Top 10 Dutch Ovens – The Best Dutch Ovens To Buy

In this article, we are going to share our picks for the very Top 10 Dutch Ovens . We will be discussing how we came up with our list as well as what specific features we looked for in each Dutch oven.

We will also tell you where the best place to buy these Dutch ovens at the best prices, as well as why we chose our top pick, the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven – 12 Inch / 8 Quart.

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The reason that this particular Dutch oven is our top choice is that it combines durability, versatility, and ease of use. It also can be purchased for under $60. Making it an excellent deal for sure.

Top 10 Dutch Ovens and how we chose it:

There were a number of important factors we looked at when deciding on the Top 10 Dutch Ovens . Here are some of the most important ones we used to rate each product.


Probably one of the most important features in any Dutch oven is durability. You don’t want your brand new piece of cookware to warp, crack or peel right before your eyes after one use. A quality Dutch oven can last a lifetime if kept care of. Our top pick of the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven – 12 Inch / 8 Quart, definitely fits the bill for quality. We know this is common knowledge but you always want to make durability a top factor when purchasing a new Dutch oven. This is why it is the first thing we looked at when rating these products for our Top 10 Dutch Ovens list.

Ease of Use:

The second factor we looked at in our Top 10 Dutch Ovens was how easy these products were to use. There is no use in cooking with a Dutch oven if it is a pain to use. Does it scratch easily? Will food stick to the cooking surface? Will the pan heat up quickly and stay hot?  These are important questions to ask when searching for your new Dutch oven.

Ease of Clean-up:

Clean up after meals is always a chore after cooking and a very important factor to consider when choosing a Dutch oven. This is why it was the third feature we looked at for our Top 10 Dutch Ovens . You never want to have to stand for hours at the kitchen sink scrubbing and scouring your cookware after a long day cooking for your family. Ease of clean up should be a high priority feature for anyone looking to replace their old or buying a new Dutch oven.


While having too high of a price can sometimes be a deal breaker, you usually get what you pay for. You never want to skimp on build quality or great features. In this Top 10 Dutch Ovens list, we have intentionally chosen great Dutch ovens at amazingly affordable prices. We did this so people of any income level can be sure that they will be purchasing top quality products at a great price.

If you would like you can take a look at our list of the Top 10 Dutch Ovens down below.

Before we get started, make sure to check out the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven – 12 Inch / 8 Quart at to purchase our top pick.

Top 10 Dutch Ovens :

Our #1 Top Choice – Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven – 12 Inch / 8 Quart:

With rock-solid construction and a near non-stick cooking surface, this Dutch oven is a definite must buy. Cast from high quality cast iron, this Dutch oven will last generation after generation. If you are a fan of camping or any outdoor cooking, then this is the best choice hands down. Its large 12-inch diameter will make short work of any large meal. The extra deep 5.5 inch, 8 Quart interior will make cooking large cuts of meats or stews and soups a snap.

This Dutch oven is also very easy to use. The included matching lid can be used to hold hot coals for even greater heat retention and can also be inverted and used as an outdoor griddle. This Dutch oven comes with cast iron legs so cooking over open coals is a breeze. You can cook just about any meal outdoors, making the perfect pick for large camping or hiking trips. It comes pre-seasoned from the factory, so it is ready to use out of the box. It is also made in the USA, like all of the cast iron made by the  Lodge Company.

Clean up is as simple as washing in hot water after removing any large food particles. No need for soap or harsh abrasive scrubbers either. You can then thoroughly towel dry and store in a dry place free from dust. Before cooking your next meal it is recommended you re-season your Dutch oven. This Dutch oven can also be found at an amazingly low price, under $60.

This Dutch oven will make a great and affordable addition to any outdoor adventure. click the link to check out for the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven – 12 Inch / 8 Quart Dutch oven.

Our #2 Choice – Lodge L8DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Pre-Seasoned, 5-Quart:

Our #2 choice almost nudged the #1 spot off of its pedestal. It has a bounty of great features that can not be overlooked. However, unlike our #1 choice, this Dutch oven has only a 5-quart capacity. Nevertheless, this little product definitely earns its high rating. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this Dutch oven beat out 8 other contenders.

