Spanish Interior Design Ideas

Nothing exudes more energy and positive emotions than a space that’s been transformed by the colorful, textured, lively patterns of a Spanish Interior Design. The warmth, romance and tranquility that flows from this style makes it an ideal interior design for any home, office or business.

Spanish Interior Design Ideas

Spanish Home Design By James Glower

It’s pretty easy to notice the exterior of a Spanish Style home by the distinct architecture that incorporates adobe bricks, stucco, terra cotta roofs and heavy, carved wood entry doors adorned with wrought iron handles to compliment a wrought iron fence and gate – all of which lends itself to this charming home’s curb appeal.

Spanish Inspired Living Room

Spanish Inspired Living Room

Bringing the Spanish Style Inside

On the inside of a Spanish Design, you’ll be washed away in an aura of warmth with its exposed wooden beams gracing the ceiling, shutters that adorn the arched windows, and wrought iron that is continued throughout the home by way of railings, banisters, Lighting Designs, and window grilles. A timeless elegance whispers throughout the home due to the hand carved, simple ornateness of the furniture showcasing inlays, carvings, or even paintings. Beautifully detailed tiles may play a role in the overall decor as well – a reminder of the Spanish Revival period – which only adds to the ambiance of this charming, albeit elegant, style of decor.

Spanish Interior Design

Elements Needed To Create a Spanish Interior

  • Your Walls Will Do The Talking when the proper Spanish Style finish is used. Generally, the use of a heavy texture on the walls – like stucco or plaster, in conjunction with a soft neutral glaze works best. Your color choice will appear to be on a grander scale when it’s used on a textured wall which adds depth and contour. Consider adding wall art in the form of tapestries which will add more texture and color and bring the room alive.
  • Your Floors Were Made For Walking on hardwood that resonates with the warmth from the rest of the interior. Tile is also an option, ceramic or terra cotta will both work nicely. Choose an area rug that will compliment the other colors already at work in the space.
  • Your Windows from the Inside Out will reflect your Spanish Designing Style. Window Treatments can vary depending on your surroundings. Most implore wooden shutters which has been a popular option for centuries and still look charming today, however; the options are endless and can be customized according to your own tastes. Consider using drapes as well to bring in more added texture and color.
  • Let There Be Light with fixtures made from wrought iron, copper or even tin ornately inscribed, and glass or ceramic shades. Wall sconces, table lamps, candlesticks and chandeliers are staged according to their room. Incorporating a fireplace also brings the charm into focus as well as providing ambiance and light.
  • Accessorizing throughout your Spanish Style home will bring the true flair for the design front and center. Authentic Spanish decor such as pottery and earthenware are a must have, as well as interweaving the basic elements of terra cotta, iron, copper and other ceramics. Artwork should have a prominent role when decorating with a Spanish theme, use ornate wooden or antique frames to bring color to your walls and the flavor of Spain into your surroundings.
Spanish Interior Design Style Bedroom

Spanish Interior Design Style Bedroom

Mediterranean Influence

Many Spanish Interior Designers equate this design with the Mediterranean Style of decorating. Both are very similar with their romantic flair and earthly charm and many of their elements can be intertwined. But if you have come to be entranced with the overwhelming character and captivating ambiance that a Latin influence will have over your living space, then by choosing to decorate with a Spanish flair you will be saying “Bienvenidos a casa” in no time.

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