Nashville’s Coral Stone

Old World Architectural Cast Stone

As with most Interior Design, creating a focal point is an important process in decorating, designing and / or constructing. Nashville’s Coral Stone can help you easily, and effectively, achieve a stunning, architectural focal point that provides aesthetic beauty, as well as providing form and function.

With over 42 years as a master mold maker and product developer for concrete formulas, Coral Stone uses the latest technology in mold making to create and construct such breath-taking focal points as: fireplaces, balusters, exterior and interior columns, range hoods, pavers, stone window trims, corbels and brackets, stone veneer cladding, corner quoins – and just about anything else you could possibly imagine that will showcase your home, office, garden, or business.

Old World Architectural Cast Stone

Old World Architectural Cast Stone by Coral Stone

Using Architectural cast stone for custom design applications is a complete art in itself, but it isn’t the only means in which Coral Stone produces its product line, others include using; Cast Coral Stone, Architectural light weight cast stone, Faux stone, Faux cast stone, Old World Sonte Coat, and GFRC / GRFG systems that are designed to meet any and all of your building and design requirements.

New on the scene is a natural stone product called “Caribbean Coral Stone”. This product line is becoming extremely popular due to several factors, some of which are: the light buff color that prevents it from getting hot in sunlight; salt water pools will have no effect on it as it originates from the ocean; it costs less than most other natural stones; its indifference to hot and cold; it has multiple uses for indoors or out.

Custom Designed Cast Iron Fireplace Surround

Custom Designed Cast Iron Fireplace Surround by Coral Stone

Understanding the Design Industry’s requirements, Coral Stone delivers a professional, state of the art product to fill any request, whether you are a Professional Interior Designer, a builder, an archetictet or a home owner simply wanting to add a little (or a lot) of detail, elegance and style to your existing home.

In addition, with the use of state of the art computerized systems, Coral Stone has the ability to customize any project with artistic ability that is simply unparalleled at prices that reflect a decade gone by. Your imagination is your only limit.

Light Weight Customized Stone Range Hood

Light Weight Customized Stone Range Hood by Coral Stone

With such affordability, beauty, and endurance, it’s no wonder Coral Stone takes the guess work out of locating your designing focal point, and excels at delivering a work of art that turns any living area into a show place.