Rose gold home décor – give your home a golden touch of elegance and beauty

Home décor trends change every year. As a new year sets in, we get new ideas and designs in home décor. Often, new styles are established and old timeless pieces are revived in fresh ways. Rose gold is one such trend that is garnering a lot of attention now.

Rose gold home décor trend – why you should adopt it also

Certain things never lose their appeal. They are timeless and classic. Metallics are one such trend that never goes out of style. The rose gold adds a touch of class to the home décor. It spruces up things and imparts warmth and generosity that never fails to impress anyone.

Aesthetically pleasing rose gold is a prominent color that you can apply in your home décor. It can make your home look stylish without being too gaudy. Are you looking for a way to glam up your space? Do you want to give your home a makeover? Add some bling to it with rose gold home décor.

Rose gold for your living room – give it a personal accent

rose gold living room
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When it comes to giving your home a decorative accent rose gold has no alternative. It can readily transform a place, making it look warm and elegant with its own character.

You can adopt this color lovingly in your living room. However, to make things more appealing, let’s begin with the entrance itself.

The console table would draw the attention of all the guests with a rose gold glass knot. Let them appreciate your choice and prepare themselves for more such bling in your living room. A wall unit in metallic shades would be a great idea to keep your things sorted.

Everybody loves white as it can act as a fantastic background for other shades to come out with their full glory. This is true for rose gold also. If you want a sunny and glam look for your living room and yet maintain serenity, use white walls. The white walls would allow the rose gold furniture or drapery to shine.

In most homes, people use white or lighter shades to complement rose gold. If you are ready to stand apart and be a little bold, choose bright and dark colors for the walls and furniture. Here is the point we want to make.

When it comes to using metallic colors, it is not necessary to play them against lighter shades. The beauty of a shade like rose gold is that the pink can lighten up dark colors and make your room look richer. So, if you have dark colors in your living room, don’t fret. Try using a big pot in rose gold for the succulents. A hint of rose gold in copper tinted vases, table lamps, mirrors and other décor items would also help in creating a luxurious look.

Want a signature styled living room? Match rose gold with black. Yes, against the black walls or big pieces of furniture in black, the rose gold elements would look more glamorous.

Let’s talk about furniture first. We have seen coffee tables in diverse designs and materials. It’s time to get one with the rose gold finish – maybe a simple rectangular table with the rose gold base and white top. It would create the perfect ambiance for your living room. You may place an arc lamp beside it in golden pink hue.

Next, come to chairs.As we mentioned earlier, many home designers are working on innovative ways to incorporate rose gold metal in home décor and chairs are one of their favorite. Unique design in contemporary style makes these chairs eye-catching. They are ideal for any modern living room.

Side tables are also getting a lot of attention these days. Sleek designs in rose gold finish, simple yet a fabulous look make them perfect for your home.

Table lamps. Ahh! How we love them. They can make any space sparkle with elegance. Rose gold table lamps in geometric shapes can become the focal point of a living room.

Did we leave out the sofa? You may not get them in golden metal but you can definitely give them a touch of gold. People who love to experiment with colors and texture are taking this up as a challenge. They are using cushions and upholstery in golden shades or pinkish golden to give the room a bright look.

The cherished gold can be combined with blue, gray, and yellow for a chic look. If you are using cushions in pinkish gold, don’t forget to mix and match with other shades like blue or burgundy to tone down the effect.

Rose gold dining room decor

Rose gold dining room decor

Don’t forget the dining room. It can look good with a hint of golden pink.  The dining room is the place where we entertain guests with food. Thus, this room needs to look bright and welcoming. What better way to welcome your guests than a cart in metallic gold? Surprise your guests with your fine taste by using circular lights in rose gold. These are actually a super hit nowadays and people are getting them to add a different touch to their room décor. Get one for your dining room too. Hang it above the dining table and let the soft glow swathe the guests.

A tray in rose gold would add glamor to your dining table. Use it on the buffet table to hold fruits. This would give it a vintage look.

Furniture in rose gold, that’s the recent trend. You can get dusty rose chairs and tables too. They look contemporary and at the same time classic. Simple design makes them stand out.

Rose gold kitchen decor

Rose gold kitchen

Kitchen – let’s not leave it behind. Designers are going gung-ho in bringing us a whole lot of home accessories in rose gold. From counter stools to paper towel holders, from cups with pinkish handles to cutlery, give your home a golden touch with metallic accessories and furniture.

