Ways to Brighten Up Your Home in Winter

Winter can sometimes be a dreary time with the cold weather, but this should not get in the way of your mood. You can quickly brighten up your home this winter season so that you have a friendly environment to come back to. Below are a few easy steps you can take for your home.

Brighten Up Your HomeLet in Light

You do not want to have a dark home to come back to when it already gets dark early. The more light you can let into your home, the brighter the space will feel. During the festive season, it is also nice to put decorative lights outside your home. Decorative lights will help make your home feel more inviting when you are coming home from a long day at work.

Consider adding in ambient light that creates a soft, diffused level of light in your rooms. The ambient light will provide a general lighting scheme for your room. You can then add in accent lighting with lamps or wall-mounted fixtures. Accent lighting should be around five times as bright as the ambient light, and help add a visual separation when you want it. Accent lighting is great if you want people’s attention to be drawn to a particular part of the room.

Holiday lights and candles are also a great way to bring in cheer during the winter season. Candles will also make your home feel and smell homey and inviting. Whether you put a candle as a centerpiece in your dining room, to little candles in your bathroom, you can add a bit of happiness everywhere you go.

Use White

Use the color white to brighten up your rooms. You can make this a longer task such as buying white furniture or re-painting the whole room white. If you do not have the time or money to accomplish this, there also little ways you can bring in more white. Examples include changing into white curtains, getting a white carpet or rug, or painting over your current furniture, or adding white accents to what you already have. White colors immediately brighten up a space, and you will feel your mood lighten!

Add an Accent Color

Adding in another accent color with your white background can be a great touch. Especially during the holiday season, you could consider a festive color. Even if this is just in a few decorations around the house, having these up will be a great addition to the overall feel of a room. Take a look around your house before you pick the color. Try to find a color that is similar or can be a proper accent for it so that you are not clashing too much when finding items to go with it.
These three tips should get you started to transform an otherwise gloomy home to one that is ready to handle the cold and dreary winter. Your environment can significantly change your mood, and by putting in positive colors and light that will make you feel better, you are in for a festive and joyous winter that you will not forget!