Best Way to Hang Pictures: 16 Creative Picture Hanging Ideas

Nothing else can make your house look more graceful and decorative than adding your favourite pictures. It’s the way of making your house feel like home. However, you should use creative picture hanging ideas to hang pictures that will bring your memories to life. Here are some ways for hanging pictures with imaginative and inventive ideas:

1. The Grid

a grid of memories for picture hanging ideas

An interesting way to cheer up an empty wall is to align a grid of memories for picture hanging ideas. For this easy idea, you can pick out your favourite pictures from your Instagram account or other pictures that did not make it to your social media. In order to make it more intriguing, you will need to get Polaroid prints of the pictures that you want to hang. Basically, you can add as many pictures as you like to make a grid of pictures.

Plus, you will need wooden blocks to which you will attach your photos before gluing them to the wall with Velcro strips. In order to make sure that the grid is neatly aligned, you should mark the wall beforehand. This will give you a clear idea of where to glue the Velcro strips for the blocks.

2. Stuck To You

An easy way to hang pictures is using washi tape

An easy way to hang pictures is using washi tape in interesting shapes to create frames for your favourite memories. First of all, you will need to find your favourite pictures with your loved one along with cut outs from magazines or print outs of quotes that deliver your love to your partner.

Different sizes of photos and quotes can be used for this idea.

Before you start creating frames from washi tape, try to arrange a collage on a neat board as model for the wall. This will help you neatly arrange the pictures as you want to when you put them on the wall. Use double-sided adhesive strips for gluing pictures. Once you are done, tape the washi tape in different shapes like heart shape, octagon or square etc. around the pictures in order to complete the washi tape project.

3. Shadowing Memories

Shadowing Memories

A shadow box is among the most riveting picture hanging ideas. You can either purchase a shadow box with different sections for this idea or create one using your DIY skills. If you have pictures from a special day such as wedding photos, you can display them in different sections of the shadow box.

All the fascinating shots from your special day will deliver the story and essence of your emotions when they are arranged together. Try to be unique and selective with these pictures for this easy way to look ravishing when you hang up the shadow box. If you want to make it even more special, get black and white print outs that will stand out against any color or pattern of the frame of shadow box.

4. Stairway Gallery

Best Way to Hang Pictures: 16 Creative Picture Hanging Ideas for

Picture hanging ideas can decorate your stairway as well. If you want to create a stairway gallery, you will need various pictures that can be arranged along the staircase. You can use family pictures of most special moments, purchase art and frames for this idea to make it the perfect display for your house.

Using different frames with colourful pictures will make the staircase more vibrant and colorful. On the other hand, you can stick to a black and white theme to create a mysterious and heartwarming display for the pictures. You will need to take measurements of the stairway and mark where each frame will be placed before you use the hang pictures way in order to keep things neat.

5. The Big Picture

The Big Picture

One of the neatest picture hanging ideas is to use one big frame to display different pictures. For this DIY frame, you will need a frame that is large to fit various pictures. Once you have the frame, you will need to take size so you can make a 3×3 grid of your favourite pictures. This arrangement can be done with pictures of you, your family, favourite quotes and art that you enjoy.

Moreover, combining different colors will make the empty wall look more cheerful and bright. You can also add your own creative work if you want to make a collage that displays your creativity. In short, this easy way to hang pictures is your chance to share more about your life with people who visit you.

6. Spiffy & Simple

 Spiffy & Simple

Simplicity is a statement. This is also true for picture hanging ideas as you will notice how your pictures will instantly stand out even when you use plain frame for hanging them. If you have empty space on a wall, you will need a few frames that can be lined next to each other with your pictures. Your frames should be plain black, white or any other color that you want.

You can put your own pictures, family photos and other shots that you cherish the most. Spiffy alignment of photographs that you love the most will create a corner of memories that you always want to remember. This is an easy and affordable way to hang pictures around the house.

7. Time Can Never Take Away

Time Can Never Take Away

It’s a rule that time must always move on but it can never take away the past moments that you love and cherish in your heart. You can also deliver this idea through picture hanging frames. For this easy way to hang pictures you will need a skeleton clock for the wall around which you can put your photographs. Besides that, you will need twelve frames that will be hanged with each number.

The frames can contain pictures from your memorable days like graduation, wedding or career promotion. You could also include pictures of your favorite people like family, friends or a partner so they are always with you.

8. Come In a Swarm

Come In a Swarm

Memories always come in a swarm of flashbacks to times that you were the happiest surrounded by your favourite people. If there is an empty wall in your bedroom or living room that can use some color, this idea will make it colourful. In order to execute one of the loveliest picture hanging ideas, you just need frames that will highlight your best moments around the wall.

