19 Best Stone Patio Ideas and Designs to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

No matter what the weather, patios allow you to connect with nature without having to worry about getting sunburnt or wet as patios can be customized according to need. Having said that, well planned patios contribute to the overall beauty of the house and increase property value.

For your ease we have listed down ideas related to stone patios. Depending on the space available outside your house, use these stone patio ideas and designs to change the entire look of your house.

1. Elevated Stone Patio

Elevated stone Patio idea
Source: FaunDesign.com

Fond of antique work? Want to add in a touch of the Stone Age to your house? Check this stone patio idea. This design will provide that ancient look you have been looking for. With boundaries made of stone, give your house a magnificent and rich look.  Put in wooden chairs and tables to compliment the overall look. Surround the patio with lanterns or garden lamps to light up your nights. The elevated design provides multiple benefits allowing you to use the edges as tables or to put things on. Use this stone patio design to keep history alive.

2. Small is Stylish

Source: NaturalLandscapeandIrrigation.com

Don’t have a very big house but want a patio? Worry no more and utilize this stone patio idea to make your house look fantastic. You can have a patio even in a small space and refresh yourself in the fresh air. There is a perception that smaller spaces can’t turn out to be stylish as compared to the ones that are bigger as they allow for better utilization of space. Just add in chairs of your choice and create a nice seating space for your patio or and use blinds to cover from the top. These small touches will change the overall look of your house. It isn’t always about having a big space, the real trick lies in the way you set the patio.

3. Flat Crossing

Source: TheBridgesMusic.net

Don’t like elevated patios? Want to keep things simple and leveled? Try this stone patio design idea. The idea is simply a flat crossing to which you can add a fancy touch by incorporating pebbles and rocks. Give the layering a lavish look by using high quality marble that lasts longer. You can also add artificial grass to the flat crossing in order to provide a more realistic look. Enjoy the rain by covering the patio with waterproof coverings that will allow you to remain dry while watching the rain drop.

4. Wooden Cozy

Source: JustHomeit.com

This stone patio idea will perhaps never go out of style. Wooden objects are best used for outdoor purposes and therefore perfect to be kept in the patio. Be it swings or chairs, make your patio a comfy place by setting a fireplace and keeping wooden furniture (not too close to the fireplace though). Host a bonfire or have a barbecue in this cozy environment.

5.  Couch Potato by the Fire

Source: Unilock.com

Imagine having a couch to relax on while observing nature and enjoying the fresh air. This is another stone patio design that can be put to use. Imagine the relaxation you will feel by having a patio that has a couch and a fireplace to keep you cozy. This idea is perfect for those who reside in colder regions and like to spend time outside in the open. Put in your favorite cushions on the couch, get your favorite books and calm yourself by having this kind of a patio built. Build this patio to find yourself in the arms of nature.

6. A Safe Haven

Source: Homedit.com

Everyone wants a place that will provide them sanctuary and what better than have it available right outside your house. Use this stone patio design idea to build your very own safe haven. Together with a fireplace and comfortable chairs you can create a relaxing spot. Invest in this kind of a patio to get long term peace that will improve overall quality of life. Decorate with artificial or real flowers to add a lively look

7.  Borderlines

Source: AlmostHomeDogDayCare.com

Secure your patio with this stone patio idea by adding borderlines. This will allow you to decorate the patio within the boundaries. Add marble flooring to this patio and set up seating arrangements to make it a proper spot.  The borderlines can be decorated with flower pots or vines that will make it look beautiful and nature. Give rise to a serene atmosphere and build a small fort of your own where you can get the privacy you require.

8. Warm Welcoming

Source: PharmaExpress.us

Everyone likes a cozy, warm gathering where they can eradicate the stress and just sit back and relax. This stone patio idea will help you build and environment that is peaceful and calm. Get a dome built of your choice over the patio area and add artificial plant hangings to it. Make a romantic spot outside your house where you can enjoy a cozy evening with your loved one. Together with a fireplace and comfy chairs you can get this patio built.

9. Dining Outdoors

Source: GardenDecors.net

Make your dinner dates special by making use of this stone patio idea. This can be quite handy for restaurants and cafes that have enough space to have a proper set up. Or if you have a big house you can use this design idea to make your dining experiences exciting. Nothing feels better than dining outside in the open with a table décor full of candles. A patio will provide the formal dining experience given you have decorated it properly.

