Choose the Right Window Treatments

No matter what your style of interior design might be, more than likely you will be faced with the dilemma of what to do (or what not to do) with your windows. In today’s interior design, there are many options of Window Treatments for any style of decor.

To determine how to dress your windows there are a few things to take into consideration, the number one being; what is the main function of the window? Sounds like a silly question, but there can be many answers.

Choose the Right Window Treatments

Window Treatment with Shades

What’s Your Window’s Function?

What is the main purpose of the window? For instance; will you be wanting to open and close it? Do you need privacy? A little or a lot? Do you want your window to be dressed to the hilt, or would you prefer to keep it simple? More importantly, are you relying on the window for light?

Keep in mind, the answers to these questions will probably vary from room to room, ie; your bathroom window may require more privacy than your kitchen window, and your bedroom window may need to be open more than your living room window.

Once you know the function of the window you’ll have a clearer understanding of which window treatment will work best for you. If you still find the whole process a bit overwhelming, you might want to seek professional advice from a Window Design Specialist who will take the intimidation factor out of the window designing process.

Options in Window Treatments:

  • Draperies or Curtains: Probably the most common term in window treatments, draperies/curtains provide many functions: light control, privacy, easy accessibility to the window, as well as providing a fabric element of design to the room. They can be customized to match your decor style or kept simple and soft to lighten a room.
  • Valances: Use in conjunction with just about any other window treatment for the ultimate window covering; light control, style and privacy. Used alone, a valance is perfect if you are looking for a touch of texture to go with your decor while still providing maximum light to flow through.
  • Shutters: A very popular style of a window covering that has been around for centuries. Shutters are generally made of wood with hinged panels and adjustable slats. Easy to open and close, shutters will allow access to the window, while keeping light and privacy in your control. Pair it with a valance or side curtains for a total window dressing that is functional and stylish.
  • Blinds: Similar to shutters, but hung vertically, blinds accomplish a minimalistic look with optimal functions such as privacy and light control. Blinds compliment any room and can come in an array of colors. Pair them with curtains or a valance and you’ll create a major impact in your decor.

    Window Shutters

  • Shades: Shades come in many functional styles; roller shades, pleated shades, and roman shades. Much like blinds, shades afford you many functions – but with a softer appearance. As the name implies, the shade is meant to offer a solid cover for your window, but can easily be pulled up to expose the window when warranted.

There’s a Solution for Every Design Style

Whether you have an English Country Interior Design or a more ornate Asian Interior Design, there are so many choices and combinations that you will have no problems finding the style of window treatment that will enhance your own decor and allow you to utilize your window to the fullest.