Wall Art Ideas for Bathroom Decor

wall2The bathroom is a tricky place to hang wall art, but leaving the walls bare makes the room feel like it’s only halfway decorated. The steam, moisture and various spray items that circulate around in the air make decorating the bathroom walls challenging. But you can rise to the challenge and decorate those blank spaces and wow your guests with these wall art ideas for bathroom walls.

Creative Materials

Anything goes for bathroom décor, it just needs to be made from, or covered by, some type of material that is impervious to moisture. That can include photos of family, children’s art work and even expensive paintings. Scan and print photos, take them to a photo shop to have them sized and laminated to keep them from being damaged by the bathroom environment. Mat and frame the laminated photos and proudly display them on your bathroom wall. Do the same for children’s art work and paintings when possible. When it’s not possible for a painting, consider less expensive reproduction prints for use as bathroom wall art.


Large, wall-sized murals can be painted directly onto the bathroom room or a decorative wall-sized mural can be purchased and applied to the bathroom wall in much the same way that wall paper is applied. Make sure the paper the mural is pointed on (when purchasing a ready-made one) will stand up to the humidity it will be exposed to inside the bathroom.

Glass or Ceramic

Consider forgoing paper-based decorative material all together and opt for porcelain plates, decorative ceramic tiles or any wall art created from glass or ceramic to use in your interior design. The pieces do not necessarily have to be made to hang on the wall to be used as wall art, use your creative imagination when looking at objects to use as wall décor. A vintage window with hand painted panes or a stained glass window hanging on the wall adds a decorative element and gives the illusion of real window in the room. You can even frame the faux window with curtains for another decorative layer.


Anything made from fabric will work well as wall art in the bathroom. Fabric can take the moisture and chemical sprays, then withstand several launderings to look good as new again. Stick with terry cloth, cotton or a poly-blend fabric for use in the bathroom as these fabrics will withstand several launderings before they fade and need to be replaced.

Art Display  

wall1Items do not have to be placed on the wall to be decorative. Large mirrors behind the counter are great places for displaying treasures, just use self-adhesive hangers designed to cling to mirrored surfaces and you can turn a plain, boring mirror into a decorative piece of wall art by ‘framing’ the mirror’s perimeter with personal and/or ornamental items.

Tiled bathroom walls are not off-limits for hanging wall art either. Put down the hammer and nails so you won’t ruin the tiles and use self-adhesive hangers designed for use on tile. Large, vacant tile spaces beg for some type of decoration and self-adhesive hangers allow you to display anything you desire as bathroom wall art on these open spaces. Stencils and decals can also be applied to any bathroom surface for pretty up the space.

Ceramic tiles can be painted too to create a unique and personalized statement as part of your interior design, paint some of the bathroom tiles or hire a local artist to create some painted designs right on your existing bathroom tiles.