Ontario designer produces high-End furniture

Fine furniture designer and maker Glenn Ward infuses his pieces with equal parts aesthetics and functionality.

Ward, who founded Eidos Design Studio in 1996, believes each piece should reflect the personality of whoever commissions it.

Eidos Design Studio, located in Waterloo, Ontario, operates based on its mission of producing high-end furniture in low volume for discerning clientele.

The workshop uses only the finest grade materials and employes meticulous techniques to create furniture of enduring quality. Ward personally oversees every project from initial consultation, through design and build, to finished delivery.

Ward, who attended the Sheridan College of Craft & Design,  began immersing himself in furniture design, upholstery, and refinishing in 1991. His primary styles are contemporary, modern and urban loft. His work is known for its sinuous curves and rectilinear lines.

Over the years he has earned a reputation as a superior artisan, with his work included in the prestigious Artful Home catalog of The Guild. His work has been covered in Grand Magazine and Our Homes Magazine.

Ward employs a highly personalized commission process, in which he encourages prospective clients to keep a scrapbook of ideas, including pictures from magazines, color swatches, wood samples, notes and sketches concerning the given piece and the room in which it will be located. He asks that the scrapbook include information about existing pieces the new piece should complement as well as the types of feelings the client hopes the room and piece will convey.

To guide the client through the commission process, Ward schedules a series of meetings at the client’s home. He then crafts a written proposal with an estimated cost and timeline and  includes a sketch or scale model of the proposed piece.

The entire process, from initial consultation to delivery, can take up to 10 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.