Make Your Kids Bed Room a Magical Place

Bunk beds are almost a necessity for families with more than one child. Adults who had bunk beds as kids have great memories of the fun they had playing on them. Do you remember hanging a blanket around your beds and thus having a fort or a playhouse? The children of today still love bunk beds, but our children can have accessories for the beds that were not even thought of when we adults were small. As parents today, we want to give our kids the fun experiences of sharing a room with a sibling, but we also want to make the best choice for our children.

It would be hard to find a kid who would not jump at the chance to have a bunk bed in their bedroom. On top of that, it would be a miracle to find a child who would not go absolutely berserk with joy over a themed bunk bed set, or one that has a slide!

On all of the ‘themed’ bedroom sets safety has been an integral part of the design and there are numerous features, which make it child friendly. These include federal regulation standards for safety rails, handrails and slide sides. However, a parent should still check the safety features prior to purchase.

Little girls love to play ‘house’. There is nothing they like better than arranging their dolls and miniature dinner sets to have a ‘party’. Another popular ‘play theme’ for girls is being a princess rescued by the ‘knight in shinning armor’. These are timeless thoughts for girls – your little one does not see any discrepancy in using a cell phone to call the knight from her 17th century castle!

You can find bunk bed sets for girls ranging from very frilly, to a more clean-line design. Choose a design that will fit your daughters’ personality.

Believe it or not, themed bunk bed sets are not just for girls! You can find many themes for boys also. Boys have no less imagination than girls; their play ideas run more to camping, hunting, ‘cops and robbers’ and ‘soldiers’. Boys will love sets that are designed to look like a tent for camping, hunting or fishing. Do your boys ‘ooooh and aaaah’ at fire trucks? You will be able to find a set of bunk beds to fit your sons’ favorite play fantasy. Notice on the picture to the left, that the ‘drivers area’ is for storage. The picture on the right can be a camping/hunting fortress, or a soldier’s fortress.

If cost is an issue, you can buy a plain bunk bed set and do the decorating yourself. There are many sites on the Internet that will show you step by step how to create these magical pieces. You will also find that your children will have lots of play friends when they have a bedroom set up like these!