inherited the classical style of French court just in place; such as the exquisite patterns; symmetrical lines; detailed carving and elegant production. Of course, all those laid a solid foundation for French luxury and romance. French furniture prefers to use cherry wood. Whether classical or modern; walnut furniture is the favorite. The contemporary French furniture has less serious oppression of the past; and has more focused on romantic and relaxing atmosphere of life. It is suitable for the modern family’s spending habits.

1. Style Features of French Furniture in Western Style Furniture

In fact, French furniture has a rich aristocratic and aulic color.  And It is also rich in art. In chronological order; French furniture style can be divided into four categories: baroque; Rococo; neo-classical and imperial style. Under the main tone of elegance and romance; they have their own characteristics. As a matter of fact, Baroque is magnificent; Rococo-style beauty; neo-classical elegant and imperial splendor. France is a country that understands life well. As we all know that its fashion; perfume; cooking are world-famous. As part of French-style living art, French furniture is with no exception. Anyway, it inherits the unique temperament of the French – perfect and emotional.

2. Color Features of French Furniture in Western Style Furniture

Then, on color, French furniture is good at neat; simple and plain. Romantic French style prefers bright colors such as beige; white and original colors. Therefore; some people call French furniture as “Emotional furniture.” And for a civilized country with a long history; the most important thing is to maintain and develop its good items with national traditions and characteristics. Actually, Rococo style is still the most representative style of French furniture with smooth lines and aesthetic style. And rococo style has a feminine softness; and the most obvious feature is the chair legs with ballet as its prototype.

Also, you can feel the kind of delicacy and elegance and the rhythm of beauty integrated into the furniture. Complex design and elaborate craftsmanship make the French furniture expensive. But the French furniture still has a lot of fans; because  a long history of French culture can be perceived from the French furniture.


Main Representatives of Furniture Style in Western Style Furniture

Italian style furniture in Western style furniture:


Secondly, Italian-style furniture is famous at its craftsmanship. As the birthplace of the Renaissance; the Italian culture is very rich in concepts. You can feel the culture everywhere in Italy. For the furniture; it shows the refinement and elegance. Every detail of the Italian furniture seems to be written with honor. What is more; the traditional production process of Italian furniture has gradually integrated with the modern industrial technology; such as the use of golden section method for furniture design patterns. So; the Italian style furniture is very beautiful and eye-catching. As a design power; the creation of Italian style furniture has become a part of life. In furniture design, Italian style is often a fashion vane.

How popular is Italian furniture style in western style furniture? In the White House and Buckingham Palace; Italian style furniture can be seen all around. Here we can divide Italian style furniture into Milan style; Tuscany style; and Baroque style and Venice style. They are the four most popular styles. Here follow me to understand the characteristics of the Italian furniture style.

1. Milan style

In a word, Milan style can be divided into traditional style and modern style.

The Milan traditional style in western style furniture is born to be dedicated to the royal family. It is the representative of classical; luxury and stylish. And it is accurate to every detail; reflecting the rigorous palace style and classical supremacy. But; with a sense of fashion elements and design; it makes Italy Milan’s traditional style become a symbol of the top luxury.

Milan modern style in western style furniture uses more of straight lines. Namely; it is without too many curves, very simple shape and rich in design or philosophy without exaggeration. However; black and white is the representative color of modern style. And no decorative large area of solid color brings another sense of calm and restrain. Furthermore; Milan modern style in western style furniture uses aluminum; carbon fiber, plastic, high density glass and other modern new materials.Thus, it shows refinement and simplicity; revealing a strong sense of design and a very noble temperament in the minimalist modern style.

2. Tuscan style

Clearly, Tuscany traditional style is different from other classical and magnificent style; it is more like a sublimation of folk art with a friendly shape and cordial soft lines. As it shows;Tuscany style pursuits the art; nature and elegance. What’s more; it has removed the common gorgeous flower ornamentation; instead, it uses vines and other decorative text that is not exaggerated.

Back in the fashion trend; the Tuscan style in western style furniture added modern furniture with the elements of the classical concept. As a result, now it has formed the Italian neo-classical furniture style; creating a mood through the color and a beautiful picture of the border effect.

3. Baroque Style

Certainly, we need to mention that the Baroque style in Italian furniture style is the product of Italian seventeenth century aristocracy competition; showing a strong social status and the authority. Indeed; furniture is handmade by the furniture division; architects and sculptors, characterized by luxurious decoration. Accordingly, it often uses the contrast of the appearance and fine art to get strong decorative effects. Apparently, it shows that the most significant features of it are the shells; leaves of the acanthus, lions and other high-relief decorations. Therefore; the Baroque style furniture is not furniture anymore, but pieces of art treasures!

 4. Venetian style

Adversely, Venetian style furniture is characterized by simplicity; traditional crafts and refusal to chemical pollution. Similarly, the harmony and rationality of Byzantine and Renaissance architectural style is the basic tone of the Venetian furniture. However; the beauty and strong sense of melody in Venetian school is the soul of Venetian furniture. Evdiently, Venetian style furniture is world-famous at the calm design style and expensive pure solid wood. It is always elegant but simple. And it has authentically reproduced the charm of ancient Italian furniture manufacturing. So, we could evaluate that the Venetian style furniture is the one of the unique furniture style in western style furniture.

Main Representatives of Furniture Style in Western Style Furniture

Spanish furniture in Western style furniture:


Thirdly, compared to the French and Italian style, the fans of Spanish furniture in western style furniture is not so widespread. However, the once popular Gothic architectural style still has its affection. And a lot of sculpture decoration in Spanish style furniture is the Gothic relief. And it is a major highlight of the Spanish furniture. Like the Spanish culture, Spanish furniture is inclusive and passionate. Spanish traditional furniture focuses mainly on the straight lines.

Undoubtedly, Spanish nation is a passionate ethics like the fire. And Spain is a country of different cultures. Thus, it gives the country a variety and even a strong contrastive and distinctive decoration design style. So the Spain decoration style is different from other decoration styles, it is like a tender fire.

1. Layout

Firslty; In the architectural layout, it reflects the Spanish-style of L-type; U-shaped; square and enclosed garden-like design.

While, in the Spanish style in western style furniture of the overall layout; it uses wrought iron panes and trout color; coral pink; yellow and other bright colors; and the terracotta brick texture all give people a warm environment; showing a simple Spanish style.

In addition, many of the local space can be made use of smartly to achieve the Spanish-style effect. And in the backdrop of fountain running water; flowers and plants; a romantic Spanish-style indoor rural garden is presented in front of the owner.

2. Indoor

Evidently, some architectural symbols of Spanish-style in western style furniture or detailed elements are often used to decorate the interior house; such as color, hand-wiping the wall, etc,. Generally, it will give people a sense of relax and extension.

3. Furniture

Basically; Spanish-style furniture in western style furniture uses a lot of detailed sculpture. On color; it is different from the non-transparent furniture of Western-style furniture. And Spanish-style furniture uses mostly the wood-based color. On accessories; some chains and metal decorative studs add the interior house a simple and rustic feeling. Thus; the unique Spanish style generated. In addition; different from the luxury of crystal chandeliers; Spanish-style iron lighting is natural; friendly and back to nature.

However; if you want to decorate the interior house into a simple; romantic and warm Spanish style;; as long as a good grasp of color; material and space layout and other factors; consequently, you will have a Spain room full of exotic atmosphere.

Therefore; the Spanish style in western style furniture is currently the world’s popular styles in different countries and regions. What else, its style is easy to be accepted by people around the world.

Main Representatives of Furniture Style in Western Style Furniture