18 Shadow Box Ideas & Display Designs

There are a lot of shadow box ideas that you can implement to portray a message. A shadow box can be defined as a glass front display case that is enclosed and will contain an object or multiple objects that are displayed or presented in a thematic way. The placement of the objects and the overall depth add to the dramatic visual result.

The concept of shadow boxes started from military but is now being pursued by artists for artistic goals. The idea may seem like a real challenge but is actually interesting and fun to do. All you need is material that will assist in making of the shadow boxes. The shadow boxes can be hung on a wall, placed on a wall and be given as a present. People prefer handmade items because they include efforts done by the person in making the thing what it is. Shadow boxes are more of a memory storage box that you can use to save precious moments.

Shadow boxes can be used for different purposes and there are variety of ideas associated to them.

For your ease we have listed down some shadow box ideas that you can easily make on your own to either convey a message or design to complement the interior. Go through the photos to see which one matches your style and try making it.

1. Ocean View Shadow Box

Source: Southern Couture

If you love to travel a lot and make memories, this shadow box design is for you. Use this shadow box idea to put together your favorite travel memories. Making this ocean view shadow box is simple and easy.

Simply put together material you have gathered during your travel experiences and store them in the box. This is an interesting way to keep secure your travel memories.

Add in backgrounds and quotes of your choice to uplift the creativity. Use the shadow box to deliver a travelling display theme.

2. Sea Glass Art Shadow Box

Source: SandAndSisal

Make use of this 5×7 Sea glass art shadow box idea. This shadow box can be either hung on the wall or placed on the shelf. This “Measure your progress with your own ruler” is a combination of blue and green shades and perfect for gifting someone. It can be given to a person for motivation purposes or to acknowledge their achievement.

Perfect for motivating people, or congratulating them on any special achievement this box can be quite handy. Use this shadow box design to motivate people by hanging it in their room or placing it on the table.

3. Adventure Fund Shadow Box

Source: SomethingTurquoise

This shadow box idea can help increase your savings. Built using pine and clear acrylic this shadow box can help store money.  So if you have a trip planned or have an important event coming your way, this shadow box idea is for you. The slot engraved on the top will help you insert the funds and the removable slat the back will allow removing them when needed.

You can make this shadow box design using different material and use it as a savings fund.  Money boxes are common but this idea is unique and different. It is a blend of both décor and meets the function of placing the money.

4. Memory Shadow Box

Source: DwellBeautiful

Want to keep all your memories in one place? Try this shadow box idea and store your tickets, notes and other memorabilia. This box will be have a slot on top from where the paper will be placed inside and a slat towards the back from where it will be extracted. To make it look more creative you may also add a quote of your choice or any picture that you want to place.

Shadow boxes can really hold memories that you make every day. Customize it according to the requirement and put it in your house to be reminded of moments made. Secure your memories in the most innovative way possible by decorating the shadow box with different material.

5. Beach Photo Shadow Craft

Source: Mamacheaps

Store your beach memories with this shadow craft idea. This is a cute way of preserving moments captured at the beach and storing them in a shadow box. You can later hang it on a wall or use it as a frame.

Make storing memories interesting and creative by using a shadow box that can meet all your requirements allowing you to display all that you want to in one box. Capture moments made at the beach and lock them in this box.

6. Flower Shadow Box

Source: Simplee Thrifty

This is annother brilliant shadow box idea especially for flower lovers. Make this flower shadow box using dried out roses or artificial flowers. Making this shadow box design doesn’t necessarily require any silhouette.

To make this shadow box all you require is a quilling tool or tweezers to roll the flowers with. With that you also need is a shadow box frame, cardstock paper (at least 2 packs), Glue dots, 3D spiral flowers and silhouette cameo.

7. Wine Cork Shadow Box

Source: Sometimes Homemade

Did you know you can store wine corks in a shadow box? This is another interesting shadow box idea, try doing this to make your very own wine cork box. The shadow box design can also be given as a house warming present or displayed in the house in order to improve aesthetics.

For wine corks that can come in handy, get them stacked in a shadow box to add a different touch. Instead of throwing away your wine corks utilize them in making your very own shadow box. You can also add in wine quotes to add an interesting touch.

