Top 10 Best Tall Corner TV Stands – Our Picks and Reviews

Watching TV comfortably means setting it on an angle from where you can access the screen without feeling uncomfortable. If you also love binge watching movies or TV shows during your free time, then using a tall corner TV stand might give you a good solution. Following are some of the best tall corner TV stands to choose from:

1. Prepac Sonoma Corner TV Cabinet

This Prepac stand is among the best tall corner TV stands for many reasons. It is 32 inches in height and made from wood. The stand also provides an open shelf to place a DVD player, VCR or other such components to go along with the TV. In addition to this, there is an enclosed cabinet that includes adjustable shelves so you can use the space for storage.

There is also a small opening in the back which makes it easier to adjust cords for the TV and the rest of the components. Instead of cords arranged outside, there will be neat assembling in the back which will not be visible.

The Prepac Tall Corner TV stand can endure up to 100 lbs of weight. It is finished with a durable black laminate making it a stylish piece in the living room or bedroom. It has been appreciated by many customers who wanted a tall stand for their TVs to make viewing easier.

Lastly, this TV cabinet is a luxurious looking piece of furniture that will go along with the rest of your interior while providing you with easy access to your favorite movies and TV shows.


  • Open-back for assembling cords
  • Can endure up to 100 lbs of weight
  • Open compartment for DVD player or VCR


  • Is an expensive stand

2. Simpli Home Artisan TV Stand

When it comes to popular tall corner TV stands, this Simpli Home TV stand cannot be missed. It has a weight capacity to endure up to 200 pounds. Moreover, there is one adjustable open shelf that you can adjust to suit your needs.

In addition, there are 2 drawers and 2 cabinets that offer you more storage space to keep your equipment like DVD players, audio devices and other devices which go along with your TV. This tall corner TV stand also features tempered glass window pane door panels to protect your devices from accumulating dust.

In order to make sure that your cords are neatly organized, there are cut-outs in the back which let you easily assemble them.

The Simpli Home TV stand has a tobacco brown luxurious finish for a chic interior look. Additionally, the tempered legs and brushed nicked hardware make it even more fashionable and elegant. It is also the perfect height for viewing movies and TV shows from your bed or sofa in a comfortable position.


  • Can hold up to 200 pounds
  • Versatile storage options
  • Stylish and sleek unit


  • Expensive TV stand

3. Sauder Tall Corner TV Stand

Another popular option for tall corner TV stands is the Sauder TV stand which can accommodate a television screen of up to 37 inches. It includes storage with adjustable shelf that has capacity to stack up to 65 CDs or 52 DVDs. This means you can neatly keep all your CDs around the television without misplacing them.

This unit features two adjustable shelves which are especially designed to support video or audio devices that will go along with your TV. This Sauder stand has an Abbey Oak finish for a stylish and attractive interior.

If you are looking for a tall corner TV stand for your living room or bedroom to view movies or TV shows from a comfortable position, this is an ideal stand for you. It has also become a favorite among many customers because it is easy to assemble. Furthermore, it is a luxurious stand that will go well with most interiors and give a nice radiating touch to the room.


  • Special space to store CDs and DVDs
  • Abbey Oak finish
  • Comes with two adjustable shelves for storing equipment


  • Needs to be assembled

4. Bush Furniture Visions Tall Corner TV Stand

The Bush Furniture TV stand is designed to accommodate a screen of up to 37 inches. The unit can also endure a weight of up to 64 lbs making larger screens easy to mount without the risk of damage.

This tall corner TV stand features adjustable shelves along with one fixed shelf for storage space. You can use this space to place DVD player, CD player, VCR or cable box. The storage shelves will also be useful to store some living room or bedroom knickknacks for neatening up the space.

Additionally, it includes a tempered glass door that safeguards other components from dust. To make it easier to adjust cords, the back is open as well. It is specifically designed to provide maximum storage while taking minimum space in the corner. The length of the stand is ideal for viewing TV comfortably from bed or sofa. It will give you a clear vision of the screen.


  • Ideal for screens of up to 37 inches
  • Has adjustable shelves with one fixed shelf
  • Tempered glass door protects your devices
  • 1 year warranty


  • Assembly required

5. WE Furniture TV Stand Storage Console

Another top selling tall corner TV stand is the WE Furniture stand. It is 35 inches high and can accommodate screens of up to 55 inches.

This stand has a weight capacity of 250 lbs making it sturdy enough to mount larger television screens. It includes two drawers and two cabinets which are adjustable. This provides you with storage option to keep equipment like DVD players and audio devices safely in the stand.

Additionally, the bottom shelf is quite spacious and can also be used to keep decorative pieces in the stand to make the stand look more stylish.

The tempered glass panes do not only make the stand chic but also act as guards against dust to protect your devices and other knickknacks that you store in shelves. Moreover, it is shipped ready-to-assemble so it only takes a little time to put together before you can start using it.