When using rose gold in the kitchen, remember to create the right balance. Rose gold and aqua go well. Use wooden furniture along with this combination to enhance the golden hue. You may also use white to create the contrast. If you have a lot of rose gold elements, use gray also to offset the effect. Different shades of gray along with pink would bring out the vibrancy of the rose gold without looking garish. As for example, if you have light fixtures, chairs, vases, and cutlery in rose gold, go for gray walls along with gray linen on the table.

If you don’t like gray, choose blue. This is another shade that goes very well with rose gold.

Metallic shades are evergreen and they come back in different avatars. There is a host of new-age designers who is experimenting with these. They are using classic materials and ideas and giving them a contemporary look. They worked with silver and now are showing their creativity with copper and coming up with interesting home décor items.

Rose gold bedroom décor – balance between softness and glamor

Gold is a bright color and so you may think that it would be too glamorous for your bedroom. However, rose gold has a nice but subdued glow that makes it perfect for your bedroom too. It can make the bedroom look romantic without the frilly feeling.

The best thing is you don’t have to go for a complete makeover to incorporate metallic touches in the bedroom. The soft monotone colors can act as the perfect base to add pops of rose gold. Whether your bedroom is white, ivory, light gray, or beige, rose gold can work wonders on them. Even on soft pinks and muted blues, rose gold would work to bring a warm sophisticated look.

Begin with the lights. Hanging metallic lights in rose gold would add a different tint to your bedroom. A table lamp by the bedside table is must for a bedroom. So, seize this chance to add rose gold to your home décor. A table lamp with a metallic base would be a nice addition to the room. Get a table lamp in interesting geometrical shapes for added drama.

You may get a mirror in rose gold also. Nowadays, mirrors have become statement pieces with different designs and shapes. Get the one in most unusual shape for your bedroom.

Add a golden touch to the linen. Pillow covers in golden sequins are readily available now. Does it look too bright for your choice? Okay, let’s settle for marble printed pillow covers in pink shades. That would accentuate the other items in the room and create a nice balance. Satin pillow covers against white bedspreads would make the room look shiny.

The metallic inspired fabric has become a rage today. Go creative and choose a tufted ottoman or a rose accent chair.

Give the room a sophisticated look with home décor items like a golden photo frame or figurines. Animal figures or fairies would suit the theme of the bedroom.

You can go for smaller items like a table clock or jewelry box in metallic finish to give the room a chic look.

You may add flashes of pink to the curtain rods, lamp bases, or drawer pulls for a subtle look.

Are you eager to make a bold statement with your bedroom décor? Choose a larger accent piece that would give the room a shimmery effect. A chandelier in rose gold or the headboard in antique metals would be the perfect choice. Use mirrored furniture to blend vintage with modern home décor style and also give the room a spacious appearance.

Rose gold metal bed? Yes, sleek, classic and contemporary, this latest collection would blow your mind. With pillows and bedsheets in soft hues or textured fabric, the beauty of the golden bed would dazzle everyone.

To use rose gold metal in your bedroom, you need to plan and create a harmony. Don’t go for everything in the same color. That would be a disaster. Choose a few pieces and work around them. Transform your space with an eye on the details. A duvet cover, a metallic trash basket – simple décor items can transform the space with a tinge of golden warmth.

Give your home office a facelift with rose gold effect

rose gold Home office
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Do you work from home or spend a considerable amount of time at your desk? I bet, you may find your desk boring. Let’s jazz up things a little bit. Invest in a rose gold chair to begin with. Against the white wall, the place would look serene. Give the space a new look with a pinkish waste paper basket. A metallic pen stand, a unique table lamp in rose gold touch would be nice additions to the table. Place a potted plant near the desk for a visual treat. You may use a table clock in vintage design also.

Bathroom – make it look aesthetic with rose gold

rose gold Bathroom
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When you are giving golden effect to your entire home, why not let the bathroom also look glorious? Whether you want to give your bathroom a makeover or add a few pieces, there are plenty of items available today to inspire you.

Big pieces like double vanity set would give the bathroom a rosy tint.

You can find ceramics glazed in metallic finishes. A whole range of mirrors, brassware, and furniture is available in warm metallic finish for a glowing effect. With freestanding basins in metal, give your bathroom a futuristic look. Other rose gold items that you can use in your bathroom is lighting fixtures, towel holders, shelving units, and small trays in rose gold metal.

Try splashbacks in rose gold. This would make your bathroom glitter.

You may start experimenting with shower curtains to find out how your bathroom would look in golden shades. Shimmery gold curtains would add glamor to your bathroom.

Bold, experimental, shimmery, and rich, rose gold touch can give your home the exuberance it deserves. Go beyond the usual, experiment with home décor ideas and adopt the latest metallic trend. Your home would thank you for making it look so special.