Whimsical Interior Design Ideas

Whimsical … “spontaneous, unpredictable, fanciful, unusual or quaint” … that’s the definition you’ll find in a dictionary, but with a Whimsical Interior Design you’ll find a style that is full of the unexpected – clever and creative ideas that jar the imagination while adding design and function to any room in your home.

Whimsical Interior Design Ideas

Throw Caution To The Wind

Probably more than any other design style, choosing to be Whimsical with your decor tells the tale of your utmost inner personality. This playful and adventurous perspective on interior decorating can truly be an outward refection of the child you might be suppressing deep down inside. No other design scheme can allow you the freedom to be a little “nutty” and throw caution to the wind as does implementing a Whimsical style of design.

Sure, there are tons of “fun” things you can do when it comes time to decorate your home, but making sense out of them is a whole other ballgame – so to speak. Most styles, like an Eclectic Design, offer you a bit of leeway when adding finishing touches to the style, however, by using the Whimsical approach, you won’t have to discover a backdoor to incorporating your personality … it’s the front door approach to your personality!

Whimsical Style Design Can Start With a Collection

How To Go “Whimsy”

  • A Game Plan is going to be an essential part to your designing process. Knowing the function of the room will play an important role to creating a design style that will flow and not look awkward or out of place. Although a Whimsical Design can be a bit on the goofy side, there should still be some rhyme and reason to the placement of designing elements. You might consider seeking professional advice from a Whimsical Interior Designer who can keep everything in perspective for you.
  • Going Whimsy can be as easy as Starting With A Collection of favorite things; photos, pottery, souvenirs. Perhaps you have a little fetish for odd shaped furniture or funky wall art. Maybe you like a mixture of doo dads that you’ve been collecting from flea markets or auctions … whatever it is, bring it out from its hiding place so you can find an common denominator for your style. You may not think you have one … but you do.
  • A Carousal of Colors will be prominent in your new design. You may be inclined to throw your favorite colors up on the wall, but discretion rules when creating just the right palate. Keeping your combinations of color in the same hue of the color wheel will lead you down the right path. Did you know there are actually Color Consultants who can help you determine which part of the rainbow will work best for you?
  • Walls and Windows are an obvious part of your living space – use them as a backdrop to your new Whimsical Elements. For your walls, try a creatively painted pattern, or using a wallpaper that pops with color, shapes or design. Windows can easily contribute to the fun by combining coordinating fabric and a little “bling” that will give it a touch of the unexpected – consider tassels, buttons, ribbons, or other out of the ordinary trimmings.
  • Don’t forget to bring the Floors and Furniture up to date with the new design. Your current flooring may do nicely as it will serve as the canvas for the fabulous and witty furniture pieces you might be considering. By keeping the flooring simple, you can get away with more color and opportunity to spread the “Whimsy” around – without being overbearing or carrying the theme too far.

Find the Unexpected In Your Whimsical Style

Whimsical style design is all about finding the unexpected and playing it to the rooms’ advantage. It’s a way of saying “don’t take me seriously” or “lighten up”. It’s a ingenious means of transforming your living space into a stimulating and invigorating domain that lifts your spirit and brings out your “happy dance”. Life is so short … Whimsy your way to the very end.

If being Whimsy isn’t your cup of tea, there are many more thought provoking designs in our Interior Design Ideas. For those of you who already have a whimsical interior design in mind to transform your current living space, office, or business, you’ll benefit from exploring our best interior designers where you’ll find highly qualified designing firms in your area.