Painting: Hiring a Professional Painter Makes Cents

Painting: Hiring a Professional Painter Makes CentsHave you been thinking of heading down to the local hardware store to buy a gallon or three of paint, a cheap paintbrush, maybe a drop cloth (if you remember it), the paint roller and pan that’s on sale – and then head back home and turn your walls into a work of art that even Picasso would be proud of. Seriously, how hard can Painting a room be? Right?

Have you ever wondered why there are Professional Painting Firms and Designers? Anyone can hold a paint bucket in their hand and maybe climb a ladder, so why would any one consider hiring a “professional painter” when they can do it themselves? Well, you can probably hold a pair of scissors in your hand and cut your own hair as well, but do you? No. More than likely you pay a professional hairdresser to cut and style your hair. Why? Because you don’t want to look like the creature from the Black Lagoon. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Are They Qualified?

One of the main considerations you should keep in mind when looking to hire a contractor for interior or exterior painting is to verify that they are licensed and insured. A quality firm would generally be happy to provide you with any certificates and documents needed to satisfy those requirements; however, not all states require licensing, so if that’s the case ask for references as well as a business registration to make sure you are getting a true professional.

Professional Painter = Professional Results

Why Should You Hire a Professional Painter?

  • There’s Only So Many Hours in a Day: Where will you find the time to get the job done? This weekend? Next weekend? Next month? Doesn’t it always seem like something else (life!) seems to happen? There’s a wedding, there’s a ballgame, there’s a function at school, a deadline is looming at the office – you get the idea. You can tell yourself you will eventually get to it, but in the meantime, you could have contracted the paint job and had it completed.
  • It’s a Long Way to the Ground: In other words, when you fall off the ladder, it’s going to hurt. Painters are not only skilled in their profession, but they are experienced with the equipment needed to get the job done. If your spouse comes home to find that you just ruined her bed of roses because you dropped the paint bucket from the second story … you’ll wished you would have thought of calling that painting company she had suggested earlier.
  • Insured – Licensed – Bonded: A professional painter should be insured. If they aren’t, look for someone that is. Why should you care? When their ladder bumps against your window and it shatters into a million pieces, you aren’t the one that will be replacing it. Being bonded also insures they can be held liable for any theft or loss that may incur while their team is present in your home.
  • Keeps You Healthy: If your home is older than 1978, it may contain leaded paint. A professional painter will take steps to ensure that you and your family will not be at risk when it comes time to removing old paint. There are also fumes and chemicals to consider … fumes and chemicals that you’d be breathing if you were tackle the paint job yourself. How much will the emergency room visit cost you when you slip in the paint puddle you made on the floor? Stay healthy, let a professional assume the risk.
  • No Clean-up: Possibly the worse job in conjunction with the actual painting. A professional will safely dispose of toxic items as well as any residue that may remain from the job, including those little “whoops” that were made along the way.
  • They Don’t Buy the Cheap Stuff: A professional knows what works and what doesn’t. If you think that paintbrush you got at the dollar store will do a nice job for you, think again. It will only cost you time and more money to re-do and re-cover the project. Someone who has the best quality of supplies, will do the best quality of work. How much money would it cost you to purchase professional grade painting supplies? Why not just hire the professional?

It Just Makes Cents

What do all the previous mentioned bullet points have in common? Money. Not the money you’d spend on a contractor for the job … money spent trying to do it yourself. Think about it: you’ll have to purchase high quality supplies, you’ll have to replace anything you’ve accidentally broken, you’ll have to cough up medical expenses if you hurt yourself, you’ll have the added expense of hauling the debris off, and you would have wasted time you could have spent either at work or with your family. Seems like a pretty high price to pay, doesn’t it?

The same principles apply if you have considered hiring an Interior Designer. With all the things that can go wrong, you’d be making a wise investment in your time, money, and safety by choosing to go with a qualified professional.

When you are ready to look into hiring a professional, our interior designer directory is full of qualified, licensed firms that will help you do just that. Also check out our Interior Design Ideas and Photos to engage your imagination and inspire your creativity with all areas of your home.