8. Baby Shadow Box

Source: Wooloo

Are you excited to become a parent and want to do something special to secure the wonderful memory? Try this shadow box idea which allows you to store your child’s basic necessities and clothes in a shadow box.

The shadow box design will capture a precious moment allowing you to store or display it. When your child grows older you can gift him/her this masterpiece and preserve a wonderful memory. The idea allows you to utilize your child’s clothes and save them for a special occasion.

9. Pennies Shadow Box

Source: Poor Girl Decor

Don’t want the typical money box to collect your pennies in? Try this shadow box craft that will not only aid in collection of pennies but also add to the interior. The shadow box can either be hung on the wall or kept on the table.

This design idea is appealing and a creative way to store money in a frame. You can add a background of your choice or perhaps a quote related to investment or saving.

10. Wedding Shadow Box

Source: SpendidThingsbygg

Preserve your wedding special moments with this shadow box design. Secure precious items such as flowers, pictures or any other object in a shadow box.

This is an idea different from others that will allow you to portray multiple images and items in one frame.  Make use of this idea to save wonderful wedding memories and be reminded of the time.

11. Coffee Shadow Box

Source: We Can Make That

If you are a coffee lover and have severe addiction to coffee, this shadow box design is for you. Use this shadow box to store your coffee beans and display them on the wall or place them on a table.

This idea can be implemented in a café where coffee is usually available. Decorate the shadow box by putting in coffee quotes or any other thing that you wish to add.

12. Family Tree Shadow Box

Source: The Home stead Survival

Create your family tree using a shadow box craft and display your entire family generation. Display the message using a wooden tree branch or a cardboard cut in the shape of a tree. This idea is a very innovative way of securing family history.

You can also add pictures of family members or simply list down names of family members.

13. Scrabble Shadow Box

Source: Diys.com

Have spare scrabble alphabets? Want to utilize them somewhere? Try doing this shadow box craft and use it to convey a message or simply add in a quote of your choice.

Place the alphabets in a way to make them stand out and decorate with different wall papers. This shadow box display idea can be hung on a wall and be used in different places.

14. Teachers Shadow Box

Source: A Southern Mother

Want to give your teacher something special and thank them for the efforts they invested in you? Try this shadow box craft and give them something worth remembering.

You can place objects of your choice inside the shadow box such as a pencil or anything they like. You can also add a quote or personalized message that you want to share.  Teachers prefer efforts of their students and if you wish to make a lasting impression make use of this idea.

15. Shadow Box for Tools

Source: Knick of Time

Who knew the purpose of tools extends more than just fixing things. Utilize the tools by placing them in a shadow box and putting them up for display.

This idea is handy for people who want to decorate their garage and add a creative touch to it. Other than this workshop can also use this idea to decorate the environment and add a livelier look. Workshops are dull places which is why the boredom can be erased by adding an innovative element.

16. Shell Shadow Box

Source: Bower Power

Now collect shells and preserve them in a shadow box.  Use this shadow box display craft and place together all your shell collection in one frame. Shells if utilized properly can be an interesting décor item but not everyone can properly use them.

If you like collecting shells and want to store them somewhere, a shadow box is the perfect thing to use.

17. Baking Memory Box


Are you a baker and fond of cooking? Use this idea to take your cooking love to another level.  Gather your favorite kitchen tools and put them together in a cooking box.  Add in your favorite quote and an interesting background that will go with the overall theme.

This design idea can be used by bakers as well as in a café or a restaurant. Display it on the wall and convey a message that you want to.

18. Christmas Shadow Box

Source: Clips-n-Cuts

Make your Christmas special by designing your very own shadow box that can include different objects. Place in jingle bells, tiny miniature trees or any other item of your choice.

This is a perfect item to gift someone on Christmas and can be decorated according to the need. There are various tutorials that are available and assist in teaching how to make a shadow box. It may seem like a challenging task to do but is actually simple and fun.

These are some shadow box ideas and designs that you can use to create a masterpiece. Save your wonderful memories in these boxes and hang them on your wall to keep them alive.