Southwest Interior Design Ideas

Nature inspired colors from the blooming Southwestern desert – that are rich not only in color, but rich in culture – is an accurate definition of a Southwest Interior Design. It speaks fondly of it’s Southern roots as it is a prominent decorating style in New Mexico, Arizona and other Southwestern states. But, you don’t have to border Mexico to be taken with the Southwestern flair that graces so many homes all over the country.

Southwest Interior Design Ideas

Bringing Nature Indoors

If you’ve ever been to the southern deserts when the cacti are in bloom and witnessed nature splashed in teals, reds, and sunlight yellows, then you have experienced a Southwest style – a style which when combined with the culture of Mexico and their terracotta pottery, gorgeous sunsets and tranquil warm nights creates an interior decor that is easily brought into your own home no matter what your geographical location might be.

Tips for Achieving a Southwest Interior

  • Colors: Most of the inspiration in your design will come from color – earthy tones in terracottas, browns, tans and creams provide a nice backdrop for sparks of reds, yellows, and greens to blossom. Azure is a powerful color that Native American Indians believed warded off evil spirits – which quickly became the color of choice for exterior doors and windows. Considering hiring a Professional Painter to achieve a true blend of color and wall textures.
  • Furniture: Kept simple and minimalistic and preferably made form natural elements and textiles like cottons and linens. Rough-hewn wood and soft leather make a good combination in this style of design. Choose wrought iron accents on the furniture – as well as other hardware throughout the home.
  • Flooring: Go with hardwood as opposed to carpet. Another popular flooring option is to use clay or terracotta tiles in rich natural colors. Choose a hand woven area rug with vibrant colors from the Southwestern palate. Again, remember textures play a huge role in the overall style for this type of decorating.
  • Accessories: Bring the flair for the culture into your new design style with some simple accessories; pottery, hand woven textiles such as place mats, carpet runners, pillows and throws. Use wrought iron for a photo frames, lighting fixtures, and cabinet hardware. Lamps are best with bases in natural woods and shades that match the background color of your interior. Bring the outdoors in with live plants suited to the desert.

When in Doubt … Choose a Professional

A Southwest Interior Design exudes warmth and creates a welcoming environment for all that enter. If you find yourself second guessing the elements needed to produce such an inviting design in your own home, consider contacting a Southwest Interior Designer who takes all the guesswork out of it for you.

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