Besides that, The tall corner TV stand is tall enough to mount the television screen for comfortable viewing. Whether it is in the living room or bedroom, the WE Furniture stand will provide an ideal viewing distance. In addition, it has high-grade MDF construction for stability and longevity of the product.


  • Can endure a weight of up to 250 lbs
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Made from high-grade MDF construction
  • Has cut-outs for cords


  • Some people found it difficult to assemble

6. FITUEYES Tall Corner TV Stand

The feature that makes the FITUEYES TV stand one of the best tall corner TV stands is its sleek design. It features two shelves in a minimalist design that can be used to mount additional devices like audio speakers, or players. You can also use the shelves to keep decorative pieces to make it look more intriguing.

In addition, you can mount television screens of up to 35 to 65 inches on this tall stand. Besides that, it comes with a special channel in the column that will hide the wires and cords for neat assembling.

Another great feature of this tall corner TV stand is that it has a smart design which allows the shelves to swivel allowing you to adjust the screen however you want to. It is a heavy duty but lightweight stand so that you can move it around if you need to. Whether you use it in the bedroom, living room, lounge, it will ensure comfortable viewing of the content from a convenient angle.


  • Heavy duty stand that supports screens of up to 65 inches
  • Luxurious and sleek minimalist design with two shelves for storage
  • Offers swiveling for comfortable angles


  • Storage space might not be sufficient for some

7. Convenience Concepts Designs 2Go 3-Tier TV Stand

The Convenience Concepts stand is a unique tall TV corner stand for its design elements. It features 3 tiers of open shelves that offer you storage for keeping equipment like DVD player, audio devices, CDs and others. It is a minimalist design that can be arranged in the TV lounge or bedroom to binge watch TV shows and movies from your bed.

Moreover, you will not need any tools to assemble this piece either and it can be setup in minutes. In addition, it features stainless steel chrome poles which are durable and long lasting.

One thing that makes it a great choice for tall corner TV stands is that it has solid construction that can endure a maximum amount of weight without wearing down. Along with the television screen, it will also accommodate other devices or decoration pieces making up for a great furniture piece in your interior.

To make it super modern and attractive, the shelves also have double-sided finish that makes them look sleek and beautiful.


  • Solid construction to support heavy duty television screens
  • 3 tiers open shelves offer maximum storage space
  • Sleek and stylish finishing


  • This design might not be suitable for everyone

8. Walker Edison Highboy StyleTV Stand Console

Another popular addition to the list of the best tall corner TV stands is the Walker Edison TV stand. It is made from high-grade MDF that makes it sturdy and strong.

This unit can accommodate TV screens of up to 48 inches and has the capacity to endure up to 250 pounds of weight.

There is a multi-purpose storage drawer to keep devices or knickknacks safely in the stand. In addition, there are swinging cabinet doors that increase storage options for customers.

The Walker Edison stand is also shipped ready-to-assemble so that it does not take too much effort to be put together. It is tall enough to provide you the comfort of watching content while you sit back and relax in your bed or sofa. It is almost 42 inches tall in height.

Besides that, it is a luxurious looking stand with neat finishing so it will look quite fashionable with the rest of your interior.


  • 42 inches tall in height
  • Capacity to hold up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Ample space for storing devices and other components
  • Swinging storage doors


  • Heavy TV stand
  • Some customers had difficulty in putting it together

9. Nexera Pinnacle Tall Boy TV Stand

Nexera has also made it to the list of the most popular tall corner TV stands for many unique features. For instance, it is 31 inches tall with a minimalist design to easily fit in smaller bedrooms and TV rooms. It features one adjustable shelve to keep other electronic compounds that go with the television such as DVD player, speakers and others.

The open shelves will provide easy access to wires and air flow thus making it easier to assemble them neatly in the back side.

This unit is made from MDF materials which mean it is durable and sturdy stand. It features a matte black lacquer finishing with black melamine for luxurious and graceful interior. This unit makes for a useful corner TV stand with sufficient storage and manageable cord assembling options. However, it requires assembly before it is ready for use.


  • 31 inches in height
  • Sufficient open and closed storage space
  • Open space allows for cords adjustment
  • Sleek design


  • Some might find assembly difficult

10. SUNCOO TV Stand Media Console

Last but not least, the SUNCOO stand wraps up this list of the best tall corner TV stands. This unit will accommodate television screens of 35 to 55 inches. It is also made from eco-friendly and MFC material making it a unique and attractive addition to your home.

One of the most intriguing features of this product is the multi-colored RGB LED backlight which makes it look super stylish and modern.

The SUNCOO stand is tall enough so that you can view content from your bed or sofa comfortably even when you are binge watching. It offers many compartments for storage where you can keep discs, players and audio devices as well.


  • Made from eco-friendly material
  • Has RGB LED backlighting
  • Lots of storage space


  • Pricier than other similar units

All of these bestselling tall corner TV stands are unique for their own reasons. Each one has an individual quality which sets it apart from the others. But ultimately, they all give you the option to mount your TV on a tall stand for watching TV. Some will be great in large spaces whereas others are better in smaller places.

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