10. TV and Fresh Air

Source: Unilock.com

Imagine having a lounge in the open where you can enjoy nature while at the same time watch your favorite movie or TV shows. This stone patio idea will allow you to bring your TV in the patio and get a blend of both technology and nature. Make it even more comfy by getting a couch and creating the perfect lounge like experience outside your house. Call over your friends or host movie night and make good use of this patio.

11. Feeling Frisky

Source: Elefamily.co

This unique stone patio idea will make you feel like you’re in wonderland. Surrounded by flowers and built using stones and marbles, this design will make your house look different from others. The setting is perfect for those who are nature lovers and prefer to have their morning tea outside in the open while listening to the chirping of the birds. Fill the patio with the exterior of your choice and use bright colors to give rise to a lively environment. The colorful touch will make your house look alive and bright overall, lightening your mood and making you feel better. Incorporate this idea to always see the spring season at your patio.

12. Stone-Filled Glory

19 Best Stone Patio Ideas and Designs to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior
Source: Runtedrun.com

If you have a thing for stones and pebbles, this stone patio design is for you. Create a small lake within your house and complement it with different stones and pebbles. Add in chairs and tables to create a sitting arrangement and exterior of your choice. You can even build a borderline around the patio and plant flowers to give a more natural appearance. No more need to travel to the forests or lakes for a rejuvenating experience when you get it all at your own house. All you require is the execution of an idea to make this come alive.

13. Swimming with Style

Source: OrchidLagoon.com

Did you know water exercises can help you cut down depression? Erase all your tensions and relax by building a stone patio with a pool in it. What better way to improve your lifestyle and health than going for a swim in your very own house. Daytime or nighttime swim any time you want and build the patio with stones and marbles providing a rich look overall. Relax yourself by enjoying nature and at the same time swimming. This stone patio design idea will boost your overall health and if you are health conscious do make use of it.

14.  Mellow with Yellow

Source: Elefamily.co

Take your outdoor exterior to a new level with this concrete décor. Create borderlines and get a fireplace built to provide that cozy environment. Host your barbecues at home and enjoy to the fullest with this outdoor idea. Create a path towards the stone patio and add a realistic touch to it by making steps of marble or concrete and shoving pebbles and rocks by the side. Further add in chairs and tables to complete the look.  Enjoy the weather by spending nights outside by the fireplace or having barbecue while building a connection with nature.

15.  Relaxing Outside

Source: walkersconcrete.com

Are you a nature lover? Do you like spending time outside in the open? Does staying in all day make you feel tired and caged in? Try this stone patio design to make your life better. A blend of elevation, flat crossing and borderline this idea is perfect for those who want to build their very own relaxation spot. Often it is nature alone that can provide the necessary peace which is why it is crucial that you have a spot where you can release your tension. Nowadays people don’t have time to indulge in activities that involve nature; the trend of outdoor games has reduced over the years. Such efforts help keep the relationship between the individual and mother nature consistent.

16. There’s Always Space for Stairs

Source: ArtisticLandscapes.com

Build a staircase to complete the rich patio look and use it as a spot to spend your nighttime or daytime at. If you want to give a more natural design to the patio, it is recommended that you use marble to get the stairs made. Further add in flower pots on the side or plant flowers to finish the entire look giving rise to a small garden of your own. The stairs are in a way a path towards the stone patio that can design just for the purpose of portraying a rich look.

17.  Leveling Out

Source: Sponzilli.com

Want to keep things leveled? Go for this stone patio design. If you don’t like elevations or borderlines than this idea is perfect for you. You can get a separate place for eating built with a dome like structure that can be used to provide shade in times when the sun is out and have another seating area where you can sit, read a book or chit chat with your friends. Complete the look by adding in a fireplace to keep you warm in cold winter nights.

18. Smooth Surface

Source: Hirerush

If you have a large backyard, then this level stone patio is a suitable idea to consider. You can pave a large part of your yard for a substantially sized patio, surround it with plants and shrubs and even some potted plants.  This patio will let you place a good amount of patio furniture here and even add in an umbrella if you like. This level patio lets you enjoy the outdoors with its open view and horizontal view line.

19. Table for Two

Source: 4CAST.ME

This minimalist stone patio idea is ideal for small homes with small yards. Featuring a simple circular design, you can place a table setting for two on a regular basis or expand it to more for when you have guests over. This idea is also somewhat unique in the sense that the patio is placed away from the main house in the center of the yard. This lets you enjoy the view all around you and take in your surroundings fully.

These are some of the best patio ideas and designs that can be used to improve the overall exterior of the house and make it a better place to live in.