Stefan Hepner’s Adaptation of the Cucoo Clock

Most people nowadays have long become digital and check the time on their phone, laptop or tablet. Even modern microwave ovens show the exact time. Still wall clocks are not a thing of the past, in fact, they are a and integral and timeless home decoration that has been around for very long. However, wall clocks have changed their style to fit modern interiors, but still bring that romantic touch.

When selecting a clock for home mind the size, as still a clock is a device for showing the time it should be big enough to do so. Even before buying the clock chose the wall it will hang on and make sure it is clear of patterns and other wall art as the clock will make it look even busier.The decorations in the room should balance the clock and not overwhelm it. Contrasts like a white wall and a black clock will really make for an interesting a focal point in the room.

When choosing a wall clock make sure it fits the existing décor of the room to achieve a good balance. If the interior is modern, choose a metal or glass clock, while if the interior is vintage opt for a wooden clock. For a more casual look the clock can lean against a wall and there is no need to hang on it.

Living room, dining room, kitchen, home office or a lobby/hallway are the perfect locations for a wall clock. There is a huge variety of fun kitchen wall clocks in bright colors with different food and fruit patterns. Living room and dining room wall clocks are usually more traditional.

For fun loving and adventurous home owners there are clocks that will definitely impress any guest.Decorate the bathroom with a clock that fits the color scheme, nobody would expect to see it in this room. Cuckoo clocks are traditional and fun, especially if there are children around. For more daring options there are abstract clocks with no numbers or with photos instead of the numbers.

There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Clocks really give a lot of opportunities to be creative and express your personality. So, when choosing a wall clock make sure it fits the interior and reflects the atmosphere of your home.

I’m pretty sure we remember traditional wooden cuckoo clocks with the birds zooming in and out at appointed times. Stefan Hepner’s answer to that is his modernistic take on the cuckoo clock with his very own “CUCOO CLOCK” piece which you can happily incorporate with a modern design idea as well.

Made from cast resin and with a faceted shape to boot, this clock will surely be a welcome addition to your urbanized homes or even in your offices. Its parts are made out of metal with quartz movement and all in white. The clock would be a stunning conversation piece to add to your home and a great urban loft interior design idea.

It brings back nostalgia coupled with a modern awareness. The clock bridges 2 different worlds and eras together in 1 symbolic and evocative cuckoo clock piece for your trendy abode.

You can purchase these funky clocks over at ETSY.