You can use as many frames as will fit your wall for this idea. No matter what the backdrop color is, using minimal black or white frames will perfectly bring attention to each picture. You can also use pictures from your social media accounts that you want to keep forever.

9. Green is Good


An easy idea among picture hanging ideas is to get adorable canvases for hanging. This way is perfect for anyone who simply wants to touch up any empty walls around the house. The use of the color green on canvas will make up for cute and simple wall-hangings that can be arranged around the house.

You can make your own art using water colors, acrylics or oil paints on canvas in the color green to cheer up beiges and browns around the house. Otherwise, you can purchase art canvases to hang. Either way, going green in the house will add a cooling effect while making the wall look full of life and valour.

10. Chained to Older Things

Chained to Older Things
Source: Artifact Uprising’s Idea Gallery

This is another one of gripping picture hanging ideas. You will need wood stumps, strings, double-sided Velcro strips and pictures for this idea. The first step would be to make five marks on the wall to attach wood stumps on the wall in a neat row. Then neatly cut thread of your desired color between the stump and adhesive as well in order to make sure it is sturdy and does not fall off.

Afterwards, you can add rows of pictures. In order to make sure that they do not fall off, glue them with double-sided adhesive strips to the wall. You can add any pictures or shots that you have taken yourself. Moreover, adding pictures of you with your friends and family photos will also make this way to hang pictures stand out.

11. The Year in Pictures

The Year in Pictures

You might have heard about vision boards which are usually used to derive inspiration to create the life that you love. Vision board can also be incorporated with picture hanging ideas. You can get prints of pictures online that you love the most and want your life to look like for the year. Using 12 pictures for each month will also make up a calendar that your mind will follow.

Besides that, you can use a small and neat branch to hang the pictures along a wall. Hanging the pictures above a shelf with decoration will make your room look enchanting and inspirational. This is the perfect way to hang pictures for you, and stay inspired to work towards your dreams as well as make your room motivational and organized.

12. Chandelier of Photography

Chandelier of Photography

This is one of the most fascinating way to hang pictures that you can add to your bedroom or living room. For this idea, you will need a ring made from any material like wood or metal to hang your pictures from a thread. You can print out shots that you have taken, pictures you love online or your own photos to hang. Once you have all the necessary accessories, you can punch holes on top of pictures to start making strings. You can add as many strings as will suit the size of your ring. Plus, the amount of pictures also depends on how luscious you want your chandelier to be.

Along with the strings of pictures, you can line the ring with string lights or wrap sting lights along the pictures to light them up like an actual chandelier. Once it is ready, hang it up from your designated corner in the room.

13. Picturesque Wall

Picturesque Wall

If you are looking for fancy picture hanging ideas, try to cover a wall with your favourite shots and pictures. This is simple, easy and fun way to hang picture that will add color and charm to your room. If you have a studio where you like to work, you might want to keep pictures that inspire you. Print out all the pictures that you find motivation and glue them to the wall.

You should mark out specific area on the wall to hang pictures if you want an organized and minimal corner. Moreover, you can make collage from various shots that could be your family pictures, photographs with friends and so on.

14. Fairy Shot

Fairy Shot

You can implement this idea with simple things that include string lights, laundry clips and pictures. Moreover, you can add pictures on any wall of the bedroom that looks boring and alone. Start by hanging string lights along the wall. Once you have them positioned according to your preference, start to add pictures with paper clips.

You can add fairy lights of different colors or alternating shades as well. When the lights go off, you can just switch on string lights that will also light up your favourite memories for you.

15. Up Above in Clouds

Up Above in Clouds

No one is ever too old for helium balloons. This is one of the picture ideas which might be temporary but it is perfect for events and parties. All you will need are helium balloons that can be arranged in a corner. Using colors like pale pink or baby blue is ideal if you want to create dreamy cloud look for executing this idea.

Just punch holes in the pictures and tie them with the ribbons of balloons and let them go. This easy way to hang pictures looks quiet charming for baby showers, bridal showers and other such events where you would love to display favourite memories with the best people in your life.

16. Elegantly Placed

Elegantly Placed

Vintage frames are the easiest way for making the room look elegant and luxurious. For this idea, you just need an elegant frame that will hang from the wall. Within the frame, you can add as many pictures as you want.

Hanging the frame above your work desk, decorative shelf or vanity table will also make the room look glamorous and exquisite.