Pinterest Added to InteriorDesignPro!

As the Internet continues to evolve, websites and web surfers adapt to new ways of sharing digital information. Recently we’ve discovered a wonderful sharing tool called Pinterest. Pinterest enables users to create dream boards of photos, articles, and information that they find on the Internet. You can create dream boards for pretty much anything that interests you: food, design, crafts, technology, art, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

And as we’re all familiar with Facebook’s “Like” button, and Twitter’s “Tweet” button, we have now added the “Pin It” button throughout the InteriorDesignPro website. Now visitors can save design ideas found on our website to their own Pinterest dream boards!

And to help further promote the work of our interior design professionals, every time their design ideas are “Pinned” by a visitor, it will create a web link back to their InteriorDesignPro listing. So the more visitors Pin the gorgeous work of our members, the more online visibility our members will receive.

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