The Lodge L8DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Pre-Seasoned, 5-Quart piece of cookware is just as well built as our #1 choice in our Top 10 Dutch Ovens . Build quality is fantastic and will last for ages. It has a great easy grasp handle that has a metal coil grip, making transport a smooth process. The tight-fitting lid ensures a secure seal preventing food from drying out.

Unlike our #1 choice, you can easily place this product over cooktops and in the oven without using a cookie sheet. This is because the Dutch oven has no legs and therefore naturally sits flat and flush on all cooking surfaces. Making this Dutch oven incredibly easy and practical to use on a daily basis. Clean up is also quick and painless. Simply rid your cookware of large food particles, then wash in hot water and dry completely.

As for price, Lodge has once again outdone themselves. As of writing this article, you can pick this little baby up for under $30 on You can clearly see why this product made our list of the Top 10 Dutch Ovens . For the sheer amount of quality features, as well as ease of use, it really does feel like your getting this product for a steal. No matter which way you slice it, this Dutch oven is a great buy at an even better price.

Our #3 Choice – Calphalon Unison 5-Quart Nonstick Dutch Oven with Cover:

Our next product on this list is an especially well-rounded piece of cookware. Made from top quality hard anodized steel, this kitchen workhorse is exceptionally well built. Its ultra-smooth, PFOA-free nonstick surface will allow foods like omelets and fish to slide right out onto your plate. The included tempered glass lid will enable immediate food monitoring while holding in moisture and flavor. The included quadruple riveted stainless steel handles will allow you to easily transfer from cooktop or stove to your table.

The Calphalon Unison 5-Quart Nonstick Dutch Oven with Cover is also oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making this Dutch oven especially user-friendly. Clean up is both simple and easy with the quick release nonstick cooking surface. Unlike the #1 and #2 top picks, both pan and lid are dishwasher safe and can be hand washed with dish soap. All in all, this Dutch oven is incredibly versatile and effortless to use.

Compared to cast iron, you do have some more options as far as clean up is concerned. On top of that, you will not have to season with cooking oil like cast iron either. Because of this, the price will be considerably higher than our previous top choices. However, it’s still not an outrageous price and really is well worth it. Currently, you can find this product on Amazon for under $80.

If you are ready, you can purchase at right now. With all of its great features, I’m sure it’s clear why this product made our list for the Top 10 Dutch Ovens.

Our #4 Choice – Lodge EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Island Spice Red:

Cast iron is a great material to cook with. It has exceptional heat retention compared to other materials. Cast iron is also very durable and will last a lifetime if properly maintained The downside, however, is the fact that you must constantly re-season your cast iron cookware in order to keep its nonstick qualities in order. Enameled coatings can easily solve this issue and can be a welcome change in your kitchen. One such product is the Lodge EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Island Spice Red piece of cookware.

This 6-quart Dutch oven is constructed with a cast iron core coated in a chip-resistant porcelain-enamel. Build quality is excellent, as this product combines the best of both worlds from enamel and cast iron materials. It can withstand oven temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used with highly acidic foods without the coating breaking down. The large cast handles make meal transport a breeze. Ease of use and convenience is definitely displayed here as you can use this item on gas, electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops.

Clean up is also convenient. The smooth, glossy, nonstick porcelain surface allows easy release of large food particles. While you must hand wash, it really couldn’t be easier. Simply wash in hot, soapy water then rinse and dry. It’s that simple.

As you know, the price is always a huge factor when deciding on that perfect product. And this product does not disappoint in that department. You can currently find this Dutch oven on Amazon for under $50. If you have already made up your mind, you can purchase immediately.

