15 Window Trim Ideas and Designs to Improve Your Home’s Décor Profile

Window trims vary depending on the style of the house. There are window frames that are simple and then there are those that have feature different style sin synch with different eras. A basic technique behind choosing the interior window trim is simply matching it with the houses molding.

Usually, ranch homes require simple exterior and interior window trim as these kinds of homes are simple. On the other hand colonial, Victorian and English cottage styles are best suited with a fluted trim.

Check out these window trim ideas and select the one you feel best fits your needs and requirements.

1. White Bay Window

15 Window Trim Ideas and Designs to Improve Your Home’s Décor Profile
Source: TCSidingProfessionals.com

If you have a brick house, this exterior window trim idea will compliment it perfectly. Sharpen the overall look of the windows and make them pop out with this window trim idea. Paint it white or any other color of your choice that matches with the overall theme. Keep your windows protected and your house exterior on point with this window trim idea. Let the sunshine pour in with the window dividers allowing the inside of the house to get a touch of warmth.

2. For Small Spaces

elevated window trim idea
Source: UniversalWindowsDayton.com

Check out this elevated window trim idea. The transparent glass allows you to get a glimpse of all that is happening outside and also remain connected with nature. Place a plant on the inside trim of the window or any other thing. Such designs are suitable to be made in areas where the weather is cold.  The transparent glass allows for sunlight to cross in providing the necessary warmth. This rectangular window shaped trim will add a different touch to the look of your house.

3. Gracefully White

Source: FisWindowsLtd.co.uk

If you have a spacious house and a nice view from outside this window trim idea is perfect. The window size is big enough, allowing you to see all that is happening outside. Overall the design and structure are elegant which means it will complement the house interior as a whole. This interior window trim idea, however, is suitable for placement in the kitchen.

The wide window designs will serve the benefit of letting you see what is happening outside while you wash the dishes. Arch shaped windows such as this will add a softness to the room. The windows can either be fixed or operable to let in the fresh air. To further make the windows stand out grids can be added. The purpose of the grids is to divide the window glasses into panes.

4. Sleek as Slate

Source: ShawsofBrighton.co.uk

This simple yet sophisticated window trim idea will provide an overall decent look to your house. Dividing the window into 4 segments, this exterior window trim idea will allow you to get some privacy by not allow outsiders to get a glimpse of what’s happening inside the house. Another added advantage is that the windows can be opened allowing you to let fresh air pour in when it gets congested inside.  Add in glazing bars that will provide with detailing and you can keep the size according to what you feel is right.

5. Open View Window

Source: RefreshRenovations.com

The kitchen view should always be entertaining so that you keep coming back (not just to get food from the fridge). This interior window trim idea will allow you to carry on kitchen duties while enjoying views from outside. Usually, kitchens without a window give rise to a gloomy and dull environment. Having a window especially a stylish one can eradicate the gloominess and provide you with an enthralling environment. The windows can also be opened allowing you to get fresh air.

6. Set It in Style

Source: 123rf.com

If you have a house that has a rather vintage touch to it, go for this exterior window trim idea. The window blends perfectly with the house theme and landscape. Choose a darker color to provide a rich and rustic look.

Go for this Victorian style window and give your house a unique look to set it apart from others. The concept of these windows emerged after the civil war when architects moved away from the mainstream classical windows to these medieval and gothic influenced window styles.

7. Mughal Inspired

Source: VAM.ac.uk

This Mughal era inspired exterior window trim idea is best suited for those who want to go for an antique look. Usually, such windows opt for houses that are bigger and ancient. If you have noticed, ancient houses in India have these sorts of window trims.  This idea is more popular in parts of the UK than it is in the US. If you wish to give a blend of classic and modern, try incorporating this idea.

The windows can be carved to add that beautiful and elegant touch. The carvings lend it a sense of antiquity and elegance all at the same time. You can also have a balcony supported by these windows.

8. Glass is Everywhere

Source: No1HomeImprovements.co.uk

If you are a fan of nature and want to keep the relationship established than this exterior window trim idea is for you. The dome-shaped window trim will allow you to look around what’s happening outside while you enjoy your favorite meal or read a book. This conservatory will give a different look to your house.

