Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Throughout the years of Interior Design, styles have evolved, changed, or vanished all together, – but a Tuscan Interior Design remains as timeless today as it did a thousand years ago when it emerged in conjunction with the Tuscany architecture that splattered the countryside of Italy.

In today’s society, the Tuscan Interior Design is a popular means of instantly adding warmth, comfort and serenity to any room. Many establishments that serve the public indulge their decor with a color palette true to a Tuscan style, as it empowers your senses to feel calm, comforted and tranquil.

Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Hiring a Professional Gets Results

Creating the Tuscan ambiance will tug at the romantic side of decorating. Italy has long been a scene of beautiful countryside villas, deep flowering meadows, and gorgeous sunsets that spin the wheat fields into gold. Although this design style can easily be achieved by considering a few basic, natural elements – as always, electing to seek the advice of a professional Tuscan Interior Designer is a means of taking the guess work out of it and ensuring authentic results.

Stone, Earth, Light, Water and Wood - all the Essential Elements in a Tuscan Interior Design.

Stone, Earth, Light, Water and Wood – all the Essential Elements in a Tuscan Interior Design.

Elements of a Tuscan Interior

  • Furnishings: Scale is important when it comes to the material elements inside the home. Keeping your furniture pieces fairly equal in size will lend itself to the aesthetic appeal of the design and add balance and harmony. Furniture pieces are simple with a rustic or hand-carved appearance. Dark woods are used in benches, tables, hutches and the like to bring in a craftsman touch that was also very popular in the Mission Interior Style of Design.
  • Walls: The Tuscany style is very distinguishable by it’s beautiful palate of colors. Think of a summer sunset painting on a canvas – rich in golden yellows, reds, olive greens, wheat, straw and glowing amber or burgundy. Texture also plays a large role as a true Tuscany Inspired Decor consists of rough plastered walls with rustic beamed ceilings. Now-a-days, there are may faux tricks that can be accomplished with paint that can mimic the texture of a long ago Tuscan home. Bricks and stone that are normally kept on the exterior of the home are brought inside to compliment the interior in arches, pillars or mouldings reflective of true Tuscany flair.
  • Flooring: Flooring is a very prominent feature in this design. Borrowing elements from the exterior try using stone, terra cotta or clay tiles, marble, or even a rustic hardwood that resembles aged wooden floors from long ago. Italy is well known for it’s cobblestone walkways – capturing that feel on the inside of the home will enhance the ambiance and warmth that a Tuscany style encompasses.
  • Accessories: Metals, iron, clay and wood are utilized in candle holders, mirrors, wine racks, glazed pottery and vases. Reed baskets holding a bouquet of fresh flowers on an antique hardwood side table also convey the romantic ambiance of this design. A Tuscan design relied on outside, natural elements; stone, earth, water, wood and light. Incorporating those into your accessories, as well as the rest of the living space, will result in a successful design.
Tuscan Kitchen

This Kitchen Exudes the Tuscany Flair

Tuscany Resonates Warmth

Rich in culture and tradition, the Tuscany homes of yesterday provided a distinct level of style that resonates within our society today. With so many of us looking for a soft spot to land at the end of the day, a Tuscan Interior will bring your surroundings to reflect a calmer place that warms your soul and lifts your spirits.

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