Our #5 Choice – Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven, 5-Quart:

Yet another cast iron Dutch oven tops our list and for good reason. Cast iron still remains one of the most popular material types around. With its rich history and timeless style, you can be sure that cast iron is here to stay. If that wasn’t enough our #5 choice is also a double Dutch oven. What is a double Dutch oven you ask? Simply put, it is a Dutch oven that comes with a matching lid that “doubles” as a skillet or griddle, hence the name.

Introducing the Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven, 5-Quart cookware set. By now you should know that Lodge cast iron is always constructed of the best materials uses the best production procedures. This Dutch oven has an extra-deep lid that transforms into a 10.25-inch Skillet for added convenience. Pre-seasoned from the factory and ready-to-use right out of the box, this product has a near total nonstick cooking surface. On top of that, it also works on all cooktops including induction types. As you can see, ease of use is this Dutch oven’s specialty.

Cleanup also couldn’t be simpler. Just hand wash in hot water and then towel dry until completely free from moisture. Then re-season before each use to ensure a well-maintained cooking surface.

So how much do you think this feature-packed Dutch oven costs? If you guessed under $40 you would be correct. It’s hard to believe that such a quality product with an addition of a double duty lid would be so affordable. You can pick one up for yourself right away on

Our #6 Choice – Lodge L10DOL3 Dutch Oven with Dual Handles, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart:

While this 7-quart Dutch oven doesn’t quite make it in the top 5 of the Top 10 Dutch Ovens , it should still be on your radar for a potential future purchase. The Lodge L10DOL3 Dutch Oven with Dual Handles, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart Dutch oven is a very well made product. As far as build quality is concerned, it can most definitely hang with the best of them. Its cast iron construction allows for superior heat retention and will stay hot longer than other material types.

The included Self-basting domed lid will preserve moisture and flavors, ensuring your meals will never dry out or go to waste. The sturdy looped handles will make short work of transporting meals with even a bulky oven mitt. Use with all cooktop types as well as for oven and campfire cooking. There is no doubt this product is incredibly easy to use as well as convenient.

Clean up, as with all cast iron cookware, is effortless. Lightly scrape off any excess food particles and then hand wash in hot water. To finish, towel dry thoroughly. Before each use, make sure to re-season the cooking surface with oil.

If you are concerned with price, then don’t be. This product can be found on for under $50. What a bargain right?

Our #7 Choice – Lodge L8DOL3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handles, Pre-Seasoned, 5-Quart:

Continuing with cast iron on our Top 10 Dutch Ovens  list is our #7 choice. The Lodge L8DOL3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handles, Pre-Seasoned, 5-Quart Dutch oven is a solid little piece of cookware.

It is built by Lodge so you know its top quality piece of equipment, and as always, this cast iron piece is built in the United States. You will have no problem tracking this little baby around with you wherever you decide to go. It’s both rugged and versatile, so you can be sure it will last generations.

Ease of use is just one foundation of Lodge cast iron and this product is no different. This Dutch oven has a deep basting lid that will make sure that all of your meals are flavorful and moist. The sturdy cast handles are not screwed or bolted in, so you never have to worry about them separating from the pan itself. As is the case with all Lodge cast iron, this pan is pre-seasoned from the factory with a proprietary vegetable oil blend, so you are able to use it right away.

After cooking all day, the last thing you want to do is to scrub stuck-on food from your cookware. Well, with this Dutch oven those days are gone. Leftover food particles easily wipe out with a paper towel and only hot water and a nylon scrubber is needed for cleaning before re-seasoning. The best part of this piece of cookware is really the price.

For all of its stand-out features, you can pick this Dutch oven up at for under $40 currently.

Our #8 Choice – Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven with Cover, 7 quarts, Grey:

Constructed of durable, high-quality Hard-anodized aluminum with a dual-layer nonstick interior, the Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven with Cover, 7 quarts, Grey Dutch oven makes our #8 spot on our Top 10 Dutch Ovens list.

This product will make short work of sticky, messy meals, so food that easily sticks to other less quality cookware will simply slide out with ease out of this Dutch oven. Best of all, this product is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making oven cooking a snap.

