Interior Design Ideas For Playrooms

Interior Design Ideas For Playrooms

Attic Converted into Playroom

Growing up we all wanted our own space where we could just be a kid – usually that meant somewhere outdoors. Now-a-days children seem to be more confined to the inside, but that doesn’t mean their imagination has to sit idle. A well planned Playroom Design is all you’ll need to keep the kids entertained, happy and safe.

Don’t have much space? With a little creativity you can turn practically any nook and cranny into an imagination outlet for your children. You don’t need to have a huge home with sound proof walls and 900 square feet to devote to the kids – there are plenty of little hiding spaces within the four walls of your own domain that any child would love to call their own.

Who Has the Extra Room?

You do. Look around your home, with a little creativity you can turn practically any room or unused space into an interior designed playground. Consider a spare bedroom, the attic, a loft, a bonus room, or even the space under your stairwell. A designated playroom would also incorporate nicely with a proper Basement Design.

Don’t have a full room to devote to the kids? Purchase a room divider, or create one using bi-fold doors. Hanging fabric from a rod works nicely, as well. This way you can section off part of your office, the den, or even their own bedroom, and still provide the playroom space.

Basement Designed with a Playground In Mind

Playroom Design Ideas

  • Start from Scratch: Grab some graph paper and sketch out the area you have to work with. You’ll find the process goes a lot smoother when you have a general idea of what the layout and design style will look like ahead of time.
  • Furniture Considerations: Remember it’s for the kids and it should be size appropriate. Bean bags are a popular choice and can be utilized as they get older, as well. A table is a must for all sorts of activities – consider converting a table you might already have; be it a large coffee table, or even a kitchen table will do if you can saw down the legs for better height.
  • Color vs. Theme: Go with color. If your imagination isn’t as vivid as the kids, simply choose vibrant, happy colors for the walls, furnishings and overall decor. Consider hiring a professional Playroom Interior Designer if you would really like to add a theme and create a space that will have your children the envy of the neighborhood.
  • It’s Going to Get Messy: Contain it. Remember to utilize storage options as much as possible. Even better, storage units that can do double duty, such as toy benches or storage cubes stacked three deep and three high which would create a usable surface for writing or drawing – while providing ample space below for all the instruments or utensils.
  • Inspiration for their Imagination: It doesn’t have to be all about a T.V. set anymore. Let them entertain themselves by providing a small area for them to dance to the tunes of their choice – be sure to find a full length mirror for the total star effect. Set up an easel for drawing and painting for your own little Picasco. Another wonderful designing element is the creation of chalkboard paint. Paint any surface; a wall, the back of a door, the top of a table, and let the kids have at it!
  • Simplify Clean Up Time: Clean up is not fun, but it can be a breeze if you keep the playroom simple. Implement easy to wipe down surfaces, ample storage, and lots of light to keep the room bright, safe and user friendly.

Playroom Painted with Chalkboard Paint

No Grown Ups Allowed

Try to remember who the playroom is for, this will keep your focus on the kids versus trying to design the playroom around your interior designing tastes. Your children love having you close by – but they also love have their own space where they can be whomever their little hearts desire – without Mom or Dad worrying too much about the damage being done.

Designing a playroom isn’t rocket science, but there is a bit more to it than throwing some toys in a corner and turning on the T.V. Incorporate some of the ideas above and you’ll be amazed how the words “I’m bored” disappear from your child’s vocabulary.

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