16 Simple and Cool Stair Railing Ideas & Designs

Every detail around the house counts a lot when it comes to the bigger picture. That is why you need to have interesting stair railing designs that will make your house look like manifestation of your ideas. Furthermore, stair railings and railing decorations are an easy way of making your house look bright and joyful.

Here are 16 simple and cool stair railing ideas & designs.

1. Ropes to the Rescue

design rope spindles along the stair railing
Source: Bobvila

If you have ropes lying around your house, they can come in handy for a DIY stair railing idea. You can design rope spindles along the stair railing to spike up any background. Moreover, they will make your interiors look modern with a touch of vintage look. If you have white backdrop, they will stand out in the décor and highlight your creativity as well.

On the other hand, ropes can also be lined up along the stairway with brown or black backdrop. The texture of rope will make your interiors look made-up without splurging. You can use the rope to create criss-cross along the wall, rows of ropes and many other designs as well. Ropes can be used as railings or a way of decorating them to make interiors look more charming. The warming brown shade stands out with all types of decors.

2. Basic Floral Garland

Basic Floral Garland stair railing idea
Source: homedit

If you are bored of the plain black or white stair railing, you can design and decorate in interesting ways. The stair banister can be decorated with ornaments and garlands that follow up the stairs. This is one of the simplest stair railing ideas because you will have fun doing this. All you need is to pick out your favourite garlands or floral ornaments that will look good with rest of your interiors.

One of the best things about this railing design idea is that you can also change the ornaments every season or whenever you feel like using different colors. Adding rows of evergreen floral garlands in bright or pale shades according to the backdrop will make the staircase look magical and enchanting. You will always feel like you are climbing the stairway to heaven.

3. Laces Down the Rails

Laces Down the Rails
Source: PartyPeopleCC

Among the many stair railing ideas for decorating is using fabric and lace for adornment. This idea will also help you prepare for a big event at your house. However, this simple DIY design idea for embellishment is easy to adopt. All you will need is fabric in your favourite shade that can be pinned and accessorized with the railing.

You can use luxurious fabrics like lace, silk or ruffles to decorate the railings as well. The staircase will look more colorful and dreamy if you use royal shades for this decoration. On the other hand, you can also stick to neutral shades if you want to have more elegant and luxurious look around the house. Tying up the fabric with self-shade strings or golden ribbons for creating ruffle and pomp is ideal for events and occasions.

4. Simple Woodwork

Simple Woodwork railing design
Source: diycraftsdecoration

One of the best stair railing ideas is using driftwood for the railing. If you have a relatively smaller staircase that you want to make more interesting, using driftwood will be the best. All you need is a neat branch of driftwood cut to the size of your staircase which can be put in place with screws.

You can also create an entire railing made from wood or simply use branches for railings along the wall accompanying the staircase. The wooden interior has become quite trendy and it is also an easy way of decorating smaller spaces. If you are looking for ways to create stair railing with unique material, wood is a good and long lasting option.

5. Intriguingly Green

Intriguingly Green stair railing
Source: Rachel A. Clingen

If you are looking for luscious stair railing ideas for decorating the stairway, nothing will compete with the beauty of using greens creatively. For this stair railing decoration, you will need vines and bouquets that will be pinned to the railing. Other objects or ornaments that you can include in this decoration are lanterns and candles which will give a mysterious and alluring touch to the stairs.

Whether you are organizing for an event or party, this look is fun to play around with. The most ideal flower group for this decoration are roses, however, you can always opt for tulips, hydrangeas and others that you prefer. Using contrasting shades and different flowers is also an interesting way of adding color to this railing decoration idea.

6. Party Floats

16 Simple and Cool Stair Railing Ideas & Designs for
Source: Balloon Animals

Any birthday party is incomplete without balloons. So if you are looking for décor ideas that will come in handy for a party, go for balloons. Colourful helium balloons that line up the stairway are always the easiest way of making the celebration look more interesting. Plus, there are balloons in so many bright colors and joyful shapes that you cannot resist using them for stair railings.

If you still feel the need to add more ornaments, use ribbons and party ornaments in other colors to cover the stair railing. Using bright balloons tied on the railing is an affordable and quick way for decorating for the birthday celebration. If you are running short on time or ideas, add cheerful balloons to the railing.

7. Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall stair railing idea
Source: Living Rich on Less

Fall is the most awaited season of all because it brings along Halloween, sweaters and cozy nights. If you constantly crave fall, there is no better way to have it than setting up the interiors which welcome the cold season warmly. To create this look, you will need garlands with autumn leaves that can be set along the railing. In addition to that, to further create fuzzy warm feeling, string lights will do the magic.