Not only is this Dutch oven durable but it is also easy to use. The convenient pouring spout will allow for easy straining of pasta and vegetables. The cast stainless steel loop handles make transporting from oven to dinner table a breeze. The clear, tempered glass lid will allow for convenient meal monitoring while keeping in moisture and flavors. Lastly, the generous 7-quart capacity will feed even the largest of families with ease.

Clean up is both simple and quick. While this Dutch oven is NOT dishwasher safe, hand washing is made easy with the dual-layer nonstick coating. Make sure to only use plastic, nylon or wooden utensils on this product as metal utensils will scratch the cooking surface. One drawback with this product is that, like all aluminum cookware, you can NOT use it with an induction cooktop. One thing that is definitely not a drawback, is the incredible price.

For under $50 at, you can bring home this highly rated quality piece of cookware. All in all, this Dutch oven is a great high capacity nonstick piece of cookware. While it does not quite make it at the very top of our list, it sure holds its own with the best of them.

Our #9 Choice – Gibson Home 92138.02 Hummington 5-Quart Ceramic Non-Stick Dutch Oven with Glass Lid, Green:

While rated lower on our list, the Gibson Home 92138.02 Hummington 5-Quart Ceramic Non-Stick Dutch Oven is still a hardy piece of cookware and so it deserves a place on our Top 10 Dutch Ovens list. It is constructed of a 2.2-millimeter aluminum core coated with an ultra-durable PTFE and PFOA free ceramic non-stick interior. This little guy can most definitely play in the big leagues. Its 5-quart capacity is perfect for stews and even chili in larger quantities for the whole family.

As far as ease of use goes this Dutch oven receives high marks. Its nonstick coating makes meal creation as simple as pie. The included tempered glass lid has convenient venting holes allowing excess moisture and heat to escape if so desired. Cleanup is also a breeze since it is dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, this product has some downsides. First of all, this pan can NOT be used on induction cooktops. Worst of all, there have been reports of the pan not lasting very long before the coating cracks and flakes away.

All in all, this is a good product when new but it appears with minor use, there are major issues reported. This may be the reason that this Dutch oven is currently only $22 on Amazon. We, however, really can NOT recommend this product right now. Most customers who purchased this item had no issues. However, the number of problems that did occur was higher than other Dutch ovens on this list.

Our #10 Choice – Guy Fieri Light Weight Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Dutch Oven, Red:

Our last pick for Top 10 Dutch Ovens is #10 for a reason. While the Guy Fieri Light Weight Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Dutch Oven is made of a cast aluminum core coated with a ceramic nonstick coating, there have been some reports of the food sticking after only a few months of use. This is definitely a shame since other Guy Fieri branded cookware has been of a very high quality. This, unfortunately, results in this product failing our durability factor. This product is generally easy to use. However, if food starts to stick after only a few months of use, then how is it easy to use?

This product’s directions do state that this item is oven safe up to 400 degrees. However, there were customers who had to return it after the product warped and cracked from oven use. This probably means that the ceramic coating is of low quality. This is a big issue, and because of this, this item also fails our ease of use factor. However though you must hand wash this product, customers did report mostly easy cleanup.

This Dutch oven can be found at for under $50. However, with all of the issues reported, I really can NOT recommend this product. This product also received a larger quantity of customer complaints compared to the other products on this list. With so much better made Dutch ovens on this list, there really isn’t any reason to pick this product up. Instead, you should choose another Dutch oven off this list. Yet, we still felt that it deserved a spot on our Top 10 Dutch Ovens list.

Top 10 Dutch Ovens Conclusion:

Well, there you have it. Our list of the Top 10 Dutch Ovens . You are probably wondering why we placed 2 Dutch ovens on our list that we would NOT recommend. This is because we felt that it added more transparency. The last 2 Dutch ovens on our list were not terrible. It’s just that they did have more reported issues than all of the other products on this list.

We feel it is important to highlight the great products right alongside the products that may need a redesign. We would like to thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule. It is our hope this article on the Top 10 Dutch Ovens  gave you some valuable information and will lead you to your next great Dutch oven purchase. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again soon.

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