Watch the stars at night from the transparent glass and enjoy other breathtaking views. This design has a classic appearance to it, together with French doors and a delicate frame glass.

Are you in search of privacy or sunlight? The additions can be made based on the need. This style goes well with both modern and traditional properties thereby adding charm and sophistication. This is among the most valued and liked designs.

9. Symmetry in Style

Source: LuxuryFurnitureDesignIdeas.com

Check out this colonial-style main window. This interior window trim idea can be adopted by those who have beautiful garden views as the size of the windows is huge. The window can be divided into 15 different rectangular parts and given a wooden border to make it look nice overall. Further, the window sill will allow you to place objects of your choice thereby contributing to the overall décor and interior of the house.

Capture the feel of the 18th century with this colonial design. This kind of design will go well with rooms and walls that are balanced, symmetrical and perfectly proportionate.

10.  Basking In the Sun

Source: StanekWindows.com

How decent and elegant does this exterior window trim idea look? With white as the supporting color, this window frame is best suited for modern homes who want to improve the overall aesthetics of the house.

This bay bow window trim idea can provide you views from outside and even allow you to open the windows whenever you feel like. Make your day and night relaxing by remaining connected with the outside world and carrying out your indoor activities. To prevent onlookers looking in, in you can use a different type of tampered glass that will not allow anyone to peek.  Such windows expand views and allow light to pass in. These windows make a room feel more spacious and provide a focal point.

11. A Perfect Fit

Source: Double-Glazing-Leeds.co.uk

This basic exterior window trim idea is suited mainly for professional services. The design will complement the overall structure of the building. A law firm or even a marketing agency can opt for this design because of the look it provides.  The window trim idea can also go well with a brick building given it has a faded touch to it as the window colors are dark.

You can customize the window size, color and other specs according to the need and requirement. You can add in patterned glass to secure privacy and prevent peeping inside. Grids can be added to divide the windows into smaller panes. This makes it easier for the windows to be cleaned.

12. Mesh It Up

Source: GlobalSources.com

Remember when these sliding windows were in? Actually, they still are in some parts of the world where these Chinese aluminum sliding windows are still given preference over others. Add in a netted effect or a transparent glass to have a look on the other side. If you go for the netted appearance you can prevent insects from crawling in.

Such interior window trims can be used in swimming pool areas or even in sports arenas where things can get heated up and require fresh air from outside. The finishing touches of the window and the wooden frame add to the overall look of the window. The frame doesn’t necessarily have to be wooden but can be made from other material.

13.  Wooden Glory

Source: AndersenWindows.com

If you are a fan of Harry Potter than you might have seen similar window trim ideas appear in Hogwarts castle. These type of interior window trims are perfect for areas such as libraries or even dorms. The use isn’t constrained alone to library use only but if you have a rather ancient looking house, these quintessential windows will provide a fabulous look.

The trick lies in the overall designing of the window; either you can keep them simple or go for a criss-cross look for the sole purpose of giving a unique touch. While you read your favorite book in a library, you can at the same time have a look at all that goes outside.

14.  Long Windows

Source: Marvin.com

How beautiful does this interior window trim idea look complimenting the overall structure and design of the dining area? The perfectly rectangular wooden shaped windows and transparent glass allows the individual to exchange views from the outside. Enjoy the sunlight as you have a meal while establishing contact with nature.

The windows can also be opened to allow for fresh air to pour in and provide the bliss of Mother Nature. It is always a good idea to opt for windows that can be opened easily so that the inside of the house can get the needed fresh air.

15.  Contemporary Windows

Source: FreshHome.com

Perhaps one of the most creative windows trim ideas, this one is different from the rest. This kind of design best compliments modern houses that have elevations different from others. Either you can have window sizes that are rectangular but not thick. They are thin but wide enough to let get a view of all that is happening outside or you could go for both narrow and broad sized window shapes.  Depending on the exterior of the house will everything be decided. You can either have the windows fixed; add in patterned glass or transparent glass. It all depends on your choices and preferences.

These are some of the exterior and interior window trim ideas that you can keep in mind for your new home or if you are renovating the old one. When it comes to ideas there are multiple perhaps hundreds available but once again the design should only be selected after having done a proper analysis of the exterior and structure of the house.