This is the best stair railing ideas for decorating the railing according to season too. If you are trying this DIY stair railing decoration, don’t forget to add pumpkins easily available at farmers’ markets. For that extra spark of Halloween vibe, carve the pumpkins!

8. Christmas All Around

Christmas railing design
Source: The Inspired Room

Christmas holidays are cherished by everyone. It is the time for decorating, enjoying delicious meals and just enjoying yourself. However, you might run short on stair railing design ideas. Most people like to put garlands on door knobs but you might want to create vibrant looks all around the house. In order to decorate for Christmas, get more garlands that can be hung around the staircase.

This look is sophisticated, easy and affordable to recreate as well. Christmas garlands are available in white and red shades and you can also pick out matching shades for the house. To sum up, the easiest way for decoration is the garlands that can look elegant and luxurious as well.

9. Light it Up

Light it Up stair railing idea
Source: Homedit

One of the best stair railing ideas that you can use for luxurious decoration is incorporating string lights. Instead of sticking to rows of one or two string lights, try to design enough that cover the banister. It will give you a look that banister is made of lights.

Fairy lights light up interior décor quickly and they are affordable too. Sunlight string lights or white string lights both have a way of creating subtle yet warming and luxurious environment. If you have a black or dark brown stair case, yellow string lights will look like fireflies are lighting up the path for you.

10. Vintage Cursive

a curvaceous railing idea
Source: BetterHomes&Gardens

One of the trendiest yet timeless stair railing ideas is having a curvaceous railing. Most of the time, white stairs are coupled with black railing with curvy pattern. Such railings have intricate details that neither block out the light nor make the house look congested. Instead they create sunlight patterns and look romantic during the evening time as well.

They also imitate staircases from olden times and give a vintage touch to the décor. Cursive patterned stair railings also highlight architecture of the house and portray art deco looks. If you want to bring attention to the artistic investment, you can easily do it through stair railings made from iron with delicate details.

11. Modern Glass

Modern Glass stair railing design

This contemporary design is one of the modern stair railing ideas that can be incorporated in homes with larger spaces. This staircase is set in the center of the room focusing on the minimal staircase which has glass casing too. The glass used between the stairs will allow the sunlight as well as create make the stairway look spacious.

This is a fashionable and modern stair railing that has wood and metal combined with glass material. However, the glass stair railing can also be designed for houses with minimal space to make them look larger. In addition to the effect, it looks fashionable and encompasses the modern architecture too.

12. Follow the Wave

stair railing using waves for the banister
Source: decorpuzzle

One of the loveliest stair railing ideas is using waves for the banister. Instead of sticking to conventional rows of metal for railing, go for the wavy pattern. It is also a great stair railing design for people who like to layer with illusions and visual puzzles inside their house. Moreover, you can get metal in the shade that you like to match rest of the décor.

If the rest of your architecture is bland or does not have much design, this wavy railing idea is a unique way of lifting up the spirit around the house. Plus, if rest of the room has geometrical designs, waves will look perky and interesting.

13. Brick by Brick

stair railing ideas created from wooden brick pattern
Source: Decoholic

This is also one of the most interesting stair railing ideas created from wooden brick pattern. The brick wooden idea can be used in different sizes of home as well. You can either get railing which look like neatly stacked bricks or like a random pile of bricks. In addition, this stair railing design will give you the space to put books and make it look like your railing is held up by books.

You can add decoration pieces in the banister for subtle color around the house or leave it empty as well. The brick railing can also be made from different wood to get the shade that you like the most. It can be walnut, oak or pine that you pick for the brick banister.

14. The Wood Cabin

wooden railing
Source: VitiColtura.info

Among the best stair railing ideas that you can try on your own is wooden railing. If you have a knack for tough DIYs then you can get wood trunks to put together a wooden railing made from raw wood. It will especially create the desired look if you have incorporated wood in other parts of the house.

The best thing about this stair railing design is that you can create it on your own so you have the space to try out different patterns for the wood. Besides that, this idea can be used for different houses too. The more wood you use, the more adventurous your house will look.

15. Ultra-Chic Railing

ultra-modern stair railing idea
Source: Spoldzielnia.org

If you are looking for an ultra-modern stair railing ideas then you can opt for metal railings. They are usually designed with minimal perspective and make rooms look larger. Furthermore, metal railings are safest way to create a contemporary look in the house.

The modern chic look is an easy execution as there are metal railings with multiple designs. Metal railings also come in different shades thus allowing you to pick out colors that you love the most.

16. LED Lights

light up the entire pathway as you walk up the stairs
Source: BucksCart

There are also railings that have LED lights which light up the entire pathway as you walk up the stairs. They are not only convenient for evenings but also quite fascinating. LED lights also come in various bright shades like white, red, pink, green and other shades so you can choose your favourite shades. Usually, glass material is used for these stair railings as it reflects the light the best.